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Jake G. Kicks Ass -- Ours!

1/29/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog got a kick out of Jake Gyllenhaal today outside court -- as in, Jake mule-kicked him in the leg!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Click to watch
Our cameraman was waiting for Jake to return from a scheduled lunch break from jury duty, when a frustrated Gyllenhaal walked into the door after pushing instead of pulling. We asked how he was doing ... wrong question ... Jake stomped down into our guy's shin.

Jake's now inside the courthouse, waiting to find out if he'll be selected on a jury that will hear -- get this -- a battery case.

UPDATE: 5:14 PM ET: Gyllenhaal was just excused from jury service in the battery case ... probably because he just committed one!


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Donnie Darko your candy arse...

2063 days ago

Milk Dudd    

Strangevoice just got kicked!!

2063 days ago

Brother Harold, S.J.    

Looks like Jake wants to be photographed only when HE wants it--like hiolding hands and being love-dovey with that Little Mary Sunshine "beard" of his, Ms. Witherspoon. Of course, I have nothing but contempt for these damn papas; they ALL deserve to be kicked. Still, Jake can't have it both ways. Unless, of course, he beleves this latest "incident" adds to the heteroimage he's been trying to create. (Not that there's anything wrong with being gay.)

2063 days ago


The idiots who slam the paparazzi are hilarious. Why do you visit gossip sites, you keep them employed with every click. Stupid hypocrites.

2063 days ago


That is no battery. That is self defense! Paps need to get a real job and stop stalking people. For God's sake this has got to stop.

2063 days ago

Mary Worth    

Jake is a United States citizen, who was doing his civic duty. Idiots should know you don't need any sort of companion to do that.

He is conscientious enough to be there for our court system. No wonder he acted like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, when he was harrassed, albeit subtly!

2063 days ago


The paparazzi was WRONG, too bad Jake didn't spray him with pepper spray.
If that paparazzi or TMZ presses charges or sues Jake, that will be SO WRONG. You shouldnt STALK him. Period.
Who cares if he has jury duty? WTF is one guy wasting his whole day waiting for a shot of Jake?

2063 days ago


This sounds like the female voiced pap that was hassling Shia LeBoeuf.....good for Jake! Hope he stomped his leg good and hard.

2063 days ago


you really dont want to mess with anyone doing jury duty.

Criminals in lock up are treated better than prospective jurors.

There is no pain worse than being held hostage in a room with nothing to do for days

Well, except being locked in a room with herpy hilton............

2063 days ago


Paps are better served with Pepper than As-sault
esp outside a Courthouse ;p

2063 days ago

Michael Eagleton    

Nothing really happened here. Wish you guys would stop putting up useless videos...

2063 days ago


The PAP sounds like a big MO. Or like the kid in the Charlie bit me video. "OW. Charlie. That hurt!"...

2063 days ago


Assault my ass!! Kicking someone like that does not count as assault...he barely even touched him...guy deserved it...don't be invading people's personal space!!

2063 days ago


A man cannot even do his civic duty without the vultures swooping down on him. Paparazzi should be open targets--shoot them before they can shoot you. Where's Sara Palin and that moose gun when you need her?

2063 days ago


Jake should not have kicked that little girl like that

2063 days ago
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