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Ann Coulter Is a REALLY Skinny Bitch

2/3/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ann Coulter better stop talking smack about the ladies on "The View" -- because judging by her rail thin legs yesterday in D.C., even Babwa could take her in a fight.

Ann Coulter: Click to watch


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Did you know TMZ censors names? If you write certain celeb names they won't post it. How did these certain celebs get to be so lucky that they are not allowed to be talked about here?

1900 days ago


Try to type my name in your message. Why is that name forbidden here?

1900 days ago


She's so gross, in so many ways.

1900 days ago


The size of Anne Coulter's intellect is directly proportional to the size of her legs. She can't help it she's incapable of rational thought. Anne keeps making herself irrelevant, which is fine by me. First there's an NBC "conspiracy" against her and then she attacks the woman who broke through the journalism glass ceiling? I wish Wal*Mart would stop peddling her books to the ignorant masses - good thing she writes at a 3rd grade level.

1900 days ago


We get it Emily. You're a fan of The View and you shop at Walmart. Don't take your miserable life out on us. Now run along... there is probably a blue light special going on somewhere.

1900 days ago


Emily is just cranky because she is running low on her Government cheese.

1900 days ago



1900 days ago


People use the word "anorexic" too frequently--but in this case it no doubt applies. I guess mean and cruel people can get it, too.

1900 days ago



Too Funny, you made my day! People hate Ann because she tells it like it is, and the truth hurts. GO ANN!

1900 days ago


So what!! Is it a crime that I like my cheese and shop at Walmart? Where else am I going to buy my granny panties at prices I can afford? You ignorant people you!!

1900 days ago


I find it funny.. that when she says something about liberals all of a sudden.. its karma.. what about when you have the idiots like the huffington post who write crap about conservatives.. and their families? what karma do they get? So, if I understand you morons correctly, Karma comes to conservatives and the golden ticket comes to.. liberals? wow.. what a great country we have when people wish the worst on a certain person and the best on another type of person. Wake up people. Get a life and get off the damned computer if all you have to talk about is how freaking skinny someone is. What about you start talking about how much money YOU'RE going to lose with this pathetic stimulus package? Or how about.. where is your next meal coming from. Sheesh.. and to think our country is in trouble.. because of the politicians? Yeah.. I don't think so.. It's the lazy people that sit at home all day and collect welfare and unemployment and then get a 3000$ refund in taxes.. they never paid! WAY TO WASTE MY MONEY

1900 days ago


Ann should be covering those legs up. Not accuenting (sp) them with boots..

1900 days ago


can't tear her down on her ideas so go after her looks. she's in her late 40s by the way.

1900 days ago


This b!tch will be dead of anorexia and heart failure within six months.

And I hope it is painful.

1900 days ago

J D    

The only one that seems to like and care for Ann is Fox news and thoes idiots on there like Shawn Hannity he should spend more time in a Florida Jail were he belongs instead of being on TV and having her on with him!!!!!!!!!!!!

1900 days ago
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