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Senators Get $4,700 Raise, Give Us the Runaround

1/29/2009 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Must be nice to not even need your salary -- because when we asked one senator in D.C. yesterday if Congress should have accepted a $4,700 pay raise per member in a failing economy, he defended himself by saying he donates his entire salary to the community anyway.

Senators Lugar & Corker: Click to watch
Both Senator Bob Corker (R) of Tennessee and Senator Richard Lugar (R) of Indiana played dodgeball with the same question ... and each answered exactly how you'd expect a true politician to respond.


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Foot Fetish    


2096 days ago


How dare they accept a pay raise when the people the represent can't even find work!!!!!!!!!!

2096 days ago

What do you look like?    

It's bad enough that they give themselves raises but to do it when so many people are losing their jobs is unconscionable. They should be ashamed of themselves, but these people have no shame.

2096 days ago


Are there any receipts or written PROOF that the Senator's entire salary is donated to his community? Given the vast number of unemployed and underemployed people in the United States, the concept of any Congressional Representative accepting a pay increase is horrific.

2096 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

And we're surprised?
Corporate greed and government corruption is EXACTLY why the country's imploding

2096 days ago


Loogie iz the biggest jerk{all rebub'z are} but loogie, dont get me started on him.I have a daughter going to school in indiana.....the hoozier state iz 70% reepub'z but they were smart e-nuff to vote 4 obama..hell,it'z so cold in indy,all you can do iz stay inside to keep warm while another factorie shut'z it'z door'z thanx to king loogie!!!

2096 days ago


lol and the goverment just stepped into tmz studios and pull the vid HAHA owned

2096 days ago


Indian sucks!You wouldnt like it 99sents,you cant buy beer on sundays!

2096 days ago

arte help    

Interesting that TMZ couldn't find one Democrat Senator to get his opinion. Oh, that's right, they're too busy ruining my kids and their kids futures with the stimulus package that we'll be paying for till 2100.

2096 days ago


How come the Senator and the Congressman you asked are both republicans when the house and the senate are controled by the democrats

2096 days ago

angel wise    

With the country's economy in dire straits, how can they give themselves raises? Perhaps the amount added up would not be enough to solve this state of debt we are in, but, with every type of business going under, how can they even consider doing such a thing? Every thing else is going under, closing their doors for good. I think our politicians should not be paid anything at all. They all seem to have other means of support and most don't attend sessions in any kind of particular order. They aren't giving their all to the country as it is. They aren't doing the job we elected them to do as it is. And to think that many of them receive that money even after they leave office. Nice, eh? What job do you know of that pays your salary even after you leave their employ? Too, too good to be true!!! What about all the times that the Senate and Congress aren't in session and how long that lasts? Politicians are meant to serve one term and not spend their entire life in one position? They're meant to serve the people and not themselves. There are positions out there where there is no salary and I feel that should be for all politicians.

2096 days ago


The democrats control congress yet TMZ could only find two republicans? LOL, no agenda here

2096 days ago


Really $4,700, How about they start paying 100% for their Medical insurance. They don't pay a dime for coverage now.
And they have pay any thing for medical after they retire either.
How about they pay into social security also. Since they don't pay a cent into that.
I can't afford to keep paying this idiots.

2096 days ago


#12 - my sentiments EXACTLY! dems control...interesting how out of touch they are with us regular folks. but, most politicians are regardless of what side of the aisle they're from. outrageous that they'd vote a raise when they already have so many perks that the rest of us don't. we've got quite an elitist group of leaders's just gonna get worse with the dems!

2096 days ago


It's simple, folks... They do it because they CAN. Because the American people let them.

When I had first heard about this raise a while back, I immediately wrote my members of Congress to let them know I found it unacceptable. Had every concerned voter done the same, I guarantee you the raise wouldn't have gone through. But far too many people are happy to just sit back and kvetch without doing anything.

Anyone who failed to speak up prior to the pay increase has no right to complain about it now.

2096 days ago
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