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Jessica Simpson Keeps It Tight

1/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye mom jeans, hello spandex/leathery leggings!

Wedged into a black corseted blazer and matching skin-tight leggings, Jessica Simpson belted out some songs at a concert in Virginia last night.

This performance came sans a chili cook-off.


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She looks just like Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife now!

2035 days ago

Lenn K.    

First thing to remember is she only 5'3 and that makes a huge different. Secondly, she is abit heavier and that's fine. Just as long as she doesn't look like Shauna Sands.

2035 days ago


The plain truth is, her wardrobe is awful. I don't think shes FAT, but she has definitely put on some weight. I mean those spandex pants? Those do not hide anything! Only girls with stick thin legs should wear them. (If at all). I think Jess needs a new stylist who will help her make better choices. A long, flowing skirt, or boot cut pants would help hide those extra lbs. In any event, the problem here is not her clothes but her career. Going, going, gone!!!!

2035 days ago


Judging from how Jessica Simpson looks in the Spandex/leathery leggings, she doesn't need to attend any more chili cook-offs! This outfit is no more becoming than the "mom" denims and wide belt. Until she sheds some weight, she'd best stick to wearing long, flowing shirts and blouses.

Perhaps Jessica is eating to compensate for a rotten love life and angst about her career...

2035 days ago


I really just don't understand this. Is she this hard up for money? Seriously I am embarrassed for her. She knows everyone has been laughing at her for years. Her father continues to throw her out there to look like the fool all to benefit his own bank account. She should stick with her clothing line and go into hiding.

2035 days ago

Triple Play    


2035 days ago


No 15 Jim Crow YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! that's what I have been sayin if all of those that posted look so damn good lets see I'll be the judge!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2035 days ago


I like Jessica and respect her talent. I think what people are calling the "mom" jeans looked better. Sorry that Jessica is the latest skinny girl to be picked apart.

2035 days ago


Post # 15 Jim Crow...It has been my observation that the ugliest people are the first to comment on other people's looks or faults, mostly out of envy. When I see the weight haters here, I'm envisioning them in front of the mirror, and the image isn't a pretty one. Simpson is just fine. I never liked her skinny and I don't like her more or less with curves. I simply think the weight haters should put down the fork themselves.

2035 days ago


Please get Stacy London to tell you what not to wear, you are beautiful and she can dress you correctly.

2035 days ago

mickey lou    

Leave her alone! Go pick on Madonna!

2035 days ago


Rascal Flatts is NOT a loser band---------------I think the problem here is that Miss Simpson has shifted her career to a new venue and must literally start over. Do any of you know how hard it is to make it big in country music? The competition is fierce! Have you heard some of these women sing? Carrie Underwood, Caitlin Lynn, Crystal Shawanda just to name a few. These women have powerful voices and great talent but I'll bet you only know Carrie.

2035 days ago


She needs to do something with that hair! she has beautiful hair but get with the times! i don't think she is fat by no means & so what if she's put on a few.....she used to be too skinny. she looks fine but she should get a new hair style. she has a good voice but i think she is a has-been. she should have stayed with nick.

2035 days ago


JennyJennyCraig If she didn't want us to pay attention to her body than she shouldn't have spent all these years trying to draw attention to it.

Why do people feel sorry for her? Funny Ashlee and Pete did a skit bashing Britney Spears. They can dish it out but can't take it.

2035 days ago


I really like Jessica. I think she is stunningly beautiful, extremely nice, and just a well-rounded kind of girl.
Having said that, she needs to hire a costume/wardrobe professional who will get her clothes that match her gorgeous body. The last few pictures in TMZ have not been flaterring at all for a woman as beautiful and beholding a body as gorgeous as she has.
Just think how incredibly sexy and alluring she will be once she does wear some clothes that flatter her body? She'll be elegant, sexy, beautiful, and alluring all in one flash!

2035 days ago
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