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Ali Lohan -- Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

1/30/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Middle-aged teenager Ali Lohan posed in Times Square yesterday as part of a photo shoot for an exhibit called "Extraordinary Women."

Someone should tell the photographer -- and her mother -- that she's only 15.


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Childrens rights authorities should take this kid away from the stage parents.

2059 days ago


Ah, what a sweet little cash cow, smile honey, smile for mama!!

2059 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

Her mother is not going to be happy until she kills one of her children. But then she will really be a publicity WHORE.
Based on this poor child's eyes and facial expression she is a miserable and terribly disturebed CHILD. Yes she is beautiful but so are many teenage girls who are living a normal happy life. Dina should be JAILED and stripped of any parental rights.

2059 days ago


Good Lord..... I wonder if her mother has put a tramp stamp on this poor child, with the words,
Whore Me Out. Her Mother should be ashamed and anyone hiring this girl what on earth are
they thinking.

2059 days ago

mona lisannt    

she looks like a hooker... high (low) class hooker. her mother is pimping her on the streets so said...

she also looks like one of those skanks on the real housewives of the oc, atlanta and new york...

she has no future... she'll be preggers before she's 16

2059 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

I'd like to lick her lips - and kiss her mouth, too.

2059 days ago


Get a real job. I was making bank @ Mc D's when I was her age. Maybe she could sell clothes.

2059 days ago


Yes, the skank gene runs strong in this family. Wonder if Ali has freckles on her coochie like Linz?

Ali will be doing porn with black guys soon.

2059 days ago


I guess Websters has to change the defintion of Extraordinary to mean: untalented teens who hang on their sisters boot straps for attention. Please make her go away (in the press) no one cares. I would care more about a teen girl without famous sibling who was ACTUALLY doing something with her life.

2059 days ago


WriteRight are you sick? She is 15 for goodness sake!!!!!!!

2059 days ago


I always find it funny when TMZ tries to preach morals! Who gives a F how old she is? Only dirty old men like you would think that way.

2059 days ago


If ahe ia only 15, why the hell does she look so old and USED UP ALREADY??

2059 days ago


she looks like a 45 year old crack addict..whoaaa

2059 days ago


This photo already looks dated and out of step with change that recently has taken place. They live in a bubble of delusion which will leave them just a sad footnote to the greed has seriously damaged our country. The truth is is in world we now live in, people are not interested in these self absorbed "aren't I fabulous" kids anymore. This "I am special' thing is so 5 years ago. They are out of step with reality. Today is about how you can help others and education.

To bad that she is being mislead by her delusional mother.

Oh well. Leaves an open spot for a deserving kid who knows the value of education.

2059 days ago


I am behind the scenes in this industry (fashion). Those of us who actually make a living at this, see these kids as just another way to market goods. They are replaceable when the next piece of eye candy comes along. That's the dirty little secret. She would do better to learn a skill and become one of the decision makers behind the camera or in marketing. Her mother is a fool and leading her daughter down a road to nowhere fast.

From: In the know.

2059 days ago
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