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Sarah Palin

Handled With Care

2/1/2009 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Sarah Palin had a muzzler like the one in D.C. yesterday, that Katie Couric interview might have gone a whole other way....

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Palin dodged the press (except us) after last night's Alfalfa Club Dinner with Prez Barack Obama.


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She is hot    

Skidoo--- Thank You again for starting my morning off with a laugh!! If you arent honest enough with yourself of HOW BIAS nbc, msnbc, cnn, cbs, Chris Mathews, and basicly every other reporter then your head truly is in the sand! LOLLOL,,,,thank you again for a laugh and VICTIMS really? The whole DEMOCRATIC PARTY and its VOTERS is based on playing the victim!! It is always poor poor poor me!! By the way, the President gave me another laugh with his speach last night!! It was like he was back out campaigning and really to me was really embarassing. He is supposed to be a leader and President!! It was like he was preaching a sermon!! Down right funny!! You talked of Bush's Approval rating, have you seen Barry's going downhill faster and faster!! It will go down more and more especially if this "stimulus package" goes through!! And you can quote me on that!

2094 days ago

She is hot    


Couple ?'s

Did the media vet Obama at all?
Has Obama done a good job veting his nominations?
Did Clinton do anything to thwart terrorism besides drop a couple bombs?
Were millions of people liberated in Afghanistan and Iraq?
Would you torture someone if it would save American lives or just let our American citizens die?
Have you asked any Canadians about National Healthcare and how well it does or doesnt work?
So you would rather the GOVT decide how to spend your and my money and not you and me?
Does personal responsibility mean anything to you?

Have a good weekend, I have enjoyed our banter.

2093 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

A little story...there was a man named Ahmed Rasam, the "Millenium Bomber", who was arrested trying to enter the country between Vancouver and Washington in December, 1999. He had a fake passport and the tools which he said later were to be used to plant a bomb at LAX. Guess what we did in this situation during the Clinton Years? We put him on trial, no one beat him up, and he ended up spilling secrets about Al-Quieda which got his sentence reduced to 22 years (which he is still serving). The info that he gave was put into a security brief, which now landed on President BUSH'S desk on Aug 6, 2001. Nothing was ever done, no directives were given, and 5 weeks later, well we all know what happened...
Heck of a job Bushie - keeping us REAL safe! Plus, it goes to prove that Clinton's tacitcs of trials not only keep us respected around the world, but they work better than a waterboard anyday.
And why was it that Cheney is now hollering about gitmo releasees "going back into the terror business." They were released under the Bush Administration, and they have given 42 different written and oral responses to just how many of them there were...was it 61? 12? a few? 32? no one knows anymore...

2093 days ago

She is hot    

So you tell of one terrorist? Wow, what a job clinton did!! Guess you just dont want to answer the other ?s I asked.

2091 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Ok - the other questions...
The media vetted Obama ALOT more than McCain vetted Palin, that's for sure. I constantly heard about Rev Wright, Bill Ayres, Tony Rezco, etc. on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, And MSNBC. When it came to some of McCain and Palin's auspicious ties, (Gordon Liddy, Keating, the AIP, Rev Muthee, etc) it was pretty much only MSNBC that covered those stories.
Obama has appointed almost 100 positions thus far...Wow, 3 or 4 have had tax problems. He actually did what Bush could never do, even after being responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths because he "acted from the gut." Obama actually admitted he was wrong - what more do you want??
What did Bush do to thwart terrorism before 9/11...oh yeah, nothing, he ignored security briefings.
No, I would NOT torture does not work.
Is out healthcare system going to be identical to Canada's?? I didn't know that.
In some cases, the govt MUST decide how to spend our money. Bush decided to spend mine in Iraq, I wasn't too happy about it, but that's why America voted for change.
Personal responsiblity is very important, more important to Obama than to Bush it seems.
Answer me this - Don't you think that Sen Thune's plan to just give everyone a big fat rebate check smacks a bit of socialism? Isn't that exactly what McCain and Palin were warning us about with OBAMA? And now Republicans want to play that??

2090 days ago

She is hot    

The thing about a big fat rebate check is that the money would be in OUR HANDS to do with what WE please. The government not making the decisions for our money. Obama constantly said last night in his news conference that it is up to GOVERNMENT to save us,,,, I could not DISAGREE with him more on that period. We can not ALWAYS depend on the government to bail us out. I think it is rediculous.

2090 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

But you didn't deny that it is a socialist plan.
I don't know if I DO trust that people are smart enough to know what to do with a large rebate check. I would rather have the money invested in jobs, so people can EARN it, not just be given a handout. What if they got the money and 6 months from now it hasn't made a difference??
Do you not believe in taxes to fund infrastructure, schools, etc??? This is the same thing, only on a MUCH bigger scale. It's like jump starting a dead's got to be done.
No, we cannot always depend on the govt to bail us out - but these are such dire times, that if nothing is done, we can spiral farther down, and make us more vulnerable to those darn terrorists that have got the right so terrified.

2089 days ago

She is hot    

I would just so much rather decide what to do with my money. It is socialistic in a sense but considering this "stimulus package" that is about to be passed, I would rather have the rebate. I definitely dont trust people, hell, look who was elected! You cant spend and spend your way out of debt and then spend some more. It makes no sense. Plus, I really do not believe that this "stimulus package" is going to help create more jobs. I go back to what I talked of earlier, the people making over 200,000$ help create jobs and Obama and dems just want to tax them more. Seriously, have you ever seen a poor man give a person a job. Plus, we have 40,000,000 people in this country not paying taxes so that rebate would be just a form of welfare for them bc it be coming out of your and my pocket. This plan, in my opinion, is not investing in jobs. Seriously, have you looked at some of the pork in them that to me will not create more jobs whatsoever. I would rather put my trust in the people than trust in the government by far. Government is getting more and more of its sticky fingers in our pockets and our healthcare to for that matter. I pay enough in taxes already and after this "stimulus package" I will have to pay more. Obamas whole idea of 95% of people getting a tax break is not possible when 40% DONT pay taxes. If my work taxes arent raised then consumer products will be raised because how in the heck are we going to pay for all this 1 TRILLION $s more in debt!! I am guessing that your of the opinion that dont think that terrorist will kill you at the drop of a dime and diplomacy does not help. If they dont frighten you, then just voice your opinion of them coming to stay in the prisons near you but the thing is they ARENT citizens and they do not deserve our American rights.

2089 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Honestly, I would trust a family making $30,000 per year with a rebate check or tax cut more than I would trust a corporation or business to hire more workers with a tax cut. Did you not just live through witnessing some of the most disgusting corporate greed ever?? These people are so out of touch with how everyday people live that they were dumb founded when they couldn't buy a new 50 million dollar corporate jet...
The stimulus will create jobs. In my hometown there is actually a plaque next to a State Park trail telling how it was built by the WPA in 1935. FDR also created jobs during the depression re-building the infrastructure. I think that someone needs to tell this country to get with it as far as updating electrical grids and getting the country up to speed with alternative fuel sources. Obama is a smart guy, and he wants this country to become a technological leader. It will be almost impossible, considering the situation he was left to deal with, but it is something that needs to be done
Smaller government is fine. But it seems Republicans only want the govt smaller where it is convenient for them. When it comes to gay marriage, abortion rights, or mixing public schools and prayer then they think they have every right to inject themselves into people's personal lives. "Stay away from my guns, but make sure them fruits can't get married." Isn't that right?? Seems a bit narrow minded and hypocritical to me...

2088 days ago
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