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"T4" Producer -- Bale's Tantrum Was No Biggie

2/3/2009 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to listenIt turns out Christian Bale's expletive-filled, volcanic explosion on the set of "Terminator Salvation" was a "non-event"... according to a guy who wasn't the brunt of Bale's tirade.

Bruce Franklin -- assistant director and associate producer on the film -- told us "Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene ... his reaction was from the heat of the moment."

The target of Bale's attack -- a director of photography named Shane Hurlbut -- was not fired from the movie, despite Christian's threat that if Shane screwed up one more time, he should be kicked to the curb.

Franklin said Bale was under a lot of pressure because of his crazy "Dark Knight" promotion schedule, and that the crew -- Hurlbut included -- ended up shooting for another seven hours.


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this is professional behavior? must be nice being a "movie star" since you couldn't get away with this on any other job. he sounds like a ranting lunatic and should not be given a free pass no matter what is going on in his life. i'll stack up the pressures i have to this guy's any day (and i don't get paid millions) but i would never treat another person this way for ANY reason. quit giving people like this excuses for childish temper tantrums and maybe they will learn a little thing called restraint. he is not extraordinary at all.

2050 days ago

Paul Kyler    

1. Bale is not a citizen of the USA

2. The guy he was mouthing off at is a citizen of the USA

3. The scene was being filmed in the USA

4. At the point Bale (not a citizen) refers to the guy he is yelling at (a citizen) as "a prick", I would have picked up the closest metalic object and hit that carpet-bagger over the head with it. That would have shut him up.

2050 days ago


Seriously, the DP walked right thru the set and broke Bale's "in-the-momentness". How would he like it if Christian just started messing with the set in the middle of filming?! Sheesh!

2050 days ago


Convenient that we only catch the tirade and not what the DP was doing...this way we can all just criticize the overpaid spoiled actor and not the conditions he was under. Someone comes into your work and messes with something you're passionate about, you would be equally upset... (and probably not have the balls to do anything about it)... Granted, kicking someone's ass isn't the appropriate solution...but when one runs out of solutions for a problem, and the person at the root of the problem isn't listening, frustration can boil over.... as it clearly did here. I say good for Christian.

2050 days ago


I think if he wants to curse or whatever, it is his right. Don't we still have the first amendment freedom of speech? Did it go away over night? If he has a "temper", that is HIS business. What happens at this man's workplace between himself and boss and/or co-workers is their business. Why does John Q Public give a rats behind? I would not like people up in my business at work. I am so sure we can not live here on earth without knowing what is going on in show business....some people should really get lives of their own and leave everyone elses business alone.

2050 days ago


Being a millionaire and being a celebrity of the movie business is a very stressful thing. We have to understand that there are double standards in life. I mean if you or I threatened to "kick someone's ass" repeatedly at work we would be told clean out our personal items because we are fired. Yes I am being facetious because the truth is this young man is having anger management issues and needs counseling. I wonder what good ol' John Wayne would have said to the young man if he were there. "Well c'mon pilgrim, show me what ya got!"

2050 days ago


Susan, you need to take a look at " zandy's" comments. Bale is not saving anyone's life or preventing some sort of catastrophe, he is ACTING (well, some would call him an actor). He's lucky others didn't call him down for this behaviour...where the hell was the director????

2050 days ago


Who's that prick think he is? He's a crappy actor anyway!

2050 days ago


You would think he was talking to a lowly animal. I can't even imagine talking to my dog like this. So what if the cinematographer committed a mistake and ruined his scene. There is no justification for this extremely bad behavior. It is inhuman and shows his lack of compassion and understanding for his fellow showbiz folks. I love Bales movies and his independent work and admired his dedication to his craft. The Dark Knight made me a really biug fan of him. But this recent tirade shows a really dark side of him that is unforgettable and unforgivable. After hearing this, I now tend to believe the previous news of him assaulting his mother. He has an anger control issue that really needs to be seriously addressed. I think, I will never be able to bring myself to watch his movies again, just like the way I felt after Mel Gibson's anti-Jew rant when he was drunk. It just made me puke. If there is anything reasonable to do at this point, all those involved in this unfortunate event need to step forward and denounce Bale. Parhaps even fire him from this movie and possibly orchestrate a boycott against him. No self-respecting movie-maker or fan can excuse and justify this beastly behavior. BOYCOTT BALE NOW!!!

2050 days ago


bale is a total jerk. there is no excuse for his behavior. if i did that at work, i'd be taking a pink slip to lunch. these light weight airheads in hollywood need a lesson in learning they aren't all that. if he beat up his family, then i say fire the jerk and file charges. let him have at rage at bubba in jail.

2050 days ago


He needs professional anger management!! He has a serious problem.

Hope he gets the help that he needs very soon.

2050 days ago

Paul Kyler    

Publicity Stunt.

2050 days ago


Hollywood Actors, make some money loose respect for people. And "we the people" give them all that money when we go to the movies. Bad move Bale

2050 days ago

Bale lover    

I still love him. Regular people go off all the time. But because he's famous, he is supposed to be perfect all the time?

2050 days ago

Frank Olivo    

Hey, po' uneducated folk in the real world work just as hard and are under the same pressures as Bale, ya know..the guy who plays MAKE BELIEVE for a living. Personally, while I am concerned about the economy, I am certainly not "freaked" out by it. Bad times come and go, as do the good.

If Bale can't handle the pressure of multiple committments, I suggest he not spread himself to the breaking point. A professional maintains grace under adversity...and I use the term "adversity" in this case very saracastically since I would hardly call Bale's having to redo a scene an adverse situation, regardless of having another hard 7 hours of "pretending!" Honestly, you hear about temper tantrums by stars all the is so ugly to hear it in its naked reality. Can't imagine Paul Newman ever having behaved as such. Will not see this or any film associated w/Bale....kinda like with Tom ruin it for me as a viewer when I can't separate the wacky actor from the part they are playing.

2050 days ago
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