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Jessica Simpson: Back in Black

1/29/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With the world captivated by her recent curvy mom jeans photos, Jessica Simpson arrived in Virginia on Wednesday, looking less controversial in an all black ensemble.

Jess knows how to make a big entrance.


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Damn, look at those chunky thighs! And I agree, when your career is built around your body, you should take care of it. Perhaps if she had a talent to fall back on, nobody would be talking (eg, Aretha.)

2059 days ago


All I see is a hot blonde face behind a giant purse.

2059 days ago


She's gained wieght, but I don't think she is fat at all. Being short like Jessica, I can say that you don't have to gain much weight at all to look noticeably bigger. Once when I was weighing in at 102 lbs ( a size 0 for me) a guy actually came up to me and said, " You are would be perfect if you lost like 6 pounds." Considering I had eaten for 2 months, I took it hard. I say eat well, work out - and tell everybody else to screw themselves.

2059 days ago


do not like her whatsoever but did it ever occur to anyone that she is now back in the headlines?? she may be washed up but damn it, she can never just go away. she looks just as normal as most of the women in america. big deal! i think the MAIN headline is how her outfit makes her look like a washed up country singer trying to make it big again...wait.....

2059 days ago


I am so tired of your fat men leaving messages about how a woman should look, I am sure most of you have a "beer" gut but that's ok. I am a 43 year old former body builder and while i am no longer a size 2 I am happy with being a Mom and I hope I raise my son not too judge and look at people like that. I am still small but a heathy size 6. I think she looks good and I am sure the pictures were taking to make her look bad. i feel for her but I feel for the young girls out there that hear this and think oh my god I have to be small or I will be made fun of. When I was young I looked up to Pat Benatar and she was not a size 0, she had a figure and look at Marlyn Monroe a size 12, think about your comments morons, she is a person and we need to stop being so superficial if we are going to raise our children with respect for others regardless of what or who they are.

2059 days ago


If she could grow wider or taller she wouldn't be fat!

2058 days ago


tubby tubby two by four, can't get thru the kitchen door. God should just strike her dead already.

2058 days ago


I am not a Jessica Simpson fan, but I do not believe she is anywhere near being fat. She looks healthier than the majority of the celebrities that are featured on this site. I love TMZ!!! Seriously though...give her a break ....
She is annoying etc....but not fat! There are more than enough individuals suffering with eating disorders and distorted body images. Lets be a little kinder...please:)

2058 days ago

april's butch girlfriend    

well, call her stupid and a bad singer, she's launched a very successful shoe and handbag line and has had several platinum albums. i'm listening to one of her earlier hits 'i wanna love you forever' and i think she sings very good on that song.

2058 days ago


Hey hey, there's pork chop. I guarantee you Jessica "I'm a so-called genius coz my momma says so" Simpson will be back to her bikini body in less than two months. Not sure if any of you follow the trends but I've noticed in the celeb life that as soon as a so-called actress proclaims to be happy after gaining a couple pounds, lose that so-called fat in a snap of a finger.

Jessica Simpson, no one wants to look at you anymore, you suck as an actress AND singer, why don't you go back to school, get your degree and find yourself a day job......skank

2058 days ago


I just want to take Jessica and give her a big hug. She is NOT fat! She is a beautiful young woman. The high waisted jeans are not the most flattering...but give her a break already, I am guessing that some stylist suggested them at some point because they are all the rage - not a great choice for someone who is not 6 ft. tall...but she is NOT fat. She's just not a friggin stick! She has hips and boobs and that's what men love about get off her back!

You keep on rocking Jessica!

2058 days ago
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