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Sarah Palin

Handled With Care

2/1/2009 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin had a muzzler like the one in D.C. yesterday, that Katie Couric interview might have gone a whole other way....

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Palin dodged the press (except us) after last night's Alfalfa Club Dinner with Prez Barack Obama.


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14. Perhaps someone who lacks the intelligence to realize that in the United States the President serves a 4 year term--not a 2 year term and that 2008 + 4 = 2012 NOT 2010 should not be making any judgments or assertions towards anyone's intelligence or lack thereof.

Posted at 2:35PM on Feb 1st 2009 by MM

Hey, MM, perhaps you should revisit your high school government class. There are mid-term congressional elections in 2010 and by the way things are shaping up you'll see a swing back to the conservative side of the scale, especially when the Democrats so-called stimulus package does nothing to help the economy.

2059 days ago


I am so glad I am not in a party that says they are for the people when they make fun of children that have handicaps. God will punish you for your comments. I wish I knew you to see your punishment. I have a child that is handicap and am disgusted at your comments. Hope you want no children but by the sounds of what you say you would probabaly kill them when you have them if they are handicap and call it an abortion. I will now say that there is NOT one democrap that I like are respect. I hope you ALL ill will. My son is wonderful and I wouldn't change a thing about him. I sorry that your parents were such pieces of garbage that they wouldn't teach you better manners. You should do your own investigation to find out about people instead of getting your information from TMZ or some stupid blogger, but I guess that's the good government eduction you have.

2059 days ago


It is shocking to read some comments regarding her (Palin) family. It was nice of Obama to say that his mother was 18 when she conceived him, would you call his mother names? Also would you make negative comments to Caroline Kennedy about her mother marrying for money both times and her father 's reputation re other women while married.

2059 days ago


Another ignorant remark about Sarah Palin that she never said about Africa. It's amazing to hear such garbage. Do you believe everything you hear? How come you don't go and find out what's really true or not? How can you just sit and name call and berate a fellow human with such nastiness. She would not do or treat you like you are treating her. How on earth are you ever going to make any sensible decisions if your life if you d
on't know whats right or wrong if you act like a mindless sheep.

2059 days ago

charley hardman    

"First of all the africa comment never happened."

far as i know (just checked again), the rumor has not been proved false. the hoax was limited to someone claiming falsely to be the source. the NYT story on the hoax made it clear, though few paid attention (probably the goal of the hoax, to derail the rumor):

"The pranksters behind Eisenstadt acknowledge that he was not, through them, the anonymous source of the Palin leak. He just claimed falsely that he was the leaker--and they say they have no reason to cast doubt on the original story. For its part, Fox News Channel continues to stand behind its story."

2059 days ago

laughs at Obama voters    


Palin will be our next President after the next four years of Obama fail.

After Obama loses in 2012 and morons burn down half of DC rioting, Palin will move into what is left of the White House.

2059 days ago


Another ignorant remark about Sarah Palin that she never said about Africa. It's amazing to hear such garbage. Do you believe everything you hear? How come you don't go and find out what's really true or not? How can you just sit and name call and berate a fellow human with such nastiness. She would not do or treat you like you are treating her. How on earth are you ever going to make any sensible decisions if your life if you d
on't know whats right or wrong if you act like a mindless sheep.

2059 days ago


It doesn't matter WHAT she looks like...she's a moron...maybe close to the level of Bush...she's got to be crazy if she thinks she has a snowballs chance in hell of winning over Obama in 4 years...what a colossal fool!!

2059 days ago


OMG now she has a handler? And what a great job she did in making her shut up!! Ok now maybe Ms, Palin should stay up in Alaska and help her daughter raise two babies. And Sarah I guess when you on the lossing end of an election you really learn two things, don't become a media ho and learn to keep your mouth shut. You did and have done nothing to help women causes as of late, and you have really done nothing in the Hillary Clinton style of politics! At least Secretary of State Clinton, notice, your still not at the White House, can keep her mouth shut and stick to the script. Sarah your a bitter, misinformed, complete and utter out of touch with reality Govenor. Lets us not forget her most famous campaign line I can see Alaska from my house, oh wait that was Tina Fye. Oh I Ebayed the jet, NOPE! I was againt the bridge to no where, oh wait you weren't really. Thank you Sarah Palin for the Democratic Party getting back to the White House!

Enjoy life as being second fiddle to a turkey being drained of its blood, nice shot Gov, nice shot!

2059 days ago

John Skookum    

Keep laughing you stupid little haters. This great lady will be our next President.

2059 days ago


You people are truly low class. The President's email has ALWAYS been for as long as the White House has had email. Sarah Palin has always been classy and graceful, and she handled your thug quite well. She also did much better tthan most of your audience will be able to comprehend in just about every endeavor she has undertaken.

