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The Fellowship of the Beer & Cigs

2/2/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alert the shire! Frodo Baggins and Merry Brandybuck have been spotted drinking and with smokes.

28-year-old Elijah Wood and 32-year-old Dominic Monaghan took a break from watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and enjoyed a Red Stripe and cigarettes on a stoop in L.A.



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nice shoes elijah's wearing...blundstones...from oz. love them (i have a pair..) i had to share! ;)

2050 days ago


OMG- Why are these ugly trolls famous in the first place. They both are so gross.

And the smoking just made them skankier and a thousand times less appealing.

2050 days ago


They are 28 and 32; let 'em enjoy a beer and a smoke, okay?

2050 days ago


EMO lovers of TMZ unite huh....I don't care who likes small, nerdy and emo cuz I don't. #7 How about don't become an actor if you don't want to be in pictures...DUMBASS or don't sit on your front stoop being all tiny and emo and shiz drinking non-vegan beer and smoking if you don't want some one to snap a pic, either way they don't look to be too unhappy about it.

2050 days ago

my 3 cents    

Is Charlie on the Island in the future or in the past or is he really dead??? Y can't you ask him that.

2050 days ago


I wonder how cool it will be when they both die from cancer if they continue to smoke. So uncool!!!!!

2050 days ago

Ice Water    

Yuck. They remind me of that techno dork Moby. Gross. get a tan.

2050 days ago


I don't think they mind having thier pic taken if it is done with respect. A fact TMZ often ignores or even worse ask rude questions just to get a reaction. It is the worst kind of sensationalistic "journlism" and the only reason they don't get punched in the face more often is that these celebrities have a certain amount of class and a reputation to uphold. TMZ has no reputation, no class and tend to piss off the very people who they depend on to survive. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

I don't mind when they air a tape like Christian Bale going off on the DP during filming because they did not create that situation, they are just reporting on it. But when they insult people and ask them invasive questions about thier personal lives they reveal how desperate they are for attention. I don't know how any of thier "producers" ever hope to get another job in Hollywood with TMZ on thier resumes.

2050 days ago

craig baxter    

quality united jersey, thats all that has to be said

2050 days ago


Just saw Mr. Wood at Whole Foods shopping with his beautiful older, exotic girlfriend who, were he not a star, I guarantee you would not give this boy the time of day. Also see him at NARAS events - his eyes are quite alarming when they are bugging out seated behind you in the dark! He drives a very boring Audi sedan. He still looks young in stature, but wizened up close. He's rather short but not in a stunted way...he's proportioned and walks taller.

2050 days ago


OMG That's SO HOT :) Cheers!

2050 days ago


Dominic was on the latest episode of "Chuck" in 3D, and man he is teensy-tinsy! Also he'd better start hitting the Propecia soon, if he isn't already.

2050 days ago


everyone knows Dom has a big schlong.

I want some Hobbit lovin'!

2050 days ago


" That my friend is a pint!"

"Cheers Gaffer!"

2049 days ago
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