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Ready for a 'Nailin'?'

2/2/2009 7:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the question everyone's been waiting to ask VP wannabeen Sarah Palin: Has she feasted her eyes on hardcore porn spoof "Nailin' Paylin?"

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Not only does she answer, but it seems she knows exactly what we're talkin' about....


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Sarah Palin is a classy lady. Why would you ask her something so stupid? Would you ask Michelle Obama that question?

( if anyone actually wanted to make a porno about her which I'm sure they wouldn't)

You better watch it TMZ she could be your president one day after Obama screws everything up.

2092 days ago


Damn she is gorgeous. Palin 2012!

2092 days ago


18. Hey DumbAss, I don't need to judge, I am merely commenting on what she put out there for all to know. I don't have a 16 year old pregnant drop out daughter. Nor do I have a special needs child that I am neglecting. I don't have children at all. And when I do have them, I will not exploit them for my own selfish gain!! Nor do I have any ties with voodoo doctors or cult members. I did not cheat the people of Alaska out of money to have my house built on their dime, nor did I give them a "hushmoney rebate" with the "bridge to nowhere" funds. She is a joke at best. Perhaps if you had a brain, like most of us American's, you'd admit it as well. Keep drinking the palin punch, "you betcha"!! Put that in your pipe & smoke it. How many teefeces do you have anyways?

2091 days ago


Just because I love to look at Porn dosen't make me a bad person.....

2091 days ago


How disrepectful TMZ. Whether you like her or not she is a very classy woman and just because she is attractive doesn't mean she is a piece of meat. I cannot believe your reporter asked her that question. How sad TMZ. Harvey I thought you were better than that. Very disappointed with TMZ. This woman is a mother and a wife. Harvey would you like someone asking your wife this question?? I will never go on this site again or watch your show. And I will tell everyone I know how low you guys are.

2091 days ago


I know I need Jesus,but I can't help all this anger built
up inside me, I might need psyco therapy help !

2091 days ago


When is that unwed mother high school dropout daughter of hers getting married, anyway? Is she too busy applying for welfare? Classy people, those Palin's.

2091 days ago


You know it takes a lot to piss me off but this TMZ Pap is the biggest a**hole who offends people left and right and doesn't care what people think as long as he gets a reaction. His voice alone is irritating. He interrupts all the time, repeats himself over and over and asks asinine questions. No wonder no one wants to answer. But to ask something like that of a Governor is beyond disrespectful and this a**wipe needs to be fired.

2091 days ago

live in alaska    

pig wlipstick had dinner wmuslim terrorist: Have you ever been to Alaska? get some of your facts straight before you make yourself look like a fool. First of all Bristol got pregnant and 17 and had the baby when she was 18, yes that is still young but is obviously not 16 either. If you lived here you would understand that often times she spends her days with trigg. I suppose you would say "well how is she getting any work done if she has her baby with her". She just really can't win either way can she. She is a bad mom for working and she is a bad govenor for being a mom. Also if you spent some time reading things beyond US weekly and TMZ you would know that her "special needs" child that has down sydrome requires very little difference in up bringing and I think it is a pretty bold statement for you to assume that her child is unhappy. Our "hush money" was a energy rebate to help us out with our energy cost being they are significantly higher and still rising. We are the wealthiest state in the nation and have the ability to help our residents when times get tight. Before you sound off and make your self look unintelligent which I am sure is a daily task for you, do your research.

2091 days ago


26. So tell me, how come the wealthiest state in the nation can't better educate their govenor? What happened to the bridge to nowhere money then? How about the money from the sale of the jet on ebay? What about her house built from the funds & material that was meant for the skating rink? You know the one where she can see russia from her house? 16/17 no matter, she's still an unmarried, drop out teen mother with no husband! But considering the lack of education her mother has, the apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree! So then, because her child is a special needs child he doesn't need a little extra love from his mother? More so than the other children? Really, then Alaska must be full of these little critters, explains alot!! So what's the real reason you people in Alaska don't want to be a part of the United States? Trust me, you see what happened when your flunky came down here...SHE GOT TRASHED & she became the butt of a joke all over the world! We sent that gorilla back to wasilla for proper training, if that is at all possible! Hell, Tina Fey took it & ran with it, FLAWLESSLY!!! Thanks for clearing that up for us!

2091 days ago


So, people of Alaska, has your sweetheart applied for a check & foodstamps yet? Re-registered for school, or is she being homeschooled by her "soccer mom"? Are they living in the doublewide on the southside of the property?

17 with a child
17 dropped out of school
17 & baby daddy moved in w/no job
17 & baby daddy moved in w/no job, no education & sex whenever he wants it
16 & baby daddy mama get's busted for meth

Yes, she should be very proud that she raised her daughter to be such an educated, ambitious, responsible young woman! Yet another reason, she became such a laughing stock and the reason she will never become part of our government! So get over yourselves and keep walking on that bridge to nowhere and take as many as you can with you. If ya'll do this right, we could save a ton of money and won't have to worry about Alaska wanting to not be a part of our great country.

2091 days ago

live in alaska    

Our state money has never funded furthering the education of our leaders nor has any other state in the US. She graduated from U of Idaho with a communication/journalism degree. I am sorry that you think that the U of Idaho is a place of sub-standard education. The bridge to nowhere fund was spent on other state wide transportation projects being that is what it was allocated for. The sale of the jet went back in the state general fund, where else would it go? if you were at all aware of the recent election you would know that Sarah Palin never said "and I can see russia from my house" that was said by Tina Fey on SNL. Her daughter is not 16/17 she is 18 and you still have yet to get that right. She is unwed however and I don't think that having a kid constitutes a marriage by any means and there are thousands of girls every year that go through the same thing, many of them comming from good homes. I hope your parents and other parents aren't judged by the actions of thier teenage children. I think that she needs to love all her children the same and raise them with the same amount of passion. Please understand the speicial need a child has before you try and make judgements. I personally am quite happy to be part of the Untied States as are 99% of Alaskans. You are refering a small group of independents that wants to secede from the US. As far as getting thrashed they only lost by 7% of the poplular vote. Try getting your news from a variety of verified news net works and not, TMZ, US weekly or SNL.... these are not news stations.

2091 days ago


Get over it everybody...she has the IQ of a rock!!!!

2091 days ago


36. BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH....she's still an ignorant hillbilly with a pregnant unmarried drop out teenager who is living under her parents roof with the baby's father who no doubt still has no job! His mother is still a meth addict and his mother & father in-law are the biggest joke of this past election. So I guess she doesn't really read newspapers or magazines either?

2091 days ago

tired of the dumb people in this world with their heads up there ass    

whoever this no brainer is that keeps going on about sarah being a hillbilly, and stabbing at her daughter. get your head out of it and get off your high horse. your insane with not a bit of rationality in your body. really, lets hear about how well you live your life and the expectations that the rest of the people should live up to and how well you live up to them. so lets hear it, lets dive into your personal world and share with everyone and then we can see everyone pick at your life. honestly your a joke and its people like you that are the reason why the world dislikes and thinks americans are the joke of the century.

the people of alaska are a bunch of intelligent hard working citizens who take great care and pride in their state, and dont need someone whose got nothing better to do then bash them on a website, and uses tmz, snl as there resource. i cant wait to see the next comment made by this person. no doubt it will have something with hillbilly, 16/17 unmarried new mother daughter and a bunch of uneducated people. this person sounds like a broken record....who agrees with me?

2091 days ago
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