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Ann Coulter Is a REALLY Skinny Bitch

2/3/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter better stop talking smack about the ladies on "The View" -- because judging by her rail thin legs yesterday in D.C., even Babwa could take her in a fight.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch


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Womb for one    

She must be ill, because that is Not Normal. That is beyond someone trying to be skinny, that is (physically or mentally) some kind of very advanced illness.

2083 days ago


52. Amazing, 2 million could get to Washington D.C. in frigid temps, but, 200,000 couldn't get out of New Orleans in 85
degree temp, with 4 days notice. hmmmmmmmmm

Posted at 8:31AM on Feb 3rd 2009 by katelia

Posted at 8:49AM on Feb 3rd 2009 by You can say that again katelia

Here is something for you, since this comment was most probably uttered by individuals who were not there; I was, and most of the problems were caused by generations of crooked politicians who failed to build infrastructure. D.C. was a success because of the people (and I know a lot of them) who built the plan(s) to house, move, and corral that many folks.

But of course the hate-filled idiots who almost always have to say something yet know nothing about it would have people believe the NOLA incident was the fault of the ignorant minorities (read between the lines of what is being said) that stayed or were left.

I find it odd that when 'good conservative christian types' are pictured on the news staying with their property during an impending storm; they are always characterized as 'tough and resilient.' However, when anyone else does this they're ignorant or could not recognize the threat.

I'm not attacking anyone, what I am saying is that everyone has to be aware of what their local goverment is doing with their tax dollars...everyone in NOLA knew what COULD happen some day they just assumed it never would. The sad part of it is the local government felt the same way. It's called contingency planning and there really was none.

Just call me Kafka

2082 days ago

Macho Man    

I've seen thicker legs on a chair.

2082 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    

makes me laugh that people wanna talk politics on a site that exposed a helicopter pilot getting oral from a porn star and put up the video, breaks sex tapes, makes fun of celebrities for being fat and what they wear...not exactly the right forum to give your stance on something serious like the state of our nation...most of the people come here to see celebrities at their worst. You want someone to care about what you think about our president go to actual journalistic stie with some validity and integrity not one that has a whole page to celebrity mug shots

2082 days ago

SoCal Razzles    

The headline says it all, lmao...

2081 days ago


Leave Ann Coulter Alone!

TMZ, Stop picking on the girl.

your like a bunch of bullies.

all this hatred, just because she has a different political point of view than you?

.......So sad :-(

8. Seriously? Methinks the karma bus backed over her. Maybe if she gets her soul right about the nasty things she has said over the years to and about people she might not look so terrible.

Posted at 3:42AM on Feb 3rd 2009 by Laura

Sometimes facts about people are nasty, as to, Barny Frank ran a male escort service out of his apartment with his male lover, nasty to say the least, but, a fact. So, if being nasty is being factual, i agree with Ann.
Why are you so nasty towards her? Because of her political point of view? Fa,Fa,Fa.........How Sad :-(

2080 days ago

I Remove Heads From Asses    

ummm no it doesnt matter if you are a liberal or a conservative all of our mothers taught us if you have anything nice to say dont say anything at all. She had the nerve to say that Bill O' Reily didnt sell more books than her and refused to take his advice on anything. The next day he had a show on whether she was doing danger to the Republican party..So no its not just liberals who dont like her, Her own compatriots on Fox dont really like her as well...Im not a Democrat or Republican just a person who supports what i think will be the best for our country

2079 days ago


I find things absurdedly strange th@ I bought this woman from the Illuminati Inter-National Banksters and protected her from FATWAs but yet still no one has told her to buy into her future Foundation Stone femsgrid on ebay for a timely-sharing for a place to stay with a below ground pool and some desert privacy (with or without ME, whois supposed-to-be traveling to feed, clothe & house the widows, orphans and those maimed in the UN-holy RE-Sourcing and De-Population Extermination and Injection, respectively.

866 days ago


I bought her because she is provocative and ALLAH Ewez are Satans.
I found out about a month ago she is 6Ft. Tall so I should remind ALLAH Ewez Th@ I Am NOW 10 Ft. Tall (Grace Slick).
So ALLAH Ewez have to convince her to buy the motel(s) located through femsgrid on ebay or TheLbb2 or fems2112 on YouTube.
Nadya Suleman and brood will have houses as will future former skid row patrons when I get through braking their bread and banging and mashing and washing their money through the bank of the planet earth dot com too because I AM The COIF & DNA Super Double Naught Raptured Czar [cousin] 'IT' !!!

866 days ago


Miserable skank has got more than food based issues.

728 days ago
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