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Jake G. Kicks Ass -- Ours!

1/29/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Our photog got a kick out of Jake Gyllenhaal today outside court -- as in, Jake mule-kicked him in the leg!

Jake Gyllenhaal: Click to watch
Our cameraman was waiting for Jake to return from a scheduled lunch break from jury duty, when a frustrated Gyllenhaal walked into the door after pushing instead of pulling. We asked how he was doing ... wrong question ... Jake stomped down into our guy's shin.

Jake's now inside the courthouse, waiting to find out if he'll be selected on a jury that will hear -- get this -- a battery case.

UPDATE: 5:14 PM ET: Gyllenhaal was just excused from jury service in the battery case ... probably because he just committed one!


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I watched the viedo i DID NOT see him kick any paparazzi !! Just because he is a movie star the paparazzi think they can do as they please to get a story or a picture . That is the price they pay for there jobs . Same as it is for the stars to get buged by them .So all is fair . But there was NO ASSAULT leave him alone !!!!!!!!

2103 days ago


Jake is a little bitch. If he wants to stand up to the paparazzi be a man and say something. Don't kick his leg at them like a third grader in the lunch line.

Of course when he wants the publicity he is more then willing to play along.

Jake you're a punk.

2103 days ago


Jake was afraid they guy would get too close and recognize him from The Abbey

2103 days ago


He "Donkey" kicked him. Adjust the spectacles Granny.

2103 days ago

The RoadRunner    

Celebrities must realize that photographers are actually giving them free promotion. Must photogs even do interviews to them, this is good since fans always want to see the human side of celebrities. One day they are going to miss the opportunities they had to receive exposure to the public.

2103 days ago

bored with this    

Jury Duty sucks......

2103 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

He was running late and barely touched your photog! What a whiner.

2103 days ago


He did not assault this camera man. He opened the door and the camera man is so stupid he ran into it. How can you assault someone when you are opening a door, especially when this person knows you are opening it? The camera man prob. did this on purpose. Common sense, if you run up behind someone while they are opening the door and you are trying to get so close to them that you end up filming their scalp then back the f*** up!

2103 days ago


Good, now maybe you guys will leave him and other celebs the f*ck alone. You can't shoot the dog for biting you, if you're beating him, now can you?

2103 days ago


It was obviously an accident. That pap was all over Jake and he just got too close. If he was angry enough to kick him, he would have turned around and kicked him...

...I don't know anyone who is that skilled at a backwards roundhouse kick. The guy got too close, it was an accident, the only thing Jake did wrong was not apologize for accidently kicking him.

Isn't that the same guy that Shia Lebouf called a woman? Lol, someone needs to fire that guy. All he does is go arounda ll day provoking celebrities.

Of course, that's what I watch TMZ for :-)

2103 days ago



That kick was the equivalent to being “Brake Checked”! Get off the guys a$$ and there wouldn’t be a problem! The Photog must have missed the memo “It’s Payback The Paps Week”! Aren’t knee pads and shin guards standard issue for groveling, drooling paps?
What goes around; comes around!

2103 days ago


Dude, if you're being groomed as a potential juror, I'm pretty certain that talking directly to the media is the last thing you're told to do. That and he was probably in a hurry and didn't want to get caught up with a gossip reporter. "He just assaulted me!". Grow a pair.

2103 days ago


After reviewing your video, Jake did not harm any one of you nosy pigs. The pap walked into a closing door.

Get over it.

2103 days ago


The Jakey G squad is out in force. He can do no wrong for his fangirls.

2103 days ago


he should have kicked him in the balls!

2103 days ago
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