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Giuliani -- Is Yours Bigger Than Sully's?

1/29/2009 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Best question ever for Rudy Giuliani ... whose hero status looms larger? His or Sully's?

Rudy Giuliani: Click to watch


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something smells    

they are both great men but rudy had a whole city in his hands and many deaths

2056 days ago


What a stupid question this is!

2056 days ago

arte help    

It's really not fair to compare these two tragedies, but both of them handled themselves very well.

2056 days ago


Why is it that people doing their jobs are called heroes? Such nonsense. And I love how the world looks in astonishment when New Yorkers actually help each other. Any other part of America would just do it, but noooooo...New Yorkers are GREAT! Give me a break.

2056 days ago


Rudy handled the aftermath of a disaster; Sully avoided one. Sully wins hands down.

2056 days ago


The term "hero" is completely wrong in both contexts here. You're a hero if you run into a burning building to rescue someone, you're a hero if you risk your life climbing out on thin ice to save someone who has fallen in. You are NOT a hero if you are just doing your job in a fully-competent way.

That pilot is awesome; he deserves all the compliments we can give him, but his actions were what he was trained for (as he himself says).

As for Mr. Giuliani, I suppose his actions on 9/11 were generally appropriate and he provided decent leadership (setting aside the idiocy of putting NYC's emergency command post in its biggest target, the World Trade Center). Again, though, speaking clearly to people, showing steady emotions, helping people get through that day: that is not heroic, he was doing the job he was elected to do, and doing it well.

The heroes of that day were the firemen and cops who went up those towers when they didn't have to, against orders, and knowing they would likely die.

"Hero" is a very big word. Let's not ruin it.

2056 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

TMZ, your a pain the AZZ. This is like comparing apples to oranges.

What a dumb ass question......................

2056 days ago


Yea what # 6 said

2056 days ago


I forget, what exactly did the former mayor do other than stand in a spot and tell people to go shopping?

2056 days ago


This is not fair to any of them. What was Rudy suppose to do on 9/11? This comparison of "heroes" is not cool.

I'm sure Sully could not have prevented what happened on 9/11! So, please.

2056 days ago


Rudy Giuliani and 1000's of others put out heroic efforts to react to the 9/11 events, but considering all the was done in the recovery and the followup investigation of all the information about that event, what led up to it and what happened after, Giuliani can't be logically singled out as any kind of separate hero. To do so only shows the limited attention span of someone sitting in front of a television set with no capacity to learn or think comprehensively and independently.

Then of course there are the multitude of facts found at the core of the events, time and time again, that blatantly indicate that 9/11 was not a simple matter of flying planes into the towers, the Pentagon or the ground. Next to none of the direct evidence in pieces matches the whole. The twin tower events are full of outragious inconsistencies, the Pentagon was definately NOT hit by a passenger jet, and witnesses in the area where the fourth plane supposedly went down indicated that apart from a smoking hole in the ground with no plane parts or bodies, they saw nothing like a plane crash event or evidence of such a thing. US citizens had the wool pulled over their eyes, the US government was run by a gang of puppets and short-sighted, knee-jerk yahoos.

2056 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Comparing any politician to a guy crash landed a plane with zero fatalities is silly. It would be like comparing Sully to Barack Obama or George Bush.

And technically, to be a true hero you have to willingly risk dying to save other people. Sully was saving his own butt as much as he was saving the lives of the passengers. Doesnt take away from the spectacular job he did. To me the firefighers and cops who raced into the WTC towers to try and rescue people at the imminent risk of their own death were the 100% heroes. People serving in combat zones in the military also fall into that category.

2056 days ago

Lord Xenu    

Polar bear is one of the conspiracy wackos.

Why did dozens of people report seeing the plane before it crashed into the Pentagon? I guess they were all brainwashed by Karl Rove. Better put on your tinfoil hat lest Karl Rove take control of your brain.

All those conspiracy theories were debunked long ago. Better go finish your bunker in Montana or something.

2056 days ago

It's less about the specific tragedy they were involved in than how they handled themselves afterward. Rudy's a shameless self-promoter who could have become a better person after 9/11. He seems to have become a worse one. The pilot -- time will tell.

2056 days ago


Rudi is like A-Rod...a fraud. He just walked around the city with a stupid cap making believe that he was in charge! What charge? He did not have an office. Their offices were in WTC! Moron. He was a fake and he'll always be.

2056 days ago
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