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Ali Lohan -- Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

1/30/2009 4:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Middle-aged teenager Ali Lohan posed in Times Square yesterday as part of a photo shoot for an exhibit called "Extraordinary Women."

Someone should tell the photographer -- and her mother -- that she's only 15.


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K many talent actresses can you name who work continually...only a handful out of tens of thousands.
One photo op or bad reality show does not make a career.

2036 days ago


I always feel really sorry for Ali - she's "extraordinary" only in her Mom's imagination, I'm afraid. She's just an ordinary kid who has the misfortune of having her quite normal teenage moodiness taped and broadcast to the world (tantamount to child abuse, I think). Poor Ali just doesn't have appropriate skills - she really should be just left alone to get an education and lead a normal life, and if after college she is still interested in show biz - she can go for it (hopefully after acting and singing lessons....) without her control-freakish mom in tow. Ali seems to just want to be a celebrity like Lindsay, but hasn't a clue that first you need a talent.

Lindsay can't sing very well (she became overconfident about that when electronically enhanced for a role), but she has displayed some real acting skills over the years. But Ali shows no just early talent. She was in a tv movie recently based on some kids' book series about a kid magician - she was painfully awful. All the other kids in the cast did well, but she was just plain awful. That sounds unkind, but it was just so bad. Wooden in speech and mannerisms. They had her playing a "popular girl" who was Big Girl on Campus, but she just wasn't at all believable. What were they thinking?!? It's really terrible to put a kid in that situation, when she just doesn't have the skills for it.

And in the bits of the "reality" show I've seen as well as in the written recaps - there is no sign that she actually is working on her singing. Real singers like to sing, but she seemed more interested in sitting around complaining about how none of the songs offered to her were right. Why would she be learning a whole new set of songs in two weeks for a cd, anyway? Don't people build up their own repertoire these days before they try to afflict the rest of us with an album? Didn't she know any other songs to sing? Does she ever sing without a recording studio?!? Can she sing without a magic microphone and electronic enhancement? The whole thing is baffling to me.

2036 days ago


aww poor ali. she should want to embrace her teenage years and everyone is treating her like she is a grown woman, actually, i dont know....are they? she does look way old for her age. so does brooke hogan, does anyone else notice that?

2036 days ago


Dina would sell her own kids for fame...oh...she did that already. She could of raised the bar a little. a faux reality show on E...really. How do these people pay the bills? All they do is whine about the bad press. How about a real acting job.
Some actors actually attend school and act in off off b'dway to build on their skills. These are used car dealer types...don't understand hard work or a work ethic. Their looking for the fast road. They are clueless when it comes to building a career.
This poor kid is going to pay a big price due to poor parenting. Oh well...too sad to watch...

2036 days ago


Uh-oh, here we go again. Is their mother so fame hungry that she'll throw every child she has to the wolves? Someone should intervene and take these poor children from her.

2036 days ago


What's so extraordinary about her? Has she done something?

2036 days ago


She 15 years old and her mother should be ashamed od herself selling her daughter she not a real mother she more of a pimp trying to make money off her 15 year old daughter

2036 days ago


By the way....Next! On to the next young thing...A dime a dozen!

2036 days ago

for now    

Why do dirty old men and ugly women keep staring at awesome Ali
and then show their jealousy by writing nasty comments?
The talent and success of the beautiful Lohan sisters
prove that they are extraordinary women.

2036 days ago


Hey #99....smarten up...most comments are towards her Ahole of a mother to stop exploiting her kids. You are either Dina or a friend of between the lines. "Jealousy" is always thrown back at anyone who tells the truth and able to articulate it.
I am in this business and this is just mind candy & killing a few minutes on a cold day. Nothing more. I will go with my life and amazing job. .With that said, someone needs to help her mother get a &ucking clue that she is wasting her kids youth.
The picture is hardly "amazing". She is a sweet kid being used by her mom. That's pathetic and very sad.

Her pic just looks sad. Anyone can pull up porno if we want to get our rocks off. Hardly think this pic does it.

2035 days ago


these girls have nut cases for parents! an attention whore for a dad and a madam for a mother.......
she def doesn't look like a 15 year old. although I must say I am very fond of her fake and bake tan. even if she only put it on her chest. no pun intended

2035 days ago


#14, you are a nasty excuse for a human. People like you should not be allowed to speak or be roaming around in society. Grow up.

2035 days ago



2035 days ago


oh ali, if u were only 18 !!!!!!

2034 days ago


These are pretty. . . what's the problem?

2032 days ago
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