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Jessica Simpson Keeps It Tight

1/30/2009 12:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Goodbye mom jeans, hello spandex/leathery leggings!

Wedged into a black corseted blazer and matching skin-tight leggings, Jessica Simpson belted out some songs at a concert in Virginia last night.

This performance came sans a chili cook-off.


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Me, Myself and I    

She needs to dump her father as her manager and find a new manager who knows what they're doing.

2092 days ago


OMG the chili has settled in her legs!!!
She looks even fatter than she did in the last picture!!!

2092 days ago


TMZ - major discussions like this are what lead females into thinking suicidal thoughts. If you want to be considered responsible in the gossip journalism world, you should really start acting like it. Perpetuating the beating of one's self-esteem by feeding into this ridiculous weight frenzy could have you with "wedged" in a corner with blood all over your hands, and I'm not at all overembellishing when I say that. If you want to kick a woman right where it hurts, talk about how fat they are. If you want bring her down altogether, keep doing it. BRAVO. Isn't TMZ awesome?!?!?

Having watched your show, perhaps all your staff members should take a look in the mirror before you all start throwing people under the bus the way you do. None of you are AT ALL attractive. LOSERS!

2092 days ago


Dear X tra pounds, post #28

It's called branding sweety, and don't be jealous that you are stuck in your trailer while she lives in mansions. Get motivated, lose your own weight, and get out there and make a life for yourself so you don't have to hate hers.

2092 days ago


She looks so FUGLY. WTF happened to this sledge-hammer-hog? lol

2092 days ago


She kind of reminds me of Sally Struthers back in the All in the Family days.

2092 days ago


I think it's going over board talking all this crap about Jessica.
1. She is far from fat.
2. If you want to see fat google image that and there is your pictures.
3. Everyone is creating complex's for young girls all you really want to teach young average girls that a normal healthy person is fat and they should lose weight? This is going to create girls to starve themselves and always think they have to be a size 0 in order be qualified as a normal healthy girl....
This just makes me sad to see that we are giving so much crap about someone who isn't even fat....don't you have something better to report on?

2092 days ago


Those thighs could do some pretty good damage. I volunteer to be the test dummy to see what kind of pressure she can put out. OOPS Did I say "put out"? Freudian slip.

2092 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Looks like her "carreer" is at a point where I can now afford to hire her to sing at our son's bar mitzva. Nothing like a blond shiksa to show the neighbors you've made it.

2092 days ago


All i know is that jessica looks good but not as good as the blonde on tmz....... now she's hot..!!!

2092 days ago


Chewy, that TMZ reports on such stimulating subjects as who has the most veins in their arms and the "lawyer" Harvey suggests that any celebrity with bandages on both knees should "wear something to cover them": should tell you about the average IQ level of the "reporting" of TMZ. These hacks that report this stuff can't even tell you why St. Barts isn't "part of Miami" and one of the men there looks like a Jessica Simpson impersonator with that retro wannabe surfer-kook look. C'mon! Did you REALLY expect anything relevant and interesting from these people? The so-called "journalists" there are nothing but a bunch of hacks that the lawyer gathered because they had too much time on their hands and snapped photos around Hollywood. Now they have their five minutes of fame. No one cares if Jessica is curvy these days. She's still 40 pounds thinner than probably everyone in this forum.

2092 days ago


She looks like a blond bratwurst!!

2092 days ago


Wow. It's laughable how many people here have no clue what they're talking about.

1. The Chilli Cook-off concert was attended by over 30,000 people and was headlined by Alan Jackson, one of the biggest names in country music.

2. She is opening for Rascall Flatts who are in the top 10 for selling out shows, money made on tour, etc. Rascall Flatts are huge!

3. If you think you look better than Jessica Simpson than post a link because I guarantee you DO NOT. She is beautiful and probably weighs 135/140 lbs. BIG DEAL. She is so pretty and you all know it.

2092 days ago


Her family needs to stop posting and trying to convince US she is not fat.
We can see with our own eyes she has become a porker!
Why doesn't she stay in her mansion and work out until she is fit to be among humans again!

2092 days ago


All you woman bashing her, which i'm sure 90% of you are, are seriously jealous and hate themselves. I don't like any of the simpsons except Jessica is ok. But to call her fat is pathetic. She looks good here to me. This outfit is better than the other to me. her legs aren't sticks so she's fat? Give me a break. She is like a size 6 or 8, anyone with realistic thoughts can see that. That is NOT fat. That is a good size for someone short like her!!! I also think you won't bring her down because I think she is confident enough and she knows a lot of you are jealous and have unrealistic views on weight. So stop repeating yourself over and over like a broken record. Go to a therapist and deal with your own issues. I have issues but i'm not as pathetic as you women who bash her. Grow up!

2092 days ago
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