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Christian Bale Rant

Bale Went Ballistic

2/2/2009 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


You may remember that Christian Bale went nuts on the set of "Terminator Salvation" a few months back, threatening to stop production and beat some serious ass.

The incident was audiotaped, and it's amazing. It happened on the set after a director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. Bale lost it, screaming, yelling and threatening to quit if the bosses didn't fire the dude.

Film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

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What is wrong with you people, that is, those who are defending Christian's actions. Of course we've all blown our tops before but the manner in which Christian goes about his tirade is inexcusable. Demeaning a person publicly is just flat-out disgusting and being the high-profile celebrity that he is, even more ridiculous. I don't work in the film industry but do in the music industry and the pressure to create and deliver is always there. But working under pressure, no matter what the industry or level of seniority, has never been an excuse for publicly casting insults and f-bombs on co-workers, especially those you out-rank considerably. By the way, if I were to unleash even one minute of his 4-minute blowout on any of my coworkers I would be fired on the spot, no questions asked. Same for you I'm guessing...

2084 days ago


when i listen news about Chris Brow,i'm happy to be a Christian Bale supporter!

2084 days ago


OHHHH Good for you Christian.

2083 days ago


IMHO I don't blame Bale for blowing up like he did. Does anyone know what scene he was doing when it was interrupted? Was he supposed to be angry in the scene? Sad? Happy? I've done acting before and I know that for myself, and probably most other actors, you have to really get into the emotion for a scene to work right. It can take some time to get the emotional mindset just right and to have a guy just walk in during the scene and totally ruin it like that can be hard. Throw in the money that Bale stands to make from this movie and it gets even more intense. I know it's not the same, but think about how you would react if say, you were a pro-golfer and you are about to make a crucial shot, but someone makes a loud noise which causes you to miss, and now you're behind. You're not necessarily going to lose, but that miss puts you behind and you have to work even harder to catch up. The end goal being a lot of money would put even more pressure on you to make up what that one person cost you. It just seems that most of you bashing Bale for what he said can't seem to put yourselves in his position. That's just my opinion though.

2083 days ago


If you take this in to perspective it's not as "terrible" as ya'll are saying. I mean what if this DoP had done this all the time, walking around, fooling around with stuff, and distracting what Bale was doing. Aftera while I'd get sick and tired of it. Also, what if this incident didn't even pertain to what the guy was doing but something personal that had been bothering him(bale) and when something minor happened that he didn't realy appreciate but could deal with(the guy walking around), what if that anger wasn't on him but just taken out on him because inside he's real problems are getting to him and he's just expresing it in a rather mean way. Everybody feels this way, if your comment said something brutal about Bale, just think "have i ever felt that way about somebody" or "have i ever just gone out on somebody, but when you really think about it it's not him, it's you and your issues". Now, NOBODY'S PERFECT. And to be honest with any of these two scenarios I would've done the exact same thing. SO JUST GET OFF HIS BACK and take into consideration other components that could explain this incident. And actualy the people that wrote these nasty comments are actualy hypocrites because they are acting the SAME way as Bale was acting and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Don't get me wrong what he said was mean, but reasonable. All i have to say now is "pick your self up Cristian, because there is no act that you can do that can make me not want to watch your incredible movies and acting."

2083 days ago


I don't blame Christian for being pissed..if someone at my job was continuously interrupting and making my job difficult, I would be very irritated with them as well. True, I'm not a multimillionaire actor and my work performance is not as critical to the success of the business I am involved in but the principle of what Mr. Bale was expressing is right on. I am fully in agreement with his perspective on what happened. He has every right to be angry and should have kicked that guy's ass right there.. would have been the very last time ANYONE ever made his job difficult for fear of ending up in the hospital. Remember, this was the man who performed the title role in 'American Psycho'..not someone to mess with. I don't believe Christian is nuts.. he's simply stressed out from the incompetence of his co-workers and couldn't tolerate their B.S. any longer. They should have fired the D.P. (Director of Photography) and warned all employees to keep clear of the stage during filming. People need to think before they act..and definitely before Mr. Bale acts!

2083 days ago


What a gash! Maybe he should hang out with Tom Cruise. They both think they can act.

2083 days ago


Ah Christian. You poor guy. Anyone can play Batman. You should keep that in mind.

2083 days ago


Christian Bale is a bad ass. props to him for showing the douche bag director whos boss. the dark knight can talk to anyone however he wants, for how long he wants

2082 days ago


What a sad expression of human behavior. The lame part, I did like him as an actor. Reign of fire was a cool movie and I finally watch American Psycho for the first time and loved it! I guess being in Hollywood dosn't teach you manners and respect for others.

People are out of work and this guy is bitching because someone walk in his set?

Love the T1, T2 and T3. I'LL sit out T4.

2082 days ago


You know the worst part of this? How everyone on set is actually pandering to/APOLOGIZING to Bale when he should have been kicked off the set for acting like this. I don't care how popular someone is - it's disgusting that any human being should be allowed to act like this. Who does he think he is?

2082 days ago


its what the media does, and they do very well might i add. They can't get you to agree with them unless they find a story that has 2 sides and erase the half of it that contains reasoning, to get you to agree with them on something. In this case their hatred of christian bale, as if they wanted you to like him they'd have done a follow up on this to find out why. But of course not they just want to get a lot of hits that result in another person hating christian bale.
Well here is his apology that tmz took no efforts to find, as well as all of you who've posted nasty comments
enlightentment isn't a city people, its a state of mind, and if you play the clip on the link i'm posting you'll be on the road towards it.
the green play button is directly under the headline, you might have to wait a second for it to appear but it's there, be patient.

2082 days ago


This is so common its insane. I worked in the industry for many years and saw this all the time. Bale is no exception. He is a pr1ck, but not a rarity. I loved working in film. I spent lots of time and money in school to get there. I got a lucky break and worked my way up for many years only to see the darkside. It brought me so down. It was one of the many aspects of the "BIZ" that I hated and why I quit. The industry needs to grow b4lls against jerks like this. There is no excuse for these kinds of outbursts. Crew on the set just have to deal with it. It brings everyone down. The producers should step in and put the kibosh on these actions. They are always worried about losing an actor, or having them walk off. They need to re-write the contracts to prevent this from happening. Christian Bale should be banned from the big screen. I will not support him or his movies. It's sad to see happen. The new Terminator movie will fail even harder now. No one wants to see it anyway. That series is dead. Just check the Neilsen ratings on FOX.

2081 days ago


So the guy had been walking on set all day? I guess I could see how that would be annoying. Bale probably has a short fuse though, but then again to get to the top in the movie business you have to be a type A personality.

Wasn't really looking forward to watching T4 but now I have to see it.

2080 days ago

Rob Starr    

obviously an arrogant self important man, needs a humbling experience to knock him back to earth. jackass

2078 days ago
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