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Sued by Lutfi

Did She Really Fear Dad?

2/3/2009 5:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0203_lufti_spears_bn2-1Sam Lutfi has filed a lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents, Jamie and Lynne, claiming they defamed him and also alleging Britney lived in fear of her father.

In his lawsuit filed today, Sam boldly claims, "Resentful of Lynne and afraid of Jamie's controlling, violent, and often unpredictable behavior, Britney began inquiring about obtaining restraining orders against Jamie and Lynne." It was under those circumstances that Sam met, and eventually worked for, Britney.

Sam goes on to accuse Jamie of physically assaulting him. He says he was standing in Britney's kitchen on January 29, 2008 when Jamie stormed into the house. Lutfi alleges Jamie yelled at him, claiming Sam made a rude comment to Lynne the night before. Then, Sam claims, Jamie "intentionally punched him in the chest" and threatened to kill him if he ever heard Sam make a rude comment about Lynne or any member of the Spears family again.

All the claims of libel and defamation spring from Lynne's book, "Through the Storm." Lutfi says since the publication of the book, he "has been subjected to unfathomable amounts of ridicule and public scorn."

Lutfi also claims Britney broke a contract with him and owes him unpaid management fees. He claims he had an oral agreement with Spears to be her manager for four years, earning 15% commission.

Last Friday, Britney got a restraining order against Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, barring them from having any contact with her, her parents or her kids.


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Am i wrong, but didn't Lufti say in an interview that he was giving Brittney drugs or unpresrcibed medication...isn't there something that he was trying to medicate her when she was having all her issues. Why would he want to open that door... another jerk off trying to make a buck

2086 days ago


Cant wait to hear all the dirty little secrets !! I hope he sues the pants of this loser hick family !!! Tell the world sam

2086 days ago


I really think this guy will try to kill/physically harm someone in the Spears family to get to Britney. He is insane.

2086 days ago


But hasn't skankney been texting adnan? Thought I'd heard that somewhere. Anyway, i do believe skankney is a talentless fame-wh*re but lufti suing her? Well that just ain't right y'all.

2086 days ago

Bob Barnett    

What a joke. Lutfi wouldn't last 30 seconds on a witness stand. And exactly what are his management credentials, and what jobs did he get for the nutcase?

2086 days ago


He's like Howard K. Stern was to Anna Nicole Smith. He's not going to stop until Brits dead. He feels like he's entitled to her life & money and is not going to stop. Many people have restraining orders out on this roach for a reason. Brit should make sure all of her bodyguards are packing. He should have never ever been allowed into her life.

2086 days ago


TMZ, whoever typed this particular story needs to proofread it before sending it out, lots of spelling errors.

2086 days ago


This lutfi creap needs to go away!!! For good!!!! Permanently!!!!! He is such a lowlife looser who feeds off others. Please, someone kick this guy to the curb!!!

2086 days ago


Who wrote this anyway? How about a proofreader!

2086 days ago


LOL, This guy is SOOOO screwed! He didn't obtain "help" for his mentally ill "client". He stole artwork from the home when he left. Oh, this will be good. SO MUCH is gonna come out that no one knows!
I never thought I'd say this but:

2086 days ago


Apparently, the only ones who actually still care about this train wreck of a person is TMZ. Britney, please go away. Take your family with you. Maybe next time instead of shaving your head, you just cut your own wrists and make the world happy. Yeah, cuz my goal of everyday is to rush right home to see what spoiled little, on the crank Britney brat has done. Gimme a break. And her funds all come from the little girls and boys who want to grow up and be future whores and drunks. The bitch is like 30 years old now, christ, get over it.

2086 days ago


He won't get a dime. Any contract to be over a year long or over $500 must be in writing (cannot be oral) and is subject to the Statute of Frauds. Nice try Lutfi. --Lawyer

2086 days ago

lost in lalaland    

#22: It's not WHOEVER, it's WHOMEVER. Get off your fkng high horse.

2086 days ago


I'm surprised he could come up with the filing fee. After the lawsuit is thrown out, he'll write a book. Don't buy it!!!

2086 days ago


Hey Chettyboy...apparently you DO care because you not only READ this article about Britney but you took the time to respond.

2086 days ago
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