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Appetite for Self-Destruction -- Adler Busted Again

2/1/2009 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Steven AdlerWe've learned Steven Adler -- former drummer for Guns 'N Roses -- has been busted (again) on a drug charge.

Cops tell us Adler was arrested on Jan. 26th and charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance -- a misdemeanor. We don't know the exact substance.

We're told Steven was released the same day at 10:50 AM on $50,527 bail (weirdest amount we ever done seen). No court date has been set.

Adler was busted last July for possession of narcotics, being under the influence and for an outstanding warrant -- and was ordered by the court to stay at the Pasadena Recovery Center.

UPDATE: 6:22 PM ET Steven's people say he was arrested because he hadn't finished his community service in the time frame given by the judge. They say Adler went to register as a drug offender -- also court ordered -- on the 26th, when cops acted on the arrest warrant stemming from the unfinished community service. He was charged with "being under the influence of a controlled substance" because that was the original charge from his July arrest.

Steven's people want to make it clear he was not under the influence of drugs.


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Adler is a wanker for sure. All that money and not a brain cell to be found in that empty head of his

2054 days ago


#46 CaliGirl
Nice mouth on you there...
I am highly educated. Your post shows that you can't discuss any viewpoint without being foulmouthed and not posting anything factual.
Maybe you should look up the word Disease and its origin.
Go to sites such as WebMD, these types of issues are termed under "addiction", "(substance) abuse", "dependence", etc., NOT disease.
An alcoholic or drug addict had a choice, and started down their path by their own choosing.
Tell me how a child with a disease such as asthma or congenital heart disease chose their physical affliction.

2054 days ago


I know addition is a hard thing, my sister--n-law has been in and out of rehab so many times, she will not move from her place where she knows it keeps her on crack, and will not stop hanging around the people that have her do it.
With Steven the judge should give him 2 - 3 years in rehab, it is a hard drug to beat, but the longer he stays in rehab will help him more. I watched him on Dr. Drew, but thought he was out too soon.
Like Ryan and Raymond O'Neal they got 18 months and it was Ryan's first time in rehab. At least his judge cared to do more for him to get the much needed help. I wish others would do the same instead of what I call a smack on the hands a very lite sentece of less then 4 months in rehab.

2054 days ago


Mr. Adler, do us all a favor.........quit going on reality tv shows like "Celebrity Rehab" and "Sober House" and just get on with your worthless life. The public really doesn't care about watching it anymore. You are the only one who can help your own fool self.

2054 days ago


Well- too bad you are unable to post without sounding like a pompus judgemental blowhard without any compassion. Addition IS A DISEASE. Ignorance is no excuse for being a jerk.

2053 days ago


So addiction is considered a disease. So what? It's a reason, it's NOT an excuse. Having a DISEASE does not give one a free pass to behave however they choose, with no consequences.

Steven has been battling addiction for twenty-odd years, he's been through rehab many many times and a lot of people have gone out of their way to accommodate him. And unlike cancer or other illnesses, Adler has CHOSEN to continue feeding his disease and keep living this way. He likes to blame everyone else for his problems but nobody is forcing him to go out and buy the drugs, hide the drugs and take the drugs. He's been through rehab enough times that if he wants help he knows where it is. It's his choice to continue screwing up his life.

2053 days ago


If there was a diabetic who would not take care of himself by taking insulin and eating wrong, would you tell him he's a bad person? Or would you still try to help? At what point do you say too bad so sad, go die? At least he is TRYING. At this point, I believe he IS sober, and working hard on it, so all you people hating on him, it is a moot point. I hope he makes it and if you think people are wrong for caring then go on and keep hating.

2053 days ago


If someone has an illness and they refuse to treat it, there's only so long that you can keep giving them chances and watching them hurt themselves. You have to walk away at some point, and you can't help someone who refuses to be helped. Steven's busy taking heroin into the sober house and not doing his community service, and you honestly think that means he's trying? Not a chance. It would be nice if he was, but it's not likely.

As for being a bad person, I don't know him, but let's see what the record shows: he's beaten up women several times to the point where he's been jailed for domestic violence. Just a few years ago, he stranded his entire band in Europe and left them to scramble to get home without any money. He flaked out on another tour in the States, screwing over all the other bands. We could go on. Just because he smiles, is fun to hang out with and has an outwardly sweet demeanor doesn't mean he's a saint.

2053 days ago


No one said he was a saint. Are any of us? Of course people on drugs and alcohol do stupid things, bad things. As for being a good person, he is. He just had a birthday and Slash joined him and his wife. There are pics on his myspace. He's sober. He's working hard on it. He simply didn't do all of his community service hours on time. That is why he got arrested.

2053 days ago


First of all I was with Steven when he was arrested and he was trying to do the right thing...he was ordered by the court to register as a drug offender and that is what he was's pretty simple he was given community service for the old warrant that they found when they arrested him from sober house (filmed in July!!!!) He had not completed the community service and they reissued the warrant!! When we showed up to register they had to arrest him! He had not done anything new and was very sober!For the record he is working very hard to comply with all of his court ordered requirements! Yes they do test and he is doing fine!!! For the record David Weintraub is not one of Steven's People! I am frankly offended at the comments made here by people that know nothing!!!Everone who is close to Steven and in his life is working hard to help him straighten things out! We love him and only want the best for him!Negative comments only contribute to the proplem! What is sad is that there was no press around that day...who leaked this information?

2053 days ago


Just an after thought ...not that there is anything wrong with David Weintaub...he just isn't one of the people that is actively involved with Steven on a daily basis!

2053 days ago


Amber commented: "Everone who is close to Steven and in his life is working hard to help him straighten things out" ....Steven has got to want it and do it...Amber, you nor anyone else can help him...he has to help himself. Period.

2049 days ago
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