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A-Rod -- Officially a Broken Man

2/1/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A-RodAlex Rodriguez is now legally free to roam.

The final judgment in A-Rod and Cynthia's divorce was filed on January 12th in Miami-Dade County Court, calling their relationship "irretrievably broken," according the NY Post.

The terms of the financial settlement were not disclosed, but it's safe to say Cynthia got some fabulous parting gifts.


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fist again suckers hahaha

2091 days ago


Who comes up with these titles. They make no sense. Anyway, you have no idea what the prenuptial agreement gave her so who is to say she left with fabolous parting gifts. As for crazy people talking about how horrible Alex is, do you know him? I do not and therefore have no comment as to who he is. I guess people take rumors as truth so the next time some people says some negative stuff about you, everyone should believe it including you.

2091 days ago


A FRAUD............What a jerk off.

2091 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Now he's finally free to pursue his obsession with his soul mate: Derek Jeter!

2090 days ago


Mr Who I am Jack Sprat, not a woman, just a civilian who is appalled at how this man has turned out. Just another modern day step n fetch it for the ticket buying white man. He cant do a single thing beyond jumping and running around for the sponsoring white man to throw their nickels down to. Even the real Step N Fetch it was a multi millionaire but died a miserable human being claiming he only wanted to be known as a Man, not some entertaining minstrel. Torre was right, he's A-Fraud.

you know it so do I---live with it...the guy is money hungry and not a happy person.

2090 days ago


Good maybe now she'll call a plastic surgeon. A-Rod NO MORE UGLIES...come on get w/ the program.

2090 days ago


I hope she took him for all he's worth. he's trash and wastes oxygen by breathing it. child support till the kids are 18 SUCKER...muwahahahahah.

2090 days ago


GREAT!! Call me!! :)

2089 days ago


A-Rod's not man enough to be married. He's not man enough to own up to his steroid use. He is a player and players lie, cheat and steal to "score" on the ladies and on the field. Andy Pettitte is a man of character as demonstrated by his confession of HGH use and his faith in God and his loyalty to his family. Andy is ten times the man A-Rod is and all of those juicers (including Roger Clemens) could learn a thing or two from Andy. What a sad state of affairs... I never wanted to believe A-Rod was such a "playa" cuz I'm a diehard Yankee fan, but now I see more clearly. A-Rod needs to 'fess up - tell the truth to his fans and the people who pay his salary, because I for one am done paying for cheaters.

2083 days ago

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