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Vick -- Out of the Doghouse "Any Day"

1/30/2009 4:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickMichael Vick is just days away from the sweet smell of freedom -- the kind you find at a half-way house.

Vick's lawyer told a Virginia bankruptcy judge this morning he expects Vick to be released to a halfway house "any day" -- which means he could be out from behind bars several months before the end of his 23-month prison sentence at Leavenworth.

Vick could end up serving the rest of the term in Newport News, Va.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons would not confirm the early release plans, but his lawyer seems pretty damn sure of himself.

Think he has plans for the Super Bowl?

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I meant: The ASPCA commercial speaks VOLUMES for Animal Cruelty.

2053 days ago


The more I see,and hear of mem like these, the more I like dogs.

2053 days ago


I am amazed as to how many people are willing to forgive and forget, kiss and make-up. What he did to man's best friend showed the world his character. He has no sense of right from wrong, no sense of control, is mean, hateful, and shows no compassion for life. I would not want him as my neighbor. If you can mistreat an animal, you can mistreat a human being.
I hope he never makes another dime and spends the rest of his stinking life under a rock.For those of you who think he deserves a second chance, go ahead, let him have a play date with your pet. Idiot.

2052 days ago


Love Michael vick. I cant wait until he is playing again. We kill millions of dogs a day in America and white hypocrites are pooping intheir pants over Vick while betting on horse racing. That's right, you cheer when undersized latinoes beat the hell out of horses to run fast in a circle...yet you show this "disgust" for what was once a part of American history & culture. Probably because white people love their dogs than they do humans.

Go Vick. get back in the NFL and piss off white people

2052 days ago


Max, you got love you! In my experience, the only people in real life that I met that would possibly have considered Mike back were a couple of people who just did not know what Vick did. Once I gave them a brief overview of FACTS, they vehemently agreed that he should never play in the NFL again. Just about everyone I talk to say no way to Mike VICK. I hope he has a long time to think about it.

AND thanks panjp, your words: What he did to man's best friend showed the world his character.

2052 days ago


Quetou you obviously have subnormal intelligence. Vick got a slap on the wrist for the Animal Cruelty he inflicted to include torture and killing of innocent dogs! That’s right, he personally killed 6 or so dogs by drowning, hanging and electrocuting and was responsible for the killing of many more. He put family pets in the “ring” to fight dogs he and his guys raised to kill. What you speak about it your moronic post is ridiculous. No one here supporting VICK not getting into the NFL cheers on any type of Animal abuse, in fact we passionately appose it. Do your self a favor and do some research and VERY POSSIBLY educate yourself.

2052 days ago


Love him! What ever team Vick goes to (49ers?) I am AUTOMATICALLY a fan!

2052 days ago


I hope he rotts in hell-People should never forget or forgive what he did....Rena

2052 days ago


and we won't forget the atrocities VICK committed Rena....

2052 days ago


Terms of his release should include prohibiting owning any animal an a restraining order not letting him get within 50 feet of any animal.

2052 days ago


Mike will QB the Niners to the super bowl in 2010

2052 days ago

Carol E.    

Quetou--- THere is a difference between "humanely euthinazing" an animal then drowning or electrocuting a dog because he/she wan't preforming.

2052 days ago


I've read several times Vick did not do anything to people. Well, I beg to differ! What about the female he knowingly gave herpes to? Yes, He did!!!!! He made an out of court settlemant and it was kept hushed up. Vick was and always will be a thug. He IS NOT and NEVER will be a good QB. He was not a team player and it was obvious he thought he was the only player on the team. What about the nasty gestures he made to fans when the Falcons lost? People in Atlanta know he is a looser and now the rest of the world knows. He was caught with pot at the airport in Florida going through security for the airline that he had an endorsement with. He thought he was above the law and would not be punished for anything he has done. I have no sympathy for a thug like him.

One last thing.....I do not care what race he is, he deserves more than what he got. So you fools go ahead and pay the price to see him or buy his merchandise because he would spit on you if he got the chance. Personally I do not think he will ever play in the NFL again, first because he does not deserve to play and last because any team dumb enough to take him on is committing suicide.

2052 days ago


OK Lynette

2052 days ago


.............jpsgran @ 5:25 pm..................You are absolutely correct..............

2052 days ago
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