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"T4" Producer -- Bale's Tantrum Was No Biggie

2/3/2009 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to listenIt turns out Christian Bale's expletive-filled, volcanic explosion on the set of "Terminator Salvation" was a "non-event"... according to a guy who wasn't the brunt of Bale's tirade.

Bruce Franklin -- assistant director and associate producer on the film -- told us "Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene ... his reaction was from the heat of the moment."

The target of Bale's attack -- a director of photography named Shane Hurlbut -- was not fired from the movie, despite Christian's threat that if Shane screwed up one more time, he should be kicked to the curb.

Franklin said Bale was under a lot of pressure because of his crazy "Dark Knight" promotion schedule, and that the crew -- Hurlbut included -- ended up shooting for another seven hours.


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This is a violent man. This type of behavior should not be tolerated in any workplace. (Apparently he he has no respect for his mother either if the reports are true). We should not support any movie where this sort of behavior is allowd on the set.

2053 days ago

Frank Olivo    

100. Good god you guys are idiots. Really, NONE of you has EVER lost your temper and yelled at someone? Well, then, either you're a saint or a liar. This happened months ago and I'd bet a millior dollars he has already apologized to the man. I mean, really, a PUBLIC apology is needed?! Who in the hell has ever got mad, yelled at someone, and then put an ad in the newspaper apologizing? NO - you go to the guy, say sorry, and that's the end of it. It's between them and I'm sure they resolved it a long time ago. And so what if he's a big actor and has millions? Jealous much? He's still human and we ALL do something we wish we hadn't sometimes.

Posted at 3:17PM on Feb 3rd 2009 by Carrie


Carrie, if you have ever reacted in anger this way, I hope to god you don't have children or a husband. God help them if you do since this is NOT normal behavior...even losing your temper has boundries, apparently no one ever taught you the proper way to express frustration, anger etc.

I have had enough reading comments from nitwits who think this behavior is within the parameters of normal....the DP could be the biggest D%#k, but ya know...two wrongs still don't make a right. Back to real world now!

2053 days ago


It doesn't matter what kind of "pressure or stress" he is under, you can't go around treating people like that. Didn't he get questioned by police not that long ago for pushing his mother and sister? It's obvious this guy has a anger problem. Hello CB get some therapy and get over your self!

2053 days ago


CB's behavior was totally inappropriate. Screaming and swearing are for people who cannot control their feeling. CB appears to be a very low class gent.

Shane on the other hands screwed up not once but apparently twice. Sorry does not cut it, the AD should have suspended the man for the day on the spot.

Verbal abuse is the stop before the next level: Violence. CB my advice would be to see a Shrink. It may help to re-center the importance of some issues.

2053 days ago


. what a prick he is. there is never an excuse to talk to another person that way, unless they are your ex girlfriend and they have been whoring around with your best friend the whole time you were together. its not like she didnt know he was your friend, and she knew eventually you would find out. such a tram....wait, where was i?
oh yeah, he sucks and i would never hore him for a movie again. the actor i mean.
god, she was a tramp.....

2053 days ago


Hey Bale!why don't you go somewhere in private and fire up a "DOOBIE" and think about what an ASS you made of yourself, and come back, and apologize to the Man, MAN UP BALE! I Im ashamed of your kind of PROFESSIONALISM.They should of put a sock in your mouth.

2053 days ago


It's too bad that he lost it like that. Could ruin his career/name. Everyone has their crappy moments, but personally I don't think he should have gone off the handle like that. Pretty bad.

What's even more interesting is the feud between Michael Bay and McG over their two movies.
I think it's quite a "coincidence" that on Sunday Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Trailer was unveiled, and then
low and behold this recording of Bale comes out the very next day.... I wonder how many people WON'T go to Terminator Salvation because of this??? Looks kind of suspicious to me.
Wonder who the freak was that leaked the recording....maybe someone who's rooting for Bay?
Just something to go "hmmmmmmmm" about.

There's still no excuse for treating people like that Mr. Bale...

2053 days ago


Christian Bale is a hottie, give him what he wants! everyone throws a tantrum every now and then. just stay out of his way!

2053 days ago


He is so unprofessional, is he on drugs?????!!!!!!!! I've got to hand it to the man on the receiving end of that trash mouth, he showed more professionalism than this ahole will ever have. I wouldn't see anything of his he ever makes including this movie,

2053 days ago


To Mr. Bale:
Isn't the whole point of 'acting' that you 'act' like you don't see the crew, and the camera, and the lights? To 'act' like you don't see the catering and the Star Wagons? Aren't you getting paid enough to 'act' your way through a scene without stopping the shoot in its tracks for the length of your tirade? You couldn't act like you didn't see the head of the camera department doing his job? See, this behavior is the reason hard working people don't feel bad for 'actors' during a piss-poor economy and a SAG meltdown.

2053 days ago


wow. this guy is insane o_O

2053 days ago


He sounds like a real jerk out of control, needs to take anger management. Whatever happened to first class gentlemen instead of first class jackasses!

2053 days ago


Wow...A lot of people here judging Bale based on 3 minutes of audio. I wonder how many people on this board don't have 3 minutes in their life where they acted this way or worse. Fortunately we don't have tape rolling on us all the time. The truth is no one knows how he behaved during all the other months of filming or how he behaved on all his other film sets. Just 3 minutes of tape out of a long career.

Additionally how would you feel if someone you worked with constantly messed up a project you were working on, causing you to have to repeatedly do the same tasks over and over again. Compound this with you being responsible for the vast majority of the projects success. Let's face it, if the movie bombs no one is gonna say "Wow, that movie needed a better director of photography".

I'm, not saying his reaction was correct - but listening to 3 minutes of audio taken out of context over the course of a months long shoot and an entire career and passing judgment is silly. There is no way to know what was really going on, on the set.

2053 days ago


Um, this was clearly no big deal, people. Bale was justifiably ticked. It was a movie-set tirade. Moving on to real news now... anybody heard of a place called Gaza?

2053 days ago


shane hurlebut....the director of photography ( also known for a job well done in the film "drumline" ) does have a way of being unprofessional at times...ask any director that has worked with him....he should have been more for CB, he just lost his temper a little bit, but if you have ever been around and on the set of filmaking you know that it is not uncommon for people to talk to each other like that. its not a job for thin skinned folks.

i am sure they prolly wont work together again but who knows, either one could run into a field of desperation...

2053 days ago
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