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"T4" Producer -- Bale's Tantrum Was No Biggie

2/3/2009 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to listenIt turns out Christian Bale's expletive-filled, volcanic explosion on the set of "Terminator Salvation" was a "non-event"... according to a guy who wasn't the brunt of Bale's tirade.

Bruce Franklin -- assistant director and associate producer on the film -- told us "Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene ... his reaction was from the heat of the moment."

The target of Bale's attack -- a director of photography named Shane Hurlbut -- was not fired from the movie, despite Christian's threat that if Shane screwed up one more time, he should be kicked to the curb.

Franklin said Bale was under a lot of pressure because of his crazy "Dark Knight" promotion schedule, and that the crew -- Hurlbut included -- ended up shooting for another seven hours.


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I totally understand where Bale is coming from, sorry that he had to get his point accross by cussing the guy out, but I understand hou he could get angry about him ruining his scene.

2066 days ago


I'm just not buying the excuse that it was an intense scene and he is a "method actor". There are many "method" actors and just because they are engrossed in a scene and something goes wrong, does not mean they take it out on someone and act like a total diva! Sean Penn comes to mind. Yes, we have heard stories of his temper, but never directed toward the crew of one of his films. He seems more respectful than that. If Christian Bale had that hard of a time containing himself, I think he should seriously take some anger management classes before he hurts someone and gets sued. There is just no excuse to belittle and humiliate someone, no matter how many mistakes they've made. It shows a complete disregard for others' feelings.

2066 days ago


Obviously that guy has a bit of a temper problem -- RELAX're really no big deal. You start to respect people...then people will respect you. A NO BRAINER!!!

2066 days ago

robin mcgill    

There is no excuse that allows a person to treat another that way. I don't care if you did lose a good friend when you act like that you will lose more.

2066 days ago

Hate Shane    

In defense of Christian, the guy that he is yelling at treats the rest of the crew that way. I think that he deserved everything Christian dealt out and then some. The only thing that made me sad was that he didn't follow through on beating the guy up. You go Christian, we love you. And Shane, think about this next time you go to scream at a lowly production assistant. Shane has no respect for anybody on his crew. This is apparent as he is adjusting a lightr in the middle of a shot, what a tool! What comes around goes around Shane!

2066 days ago


Wow. Yeah, so, he's a prima donna diva boy. I'm sure we all have our PMS days. But, you know, frankly, if you're not enjoying doing the acting or whatever, don't do it. Don't take it out on people around you. And yeah, Christian get a grip..not everyone you work with is going to be a pro, not even because you're you. Man, do some 'goos-fraba' chanting, sing "I Feel Pretty", something. But don't freak out on people. Totally uncool! Why couldn't you have just done something funny and made that be one of the extra clips that people laugh at?

2066 days ago


Bale was right. The dude shouldn't be walking in like that during the scene. It's EXTREMELY unprofessional. Kudos to Bale. He shoulda smacked that idiot a few times.

2066 days ago


Oh probably just a method actor. Maybe it was an "angry" scene... besides, the guy sounds like an idiot.

2066 days ago


get a life cb. the world doesn't revolve around you.

2066 days ago


Right on PR! String him up I say. Or worse make him work a real job for day. Spoiled, pampered stars. I'm sure he's not the first and won't be the last but maybe this will shed an unflattering light on how many stars look down on us working class "nobodies". He is a sad excuse for a human being!

2066 days ago

Mr. Director SIR to you though    

Bale has a little outburst and now he's a #$&%ing bad guy. I don't appreciate foul language as much as the next guy but holy #$%& man! The @#$&ING GUY WALKED INTO THE MIDDLE OF A MOTHER$%&#ING SCENE! While the outburst was a bit much he did throw his $%#damn concentration off. Bale is a sweet mother%$&#er and would never intentionally walk all over another mother$%#@er like that. I'm not sure what the &%$& all the fuss is about? Sure the &%$#% cursed and was a little bit upset, and yes he used %$#&ing foul language, but he's expected to &%$# a golden egg every scene...and then before you know it, here comes a mother&%$#er drinking %$#@ing Starbucks, tottling onto the &%$#ing set like a little &%$#@. Sippijng his brew as a real &%#$ing sweetheart of a guy, a patriot now less as he's battled evil forces, and then WHAM! he tells the fellow to stop. Sure he could've said heck instead of %$#, but &%$#ing -A!

Look...he tries to gives a good &%$#ing performance and his co-star ups and dies, thus stealing the spotlight. THEN TO TOP IT OFF, here comes the light guy, sipping his mother&%$#ing Starbucks! Always gettin stole upon!


2066 days ago

robin mcgill    

WHAT A JERK!! Isn't this the same guy that attacked his sister & mother at a hotel and actually got away with it? Truthfully I did believe him, I figured it was just greedy family members asking for money and he said no but I see the truth has shown itself. I won't waste my time on him or his movies. There is no excuse talking to someone like that I don't care who you are.

2066 days ago


What an idiot to treat people like that. Makes some sense now that this is the same guy accused of assaulting his mother and sister. NO, i will not be viewing future movies that include this prick in the cast.

2066 days ago


LOL. This is the dumb attitude that perpetuates hyper-ego celebrities to continue their behavior, peons like Bruce Frankln or so used to catering to a*holes like Bale that they completely lose sight of rational approprtiate behavior. What a wanker.

2066 days ago


At what point do these prima donnas get this sense of entitlement? Rules of society and common courtesy do not apply to me 'Super star'.
He is rude and obnoxious,pure and simple.
I can only imagine what would go down if this was a woman. Everyone would be diangnosing her mental problems and lass of looks etc.

2066 days ago
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