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Ready for a 'Nailin'?'

2/2/2009 7:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the question everyone's been waiting to ask VP wannabeen Sarah Palin: Has she feasted her eyes on hardcore porn spoof "Nailin' Paylin?"

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Not only does she answer, but it seems she knows exactly what we're talkin' about....


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she's way hotter than michelle obama when it comes to "mature women" michelle obama looks like the devil from the tom cruise movie legend how sad, he heart must be filled with sorrow, and palin's filled with porn

2086 days ago


*her heart must be filled with sorrow, yeah it's sad

2086 days ago

same same same    

TMZ reporter how tasteless... Why ask this respectful woman such a question... she's a mom first then a public figure!

2086 days ago

Phoenix Guy    

luceille, you're an idiot.

2086 days ago


Let's talk about how the good 'ol Dem's don't pay their taxes and get caught with their pants down!!!!!

Put that post up TMZ!

2086 days ago


I think it's inappropriate for her to sign autographs like she is movie star or something. She needs to be more serious and professional. Her winks and hillbilly talk were her downfall. She needs more sophistication. Why can't she figure this out if she eventually wants to be in Washington?

2086 days ago


Capt Jack--you had 4 stinkin letters to write and you screwed that up!

2086 days ago


It was probably her idea in the first place! Anything for pathetic! And wtf did she bring a special needs child into the world if she wasn't going to be a good mother to that child? This is what pisses me off about this stupid-ass "mutt with lipstick". That baby needs his mothers love & attention 24/7, not when it's convenient for her. Your 16 year old daughter has dropped out of school, just given birth & you're still running streets in an attempt to be heard & taken seriously. I have more respect for your mouthpiece, at least she can answer a direct question.

GO HOME & TAKE CARE OF YOUR BABY....SOCCER MOM, PIG W/LIPSTICK, BIMBO BARBIE WANNABE, MCCAIN'S FLUNKIE, enjoy the rest of your term, Alaska's about to kick you to the curb! So how much did it cost the people of Alaska or your office to build your house? Is that why the hockey rink cost so much, the expense & materials for your house were included?

Here in the United States of America, we mother's put our children first! Perhaps if you did the same, your daughter would be graduating soon, your special needs son would be a happy child! And your angry husband just needs Jesus! You all do! GTFOH, Tina Fey is much better than you!

2086 days ago


"I think it's inappropriate for her to sign autographs like she is movie star or somethin"

And it isn't inappropriate for Obama? I hate you libs, you are always one sided.

The media makes me sick how they ridicule this woman when the elections ended almost three months ago! Get over it! She is more of a woman and a leader than anyone in the white house and on capital hill right now!

Everyone sees how bias the media is and we are tired of it.

2086 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

Now she's schmoozing with "Washington elite insiders?" Wow - she's palling around with terrorist socialists? Say it ain't so Sarah!! Another example of your hypocrisy and lies. Keep deamin' about 2012 - if that's what the right wing wants, bring it on!!

2086 days ago


- - - STAY CLASSY TMZ - - -

2086 days ago


I am a republican and you are a psycho.

2086 days ago


TMZ should stick to Hollywood elite in its interviews because they have just shown they have no class with this interview. Well need do the Hollywood people, so I guess what do you expect from TMZ.

2086 days ago


It's sexist to ask a woman such a question. Nice going, AOLTIMEWARNERTMZLEVIN.

2086 days ago


do as i say, not as i do ~ It sounds as thought you need Jesus......................"judging" someone you have never even had a conversation with!

People see in other people what they most hate about themselves. So, God bless your children!

2086 days ago
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