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Mickey Wimps Out of Wrestling Gig

1/29/2009 2:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Micky RourkeHe may have talked serious trash about wrestling with WWE's Chris Jericho, but Mickey Rourke is the one who won't be squirming out of the tunnel at WrestleMania.

"The Wrestler" star won't be wrestling, his rep tells Defamer, because Mick is "focusing entirely on his acting career." Never has Vince McMahon been addressed with such reverence: "Mickey was very honored to be asked as he has the greatest respect for WWE."

Rourke had previously suggested he would be taking on Jericho during the WWE's latest skinstravaganza.

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Jericho just freaked him out with his wild-eyed--jacked-up-on-roids confrontation.

2031 days ago


Hey he is on his way to rebuilding his carrer.Why should he take a step backwards?

2031 days ago


Give me a break. Mickey Rourke looks like he's whacked out on drugs and booze and believe that he really is a wresler. He looks perpetually wasted. He would have gotten demolished in the ring if he ever was stupid or high enough or both to get in it. Guess he had a MOMENT of sobriety and figured out he was just playing a part and not really a wrestler. The man needs help. Take one look at him. It's obvious he hasn't been making good choices in his life.

2031 days ago

northern gypsy    

smart move on his part...now that his acting career ( his true mistress) has been redeemed...
why go into the ring and possibly sabotage that ???

2031 days ago


WWE was good in it's day, but now it has gone down. I would not pay to watch wrestlemania no matter who was gonna be there,,
Vince McMahon killed professional wrestling when he bought the competition.
Professional wresters today, do not hold a candle to say "THE ROCK" ,STONE COLD, TRIPLE H, MANKIND ECT..today the wrestlers either do not have mic skills or can not keep pace in the ring. Not worth my hard earned money/

2031 days ago

mickey lou    

Good for him! I hope he wins best actor! You want to talk about freaks take a look at Sean Penn! Yuck!

2031 days ago


Give me break....

Choreographed ...pretend... wrestlers are good at what they do....

Mickey Rourke is the Best at what He does.

Live and let live.

No cross -over necessary.

2031 days ago

arte help    

Hey BriAnn, you forgot Rick Flair!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2031 days ago


I love Mickey & kudos to his comeback (even after 13-14 years) -- it is well deserved. I don't think he ever intended to wrestle Jericho. It just got blown out due to media coverage & Jericho's big fat mouth on Larry King. Mickey is smarter than that & will do the right thing. Wish it was me he was doing!! ;-)

2031 days ago


I am glad this not going to happen, as it would be like Tiny Lewis camme to the WWF as Zues, from the movie he did with Hogan.

2031 days ago


Read between the lines....Think of it
He's focusing on his acting....
H-E-L-L-O....wrestling IS acting.
He went on Larry King Live to promote this...I can bet 100$ he's gonna be in Houston April 5th for WrestleMania.
They're probly just downplaying it..it's not like WWE needs promo anyways to get people to go the WrestleMania..

2031 days ago

Larry Hagman    


2031 days ago


I saw the interview on Larry Kings show, it was a disgrace. Read the posts and see what people think of this exchange, obviously you didn't and you probably didn't see the show either or you wouldn't put up an asinine headline like that, then again, maybe you would. There were so many posts defending Mickey Rourke that Larry King didn't show up on his own show the nxt night, no one is going to tell me it was for any other reason, he started it. Mickey said he had thought it would be fun to wrestle but his manager forbid him to do so. Jericho asked him if he would consider wrestling with him, Mickey honestly answered no, he wasn't good enough, then said he is a boxer not a wrestler. Mickey has a lot of wrestler friends, he loves wrestling. Jericho did not accept that and proceeded to goad and humilate Mickey Rourke, he made a real jerk of himself, Mickey was a gentleman, he alwasys is. I don't know where you got the idea that Mickey Rourke is a loud mouthed trouble maker, he isn't. Hes a sweet soft spoken guy who wanted to box and he did, he has a loft of fans who are loyal and like him, they must have posted 3 or 4 thousand posts, all defending Mickey Rourke. Leave this guy alone, if you want Sean "Comrade" Penn or Brad the pitts to win just say so, don't use this as an excuse to ruin his career, that is really low. Cut this guy a break for a change.TMZ has a way of attacking a guy who is down and its getting old.

2030 days ago


I also meant to comment on Mickeys comeback, The news media acts as if he hasn't worked in 15 years , he has, a year and a half ago he was in Sin City and he was great in that, he also did once upon a time in Mexico and he was good in that, he has worked , this movie that he's up for an Oscar for was not even distributed in theaters the way the others were , it is only in two theaters in the Chicago area and one in Philadelphia. Brad Pitt went all the way to Japan to pimp his movie benjamin button, I heard is was not all that but he has a better chance than mickey I guess, I hope Hollywood stops playing with people, if sean penn wins I'll never watch the Oscars again. Talk about looking like crap, he doesn't have any excuse either, hes just butt ugly. I don't think Mickey looks that bad, he's 57 yrs old and he boxed for 6 years, he is not on drugs, he's uncomfortable with people comparing him to what he looked like 30 years ago, he knows he's not pretty anymore yet as he was speaking on Larry King big photos of him in early movies were flashing on the screen behind him, Just Larry showing you what a mess he is now, I don't think he is. Hes' just different, there is a lot of character in that face. He needs a haircut though and some new teeth would be good, otherwise he looks OK.

2030 days ago


Glad you are not doing it Mickey!! Good luck & I hope you win the Oscar. Lots of people are pulling for you.

Please don't leave us again :):)

2030 days ago
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