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Christian Bale Rant

Bale Went Ballistic

2/2/2009 8:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


You may remember that Christian Bale went nuts on the set of "Terminator Salvation" a few months back, threatening to stop production and beat some serious ass.

The incident was audiotaped, and it's amazing. It happened on the set after a director of photography accidentally ruined a scene by walking onto the set. Bale lost it, screaming, yelling and threatening to quit if the bosses didn't fire the dude.

Film execs sent the tape to the insurance company that insured the film in case Bale bailed.

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Good grief Christian!
What language. I have listened to how you treat people ,and let me say I will NEVER pay to see you in another movie.
You acted like a child and you should have been fired! The movie is going to be a miserable failure just because KARMA is a bit*H.

2058 days ago


Didn't he do this to his mom recently????

This guy is a real sounds like he may have tried to touch the guy towards the end...and he wants the guy fired!!!!In this economy....????Bale comes off as atotal jerkkk!!!The guy made a MISTAKE...Bale should have took a chill pill and cut the guy some is ONLY a movie>>>YIKES!

2058 days ago


That is priceless, I wish it had video too.

2058 days ago


Maybe Michael Phelps should invite him to the next Bong party.

2058 days ago


Wow, I've loved Christian for years so I am so shocked and disappointed he did that. Apparently the guy did say he was sorry at the beginning because Christian said something to the effect of "I don't care if you're sorry". That's quite a tirade and yeah it was probably a pain in the ass if some guy messed up the shot but it is NEVER ok to treat someone like that especially considering he isn't even the boss. Wow Christian, my respect for you just took a severe nose-dive.

2058 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Actor`s that an`t that good meth/actors have to work to keep thier heads in the grove.I can act and you can`t psy UP.It`s all in a days work.But he stress the crew and thats a real NO NO union members don`t take crap from any ONE,and they work as a team all day long so he will pay for that sometime.In one ear out the other Dixie didn`t shut him down so they run with it till it really a walk off

2058 days ago


what a jerk off

2058 days ago


Christian i'm so ashamed you were so good in untamed heart and seemed like a sweetie what happened to you?? remember him! he was so good, god what's wrong with him?? I love him! Don't abuse me when we get married christian! And that movie you did christian with brad pitiful you were so much better than him! You were the best 80s actor ever!!!!!!!!!! I thought you had disappeared but you haven't! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You and wynona should do another movie together!!!!!

2058 days ago


Kudos to the audio department, at least someone on set was doing their job correctly (unfortunate for mister Bale)

2058 days ago


This would be hilarious if it didn't actually happen to some poor guy on set. Christian, I have two words for you "Anger Management". Sheesh!

2058 days ago


First off, it is completely obvious that this audio clip is "out of context". From what i can gather, this is not the first time this has happened with the individual, so maybe the first, second , and third time he had asked the lighting guy to be careful, and the fourth time he f-ed up, he lost it. Anyhow great rant, a little over done, but i still give it a b+. all of you who think hes a prick for this are a bunch of p*$$ies.

2058 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Now I see why he was cast in American PSYCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just proved one thing - he's PROFESSIONAL DOUCHE BAGGG!!!!!!!!!!

Anger management anyone?? The producers should of fired Bale on the spot.

2058 days ago


Stories like these are why I like TMZ. SOME CELEBRITIES NEED TO BE TAKEN A NOTCH.

2058 days ago


yes,i agree.all us "no-names "should bow down to the mighty talent of christain bale,because mistakes are never made on movie sets and they almost never edit.

2058 days ago


Bale is officially LOONEY. I will boycott ALL Bale movies from now on. He's never getting a dimeof mine again.

Who does the think he is? HE PRETENDS TO BE OTHER PEOPLE FOR A LIVING! How important can he be? What a complete moron. What an empty shell of a human being. What a vacuous egomaniac. And the same goes for any woman who would ever date or marry him knowing this about him.

What an absolute SHAME.

His apology should be just as public.

2058 days ago
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