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Francis Put on House Arrest

2/3/2009 4:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe FrancisJoe Francis has been released from custody -- but a Los Angeles federal judge has restricted the GGW honcho to home detention under electronic monitoring. Considering how dope Joe's homes are, that's not really much of a punishment.

He'll be under house arrest until his next hearing on February 11.

Francis was taken into custody yesterday after he showed up to court five hours late for a hearing associated with his upcoming trial on tax evasion charges.


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shalom lankumm    

joe is going through a real hard time write now with the economy in recession he is not selling as much girl action as he would like. so lets please be considerate of his feelings. ill prey for ur release mr. francis hold in there i know its hard being stuck in your palace with young women.
god speed mr. francis god speed. ill put money on your books!
your chady bear

2086 days ago


LA judges are weak. The judge should have thrown him in the county jail, just like the federal judge in Panama City, FL, did who wouldn't take Joe's narcissistic crap.

2086 days ago


hahahah...every time I read this worthless piece of filth got in MORE trouble it brings a little more joy to my heart. stupid pervert...I hope all the money you made off stupid drunken sluts runs out by the time you're done paying all your legal fees :-)

2086 days ago

Foot Fetish    

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2086 days ago


Two questions:

Why hasn't his lawyer used the Daschel Defense?

Why hasn't Obama nominated Francis for a cabinet position yet?

2086 days ago


22. Two questions:
Why hasn't his lawyer used the Daschel Defense?
Why hasn't Obama nominated Francis for a cabinet position yet?

That's Right. Joe Francis should be nominated for Secretary of Health and Human Services now that Daschle is out. With his experience, Francis is perfect for that position.

2086 days ago


I by far am not jeoulous of this guy he's probably cool. But all the UNDERAGE girls is way overboard. It's the immature girls aswell. But the fact is HE's how old with 13,14,15,16,17.......................?'s it's easy to loose touch with reality when you don't work and have a lot of money. The problem probably was bush had the feds's hands tied and now obama is in charge.

2086 days ago


This whole tax evasion thing is hilarious. Joe's CPA/CFO should be the one in jail. He's actually the one who deducted all the expenses and signed off on the tax returns. Then he decided to turn Joe in and collect the tax cheat fee from the IRS. I don't care for Joe Francis or his company, but as a CPA I think Joe's accountant should be the one on house arrest.

2086 days ago


the earlier comments made by: badboy, proper & butler seems to sum it up pretty well.

2086 days ago


I'd like to do him in the A****,but harder,and deeper than what was done too him, What a dirty geezer.

2085 days ago
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