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Clooney's Chick -- Game Shows Paid the Bills

1/29/2009 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney may have finally met a bigger player than himself -- 'cause it seems his new lady friend is a semi-professional game show contestant.

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We figured out Clooney's sushi date from last weekend is either named Katie, Kate or Stephanie Moeser -- depending on which of the four different game shows she's been on.

Whats-her-name was on "Hollywood Squares" in late '03/early '04, "The Price is Right" in '06, "Trivial Pursuit" in '08 and "Don't Forget the Lyrics" in '07 -- where she won $350,000, despite having an ear-shattering singing voice.

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okay, i'm 25, george is, what, late 40's? doesn't matter... if he were to knock on my door, hell yeah i'll be his flavour of the next 2-3months... its frickin' george clooney! have you not seen out of sight?


2060 days ago


Well, "Wise One", "let her keep doing what she is doing, she is in a downward spiral to HELL......which she has brought on all herself." Um, dating George Clooney is on the downward spiral to hell? Most women (and a lot of men) would have to disagree with that!

2060 days ago


I went to high school with her...she's always gone by Katie. She's a sweet girl. Good for her!

2060 days ago


same girl was Wayne Brady's date at the emmy's!...

2060 days ago


So she calls herself Katie or sometimes Kate. Big deal. So do millions of other Kates/Katies/Katherines. It's the same name. The real question is why she uses two names, not three. The same could be said for anyone who has used two names in the past. It's more common than the idiots on here seem to think. And if it's as suggested, her first and middle names, then it's a total non-story, TMZ.

To those claiming she has a mental illness: Is she bi-polar or schizophrenic because these are two entirely different illnesses. If this is someone's lame assumption based on her usage of multiple names, then you know nothing about either illness. Please educate yourselves.

2059 days ago


"Intelligent" - maybe you should learn to read before you get on your high horse. Save the self-indulgent smarter-than-though stuff for your imaginary friends. You are about as intelligent as the sock on my left foot - or Debbie M on E!. READ the comments. Nobody is saying she uses different names, and therefore she is schitzo or bi-polar. The different name thing is just a little curious since she has identified herself on game shows (some of which apparently have contractual clauses in them about going on similar shows) as Kate, Katie, and Stephanie. Stephanie is not a natural variation of Kate or Katie - get it? There may well be a simple explanation to the name(s) issue, but it appears to be only the tip of the iceberg. The poster who has vigorously defended her in these comments identified her as schitzo, and several others have commented on knowledge of her mental problems. This ratchets up the interest in her multiple ID's, not the other way around. Thought that was obvious, but....

2059 days ago


NotsoIntelligent by name NotsoIntelligent by nature.

2059 days ago

Thanks for the laugh    

ROTFL you guys seriously believe the word of anonymous posters on a gossip blog?
*shudder* what is the world coming to?

2059 days ago


This girl runs in a crowd of girls that all do this in LA. They are d-list "models" and actresses all on the hunt for their next meal ticket, including Jaime Paetz and Mara Lane. Her best friend is Jaime Paetz. Jaime is famous for being married to Rob Patterson (Korn guitarist now engaged to Carmen Electra) dating anything with money or fame and who finally found her golden goose in Elliott Yamin (singer fo 5th season of Ameridan Idol) who has had a successful recording career thus far. She was engaged to a model when she took up with Elliott. Mara travels the world always on someone else's dollar. They flit frm LA to Cabo to Las Vegas! It's a job! Katie is from the same group. She has ping-ponged back and forth from LA to SD several times and "worked" as an assistant (secretary) at many LA studios.

2059 days ago


hey...what's up george ??? your taste in woman is getting kinda think ???
Posted at 12:39AM on Jan 29th 2009 by northern gypsy

I'm not a shrink but it shouts of wanting to feel superior to the women in his life. The boy has some problems.

2059 days ago


NotsoIntelligent (how apt), "The poster who has vigorously defended her in these comments identified her as schitzo..." That is bulls**t. The person who wrote that posted using my name and I immediately posted a follow up saying so. There are no user names given on this site, if you haven't noticed.

2059 days ago


I wrote a very accurate account of my time with Katie and received a response from TMZ. Why has it never appeared on this blog. I am the ex-mother-in-law.

2057 days ago


I'm disturbed about the whole game show thing. So the average person doesn't stand a chance? Bummer. I guess game shows are as real as "reality" tv shows.

2056 days ago

Ruth Burke    

The woman in the picture looks like actress Krista Allen, an exgirlfriend he resumed seeing as recently as October of 2008. Just a thought.

2055 days ago


No way that's Allen..not even close. His agent vehemently denied those reports he was seeing her again (which means he was) but those same pals who first 'leaked' it said last week it was over months ago. Insiders say he's been seeing this girl longer than we think..wonder which of her biographies he believes? Or will try to sell the public?

2054 days ago
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