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Clings to Phelps

After Bong Shots

2/2/2009 7:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0202_phelps_speedo_bn-1It doesn't matter what Michael Phelps put in that bong, he's still a hit with Speedo.

The mankini maker slapped Phelps on the wrist over Bong-gate today, but stopped short of axing their multimillion endorsement deal with the Golden Boy. In a statement, Speedo says it "does not condone such behavior and we know that Michael truly regrets his actions."

But they also call Phelps a "valued member of the Speedo team and a great champion." They're clearly hoping the whole thing blows over quickly.

Phelps' had endorsement deals with AT&T and Rosetta Stone, but those expired on December 31st -- long before the bong pics became public.

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Surprising - no; disappointed - YES! No longer a fan; first it was drunk-driving, now the pot. What's next - performance enhancers? He just lost my vote, no more chances. And shame on his sponsors (so far) that have waved this off as no big deal and stand behind him. We'll see what their positions are on the next offense. He's just sorry he got caught - when are all you people going to catch on. I knew there was trouble brewing when he was caught hanging out with a different girl in each new city he landed in after the Olympics. Shame on you Michael; how sad.

2057 days ago


I would've been more pissed off if he DIDN'T smoke pot. All work and no play = lame life.

2057 days ago


I am appaled that someone who achieved so much in the olympics would do this and also that the the products he sponsors won't be pulled. It has tarnished what I feel for what he did at the olympics. In light of the facts of how things are being done in Washington and getting appointments even though they have broken the law I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

2057 days ago


He spent his formative and nasty ( teen ) years inhaling chlorine from the pool.
Now he gets to enjoy the other kinds of fun life has to offer e.g. getting laid by vegas gals and using the other kind of bong!
He never tried to walk on water, just swim like heck and win all those medals.
Good on him.

2057 days ago


LeBron James is also 23. If HE was caught smoking from a bong after (being arrested 4yrs ago for underage drunk driving), how many of HIS sponsors would have continued supporting him??? LOL - none

talk about a double standard....

2057 days ago


This is an opportunity for Marijuana Advocates and Advocacy groups to SEEK HIM OUT as an endorser. How powerful would marijuana lobbyists be with an 8 gold medal winner testifying. How could they continue the propaganda regarding ill effects of marijuana with the perfect physical specimen right there? It is time for the artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, actors, lawyers, teachers, and LEGISLATORS who smoke to STAND UP!!! END THE MARIJUANA AND HEMP PROHIBITION! Aside from the medical aspects, and the fact that it feels great... it is an amazing cash crop that helped jumpstart our economy in the country's infancy and can do it now when we need it most!!!

2057 days ago


Give me a break. This photo was taken BEFORE he was a gold metal receipiant. I don't think this reflects on his character at all. His endorsement deals should NOT be pulled from under him - it was before he was even in the Olympics! My God. And to that comment earlier about Hassleback's comment on this View this morning - shame on HER for implying it was anything more than it is.

2057 days ago


I agree with number 21. They probably would have thrown him in jail, taken his medals away, and given him Marian Jones phone number.She could give him tips on how to deal with the pen. How hippocritical of America...God Bless The White Boy.

2057 days ago


Who cares. Stop snooping around on his personal business. It's just weed. Now if he was drunk off LTV absinthe and killing people, then start talking.

2057 days ago


Michael Phelp's made history. He is a hero, not only because of his accomplishments in the Olympics, but because he proved that someone can smoke pot and be a productive and outstanding citizen/athlete. I realize that this is not the forum to debate the legality of pot, but I think marijuana should be legalized for a couple of reasons:

1 -- It's a sad but true fact that farming is on the decline in this country. A pot farm would employ thousands of unemployed farmers and utilize the millions of acres that have been lost as a result of this tragedy! What better way to create jobs than to re-employ out-of-work farmers to grow pot? Let's help them use (not lose) their land!
2 -- The sale of marijuana cigarettes would generate revenue for the government and local shop owners...what better way to stimulate the economy!? Who needs a stimulus check!
3 -- There are more alcohol-related deaths in this country than pot-related deaths.
4 -- The world would be a happier place.
5 -- It's used to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy -- how bad can the drug truly be?
6 -- If Michael Phelps accomplished what he accomplished while banging the bong, then government might want to try the same! Maybe we wouldn't be in the mess we're in!


2057 days ago

jbc 450    

Does anyone not remember the great massaiah Barak Obama admitting that he smoked weed quite a bit? If i had to hold anyone to a high standard or consider a "role model" it would be him over Phelps. I don't condone smoking weed, but there are worse things that could have been done.

2057 days ago


He should lose all endorsements. When he accepted millions of dollars to be a spokeperson and representative of these corporations it was with the explicit understanding that his actions would be a reflection on those corporations. It was his job to maintain a respectable reputation. He has failed. He broke the law. He forfeited his right to "party" when he accepted the job of being a representative for Speedo, etc.

2057 days ago


Barack Obama is not an OLYMPIC ATHLETE. He's a politician. Don't compare apples to oranges. Compare athletes to athletes and politicians to politicians....

2057 days ago

northern gypsy    

hey #15 siennaisahomewreckingwhore & #44 tmzfan
exactly...i agree with you...
M.P. bless that bong...and pass it over here !!!

2057 days ago


He is only sorry because he got caught and does not want to loose the money. Just another bad role model.

2056 days ago
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