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Chopper Flasher Is Hard Core

2/3/2009 4:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out the breasts groped by Tommy Lee's helicopter pilot in these scandalous photos have a semi-famous connection -- they're huge in the world of porn.

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The life-risking chopper-flasher is Puma Swede -- an accomplished Mile High Club member who's self-proclaimed F-cups have been in over 70 hardcore films.

Besides distracting a helicopter pilot mid-flight ... and putting countless innocent lives in danger ... Puma was nominated this year for an AVN award for "Web Starlet of the Year."

And as one of our TMZ camera guys found out last year, flashing her set to random people is just how Puma rolls.


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as most bad girls do, she will eventually find Jesus and put those boobs to work for our Lord and savior

2052 days ago


She actually looks better without the makeup. She is an attention whOre though, flashing her bOobs everywhere.

BTW, Sandy Duncan does not have a glass eye.

2052 days ago


These girls are not that hot at all. I would (almost) expect better from Tommy. They are just hookers who got a little lucky.

2052 days ago


Looks like my ex-husband's second wife - minus the fun bags. Gee I miss him-------------NOT! Hah!

2051 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

My adult show was NC-17 and I TOOK my show off the air when the goverment grayed out the internet and TV and movies.Dan coats/exon bill.Was over ruled by the FEd just as I predicted.I was the ONLY programmer to stand up for freedom of the arts.I aired two years of adult video`s about 20% of my total programming.It`s was NC-17 and aired after midnight and I followed every known law know or written about adult entertain.BUT when I aired my own adult film clip 1min and 59 secs of it I was taken to court.I fought for five laws and win some battles but lost in the higher court.I went to jail for that because I would`nt pay the fine,Anyone who watches any adult knows waht I did was way within the law.My clips was solo and didn`t have climax poor ass clown anyway.I was a screen actors guild member at that time,I fought for what you are wacthing even here on this site writing about.Adult spice channel was airing on cable at the same time all adult 247.I did nothing wrong but they still shut me down again and still ripped it off like forever(HOWARD ROBARD HUGHES IIV)Ant they killed off everyone I ever knew.Hired by someone? who cares I`am a freedom fighter I don`t work for ANYONE!!! just LIKE DAD!!!.same pattern same reaction same rippoff.They all use every last thing I say and sound scan me and image project me 247 since age four.I don`t have need for being hired I`am doing well without being someones slave.I sould sue get DNA and buy my islands back and move my hollywood sign ripped off there.SOS.HA HA HA jokes are ON me DUDE.Skin is skin turn it on or turn it off it was a FILM, not a public action.

2051 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

The dan coats/exon bill if it had been inforced by the fed would have banned every nude image on or internet plus any nude painting ot art would have been banned everywhere in the USA!!!.I fight for what I THINK is right and I THOUGHT about that fight since 1976 when the CIA at fort dix told me to do the show if this happen and that happen.That happing was the HOHA`s and hollywood mob killed my step dad.Than did what the CIA had told me to do way back in 1976.I thought about it for about 30 years.OPP`s do fight for OUR FREEDOMs like it or NOT?.The FED overruled the goverment remember? DUDE?I would have fought from the streets if the CIA had told me too!!!.

2051 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

It should be 20 years-I thought about it.We vote live and die for freedom of life&ART.If someone does`nt want to watch adult than DON`t.I was programmed by the CIA to react if they killed off my step DAD-that they did.Plus they ripped off the estate and HHMI control satellite`s and patents of invention on and on and on.I lived my whole life underground just as howard did.I don`t mind if they steal from me like they ripped dad because I`am a MACHAL and learned to share years ago.Money can be a major trap but being self employed can offer some freedom up to a point.Carry one now peace and love & freedom /son of a son of a GUN.

2051 days ago

Howard Robard Hughes IIV    

I don`t carry a weapon but that was my GUN.

2051 days ago


Come on TMZ COUNTLESS LIVES on a helicopter ? How many people can you fit in a helicopter?

2051 days ago


porn stars are soo ugly they only have one thing goin for them and even those things aren't real...bunch of ugly people doin other ugly people

2051 days ago


Hey .. Who doesn't like bare swinging double D's at a 1000 feet. LMAO Besides all aircrafts are supposed to have floatation devices. : D

2051 days ago


nice shot of bree olson!!!I'd love for you to do a spread on her.........

2051 days ago

An Observer    

Hey look, its Heidi Montag! Once the 'cute' publicity stunts start to fade.

2051 days ago


No freedom of the press at TMZ`s self rewriting post...C yah.Maybe she can work at TMZ if she can`t FROCK.Sore clownXXXXXXXXXX!BUTT still free

2051 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Whore, must make her Mommy and Daddy so proud

2051 days ago
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