I'm sorry if /I've used any words with more than one syllable.
Have a nice night. :)

2059 days ago


Re: the post at 12:40PM on Feb 1st 2009 by hbtigger:

Oh, please. You're right in one thing, about there being one baby born to Bristol Palin. That's Trig, the DS baby.

There is ONE set of 2 pictures that show Sarah Palin in what LOOKS like a pregnant state 4 days before she supposedly, allegedly delivered. There are at least FIFTY pictures from February 2008 to April 10, 2008 that show her belly to be flat, squarish shaped, very slightly rounded, flat again, very slightly rounded, and in the space of a week, JUST before she delivered, very big. Not very convincing if you want to be a believer -- but none of you Palinistas bothered even looking at pictures, let along questioning the Queen of Liars. She says something, you believe it.

She already knew she was a x3 high-risk obstetrical patient -- that is, IF she was pregnant, which I don't believe -- she was supposedly 1) grand multiparous, 2) 44 years old, 3) carrying a DS baby, 4) dieting and drinking Diet Dr. Pepper, which is AWFUL for a pregnant mother, and 5) undertaking many plane flights from Anchorage to Juneau and back, and two very long arduous plane flights to LA and Dallas Texas. How nuts is that? How could she go against doctor's advice in so many ways, assuming the doctor knew what she was doing and assuming she was under a doctor's care for this "pregnancy" in the first place?

What was Sarah Palin's intention, really, doing so many things that would have an adverse effect on her baby?

Another item that's merely hearsay, from Sarah Palin herself and from her family. Two people have said that Tripp Palin was born, but one of them lives in Kennewick, Washington state, and the other was on the North Slope of Alaska at the time. The third who's made a statement is under indictment for drug charges. No one else has "seen" this infant, nor have any pictures been published -- not even on the Alaska state website, where pictures of Sarah Palin's OTHER grandson are (you know, the one she's claimed as her own, although she's NEVER SAID she actually gave BIRTH to him, she's just said "he's my baby" the same way one would refer to an adopted child.

2059 days ago


Ah, yes, another deranged Obama supporter who believes it's possible for a young woman two have two full-term babies less than 8 months apart (and then have the chutzpah to promote sex education, which apparently clearly failed to educated them in the basics of human reproduction). I also love the names being thrown at Sarah Palin's daughter from "compassionate" liberals. So, was Barack Obama's mother a "whore", too, for becoming pregnant before she (briefly) married his father? Of course not. As for not knowing Africa is a continent, that's been debunked by the people who prepped her from the debate but those with Palin Derangement Syndrome don't really care about facts, do they? You would have made good members of the Khmer Rouge. Put a machete in your hand and you'd have no problem killing Sarah Palin and her family, would you?

2059 days ago


What left-wingers *really* think about unwed mothers (they are whores), high school drop-outs (they are worthless), and people from rural America (they are idiots). They don't really like minorities, either, which is why liberal bastions like the Pacific Northwest and Vermont are some of the whitest parts of America and why they send their kids to private schools in cities, so they don't have to mix with the brown-skinned poor people they claim to love and respect so much. They don't care about other people that aren't like them. They have utter contempt for them and only want their votes so that people like them can be put into power.

2059 days ago


Hey CJH, #32, maybe you should revisit #13's post. It says, "Obama, you mess up and she will grab that seat." No mention of congressional elections. But nice of you to try to cover for your side. Sorry you failed. The GOP did nothing to Palin. She greedily went for a job she was in no way qualified for. Is Obama inexperienced? Yes. But he sounds rational and intelligent. And don't use the inauguration as an example of the opposite. That isn't enough. He is our president and we should all HOPE he does well. I didn't want Bush, but I wished him luck. My wish didn't come true. He sucked. Was the media biased against Palin? Probably. But she wasnt unfairly scrutinized. She couldn't asnwer basic questions. She couldn't answer, "What do you read to form your world view?" Palin waived it off as a fluff question. It's not. She couldn't answer it becuase she DOESN'T READ. I would expect her to name newspapers, or right wing magazines or websites. She couldn't name ONE! She hung herself with her own ineptitude. If you like her policy, fine. If you think she sounds smart, you aren't smart. I don't agree with making fun of her special needs child, but I love the hypocrisy of someone teaching family values whose daughter is out gettin' it on. Obama's mother had him young and so did my mother. But I am pretty sure neither of them were out wagging their finger at people telling them how to live. Conservatives want less government, except when it come to telling people how to live, if their lifestyle doesn't live up to their standards. But if a conservative makes a "mistake," it's okay, it will just show the strength of their family. Uh huh.

2059 days ago
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