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Throw Me a Frickin' Clone Here!

1/29/2009 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Anyone against "cloning" may have second thoughts after this adorable puppy video of Lancelot Encore -- the first commercially cloned canine in the US.

Lancelot Encore: Click to watch
When their original doggy was diagnosed with cancer, Florida couple Edgar and Nina Otto had their pooch's DNA frozen -- and when the original Lancelot died last year, the couple shelled out a huge wad of cash for a scientifically engineered clone!

The dog was "created" in South Korea for the low, low price of $155,000. That's a lot of Puppy Chow!

Worth it?


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Lord Xenu    

Cloning is bad idea. Every seen Parts: The Clonus Horror? Where the rich create clones of themselves so they can harvest their organs when needed?

2072 days ago


Sick s**t, sick people......

2072 days ago


and so it begins....

2072 days ago


Get job, Lord Douche.

2072 days ago


I dont know about cloning, but my pep's doing all of the aging research in labs world wide need to hurry up and crack the mystery as to which genes to alter within our bodies that reverses the aging process by like 30 years....No joke...As we speak science is getting closer and closer at creating a real "fountain of youth" that offsets the aging/dying process...We need more gov funding to push and support these when i get old i dont really age..haha

2072 days ago


What a couple of IDIOTS !!!! Whether you're for or against cloning, 155k for a dog is absolutely stupid. These morons have more $$ than they know what to do with. I hope this DNA that they took from the original dog has cancer in it so this dog dies on these dumb@ss people as well. MORONS !!!! Kinda makes you wonder how anyone could be so close with a dog doesn't it ?? Now that's sick !

2072 days ago


ok answer this. Even if you clone a dog. You remember what the dog was like. It will never be the same. Not the same actions, or experiences. Makes no sense. And what stops this dog from dying from cancer again.

2072 days ago


What would really be funny (and deserve people with more dollars than sense right) would be if they never cloned anything and just found a nice little puppy that looked a lot like the deceased dog.

2072 days ago


Hmmmm They already know this poor pups future. He will get cancer and die.

2072 days ago


Great advances in technology and research have allowed scientists the ability to clone. But just because we can, does it mean we should?

I understand the desire to want to hang on to a dearly loved one... however, the most beautiful part of life is that it doesn't last forever. That in itself only strengthens the genuine love one can feel for a family member or a pet because we treasure the limited amount of time we have with them. To recreate it through a clone for the right "price" just seems to lessen its worth.

We are in desperate need of improvement to our own humanity. Who are we to dictate what lives/organs/body parts should or should not be duplicated? Instead of being selfish in easing their own pain, this couple should have reached out to a better cause - like rescuing an animal from a shelter - an animal that deserves love and a good home.

2072 days ago

the lady    

Ummm of course I am no scientist but...if that dog had cancer, wouldn't this one??

2072 days ago


to me, at 10:28,

my thoughts EXACTLY. if the dog had died naturally from old age that would've been fine, spend your money however you please. but when they start boo-hooing because they find out he has cancer just like his former cloned self, they shouldnt be surprised

2072 days ago


# 9 Kellie

Yeah i kinda agree with what you said about cloning. But science is discovering that our bodies are created to "Live" and the reasons we age/die is because our cells over time get free radical damage/mutations, etc etc...where it can no longer repair itself the way it used to. There are NO genes that say ok now its time to get old and die, we get old and die because our cells/genes cannot function properly anymore.

I think it will be pretty cool if we can figure out a way to "stay strong" in our bodies(cells'genes) where we can prolong aging and extend our life spans tremendously.

2072 days ago



i meant prevent :)

2072 days ago


I have to say, that is quite sick. And I have to agree with many of the other comments, that this new cloned dog more than likely will get cancer just like the first. Not to mention, you cloned the dogs DNA, not his personality. You will get the same dogs DNA, but chances are that dog might not turn out quite the same as the first. What a sick way to spend all of that money.

2072 days ago
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