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K-Fed's Windshield Windfall

1/30/2009 11:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In hard economic times, you take what you get -- unless you're the the ever-proud, unemployable Kevin Federline.

Kevin Federline: Click to watch
Federleeze and GF Victoria Prince were in a bad mood after a dreadful bowling league performance, but he hit the jackpot on his way out ... a windshield covered in $1 bills, courtesy of a photog familiar with K-Fed's financial plight.

K-Fed's reaction makes us think he's angling for more $$$ from Britney and doesn't want a judge to think he's rollin' in it.


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I;m sure he does just fine. He stepped up when he had to when momma went loco. He is a nice guy and cute. Britney Spears is a POS.

2090 days ago

Love Those Teenage Girls    

Second, bitches!

2090 days ago

Wanda W.    

Oh please,hell probably stop somewhere up the road, after hes been seen seemingly not to care about the money on his windshield,and be on it faster than a monkey on a cupcake !! A born loser if there ever was one!

2090 days ago



2090 days ago


Never liked him,allways the wanna be gangster...Pfft pathetic.

2090 days ago


Financial problems? How much money does he get in child support each month?

2090 days ago

my 3 cents    

Wow, I did not know that trucks give TABLE DANCES.

2090 days ago


the photogs and TMZ are paying way too much attention on this loser.

2090 days ago

Raspberry Wine    

Kevin's got Britney to thank for his luxurious lifestyle that he shares with friends and the v-ball chick. He doesn't have to work again. Well, maybe in 2024 when Jayden turns 18 and the checks stop. And why is he still relevant anyway? I refuse to comment on him again until he actually does something news worthy. As if.

2090 days ago

mickey lou    

That must be the money he get;s from Britney, because he is not talented enough to get a job!

2090 days ago

wasting time    

Okay, that was funny TMZ.

If KFedEx is obviously two bricks shy of a wheelbarrow full. He should have collected the $ and given it to a homeless bum. But, that would have taken some brain cell for a PR move like that and well, we know between him and VP, they don't have two brain cells that rub together.

2090 days ago


Stuffing dollar bills under K-Fed's windshield isn't any different than throwing away money on a ticket to observe his ex-wife lip-sync and gyrate on her "Circus" tour. Both are a complete waste of money and going to worthless causes.

2090 days ago

Vick Fan    

Why can't he be respectable like most men and get a freaking job? Just because he squirted inside Brittney doesn't mean he shouldn't find a real job. What;s going to happen when the gravy trains grow up or decide they don't want to live with this joke of an excue for a man and father? Where is he going to get his moeny from then?

2090 days ago

Foreclosed bankrupt working stiff    

Yea he did step up and take care of the children when Brittany was ill. While it would be nice to think he did it unselfishly for the children, I think he did it strictly for the publicity and MONEY. Has this man every had a REAL JOB? (backup dancer) REALLY!! He like SOO MANY others in her life while living under the guise of helping and protecting her are being PAID large sums of money. A real father and mother would be doing all possible to help their child in a time of need for no other reason than the love of their child. Payment should no even be an issue. I don't especially care for Brittany but I also don't feel she is the National Bank of Brittany. Kevin needs to stop with these publicity stunts about how he's so BROKE and get a job. What happenend to RESPECT. This is something his children will never learn from example.

2090 days ago

Knock It Off    

The man just keeps knocking it out. He deserves the money. You got my dollar.

2090 days ago
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