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"T4" Producer -- Bale's Tantrum Was No Biggie

2/3/2009 4:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Click to listenIt turns out Christian Bale's expletive-filled, volcanic explosion on the set of "Terminator Salvation" was a "non-event"... according to a guy who wasn't the brunt of Bale's tirade.

Bruce Franklin -- assistant director and associate producer on the film -- told us "Christian is a method actor and was completely immersed in his scene ... his reaction was from the heat of the moment."

The target of Bale's attack -- a director of photography named Shane Hurlbut -- was not fired from the movie, despite Christian's threat that if Shane screwed up one more time, he should be kicked to the curb.

Franklin said Bale was under a lot of pressure because of his crazy "Dark Knight" promotion schedule, and that the crew -- Hurlbut included -- ended up shooting for another seven hours.


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He needs anger management counselling... his sister and mother wanted to charge him with assault... now this.
But of course the spin will start and he will be forgiven for his continuing unruly behaviour and then he'll do it again... and again until he either harms himself or someone else.

2054 days ago

kelly in texas    

I have to say I thought it was a little funny at first --- raging people usually make a fool of themselves. However, three minutes is beyond raging. He just went straight into "dead horse kicking". Wow. I would be embarassed if I were him and knew people were listening to this audio clip. Next year, most of us won't even remember this incident, though!

2054 days ago


That is unforgiveable - just because he's a big "superstar" gives him no right to treat people that way. It was a simple mistake the guy did - talk to him about it and move on. Immature is what he is and if anything, he was the one that should get a tongue lashing after what he did. Unexcuseable - be an example if you're in the public eye.

2054 days ago


My husband came home for lunch and told me about this. My first guess was that he was a method actor ... which turned out to be correct. My second guess was that this wasn't the first time the guy screwed up his scene ... also a correct guess. While I agree that Bale may have gone a bit overboard I do understand where he was coming from and at that point had a right to go off on the guy. If it helps to put it into prospective ... I would compare it to religious people who are in a quiet room praying for something very serious and in deep meditation and someone keeps walking through the room sounding off an air horn. It would piss you off ... and it would be F'd up. The guy should of known better and that point nothing other than a good tongue lashing would have gotten the point across. What actually makes me sicker is that someone released this tape. I am so TIRED of people doing that kind of junk. It isn't fair to either party and unless you're there and a witness I don't think you would have the ability to fully understand or fairly "judge" the situation. The real creep is the person who released this tape.

2054 days ago


So typical of the hollywood crowd. So full of themselves when they are nothing more than court jesters. They amuse us for a time and then we grow tired of them. Frankly I am very tired of ALL of them! Down with all "stars". Make them get a real job!

2054 days ago


lol Hey Bale is human just like everyone else...of course he's going to show emotions when somone don't give
a heck about something he's passionate about. People loose their tempers, get sad, get freakin' what if he went off?

I'm still going to watch the movie. I still think Bale is an awesome actor. And what happened is not my business & noone else either.

it was very punkish to put this out to try to make Bale look bad...the events leading up to the ranting was not shown....neither the events after Bale calmed down.

2054 days ago

Michael Barry    

If Alec Baldwin's career can flourish like never before after calling his own daughter a "pig", Mr. Bale has nothing to be worried about.

2054 days ago


Ok, obviously the cinematographer pissed him off, but YO, that's was crazy. The other guy didn't even stand up for himself. I wish that I was in his shoes, I would smack Christian Bale back into reality. Stop throwing your tantrums Christian, you're not a baby. Where's your professionalism?

2054 days ago

Big Boss    

I have listened to the tirade again this guy has ruined this movie for me, I am definitely missing this one, he is in the same place as Tom Cruise is for me, what a jerk.

2054 days ago


This is nothing. It seems it was the second time the DP screwed up his scene. Had it been the first time, this lashing would've been totally uncalled for, but it wasn't. Besides, he's making a valid point: I don't mess up your work, then why the f?!k would you mess up mine? He just issued a warning, f?!k it up one more time and I'm gonna get you fired. Fair enough.

2054 days ago


the mother father was such as arse. regardless the situation. you cannot talk to another human being like that. that is why i am not into public service. i would have knocked his effing lights out. that was such a bitch arse move.

2054 days ago


I'm a famous actor, so I know what it's like to have a scene interrupted by lowlifes like DPs, grips, etc. One time I was doing a scene and a grip dropped a roll of tape. I beat him to death with a hammer. Trust me, after that it was ALWAYS quiet on the set!

2054 days ago

Onset PA    

I would have paid money to see Shane treated that way. He is a complete jerk and so is his crew. I know this seems extreme to people outside the industry, but Shane definitely needed it. I am a PA and I have been berated worse than that by Shane for doing nothing. Shane and his crew are whiners, prima donnas, and walk around like they own the world. I actually turned down this movie because I wanted to not work with Shane or his crew. They treat any body with no power on the set like garbage. If you are a producer, think twice about hiring Shane and his guys. What idiot thinks it is cool to walk through a scene? Shane would have had a field day if I had done something like that. Let this be a lesson to all directors of photography! Keep it up Christian! An a list star is the only one on the set that can get away with that and we love him for doing it.

2054 days ago


I still love Christian Bale and I am definitely going to see terminator 4!

2054 days ago


I love Christian Bale and he is an awesome actor. BUT he did not need to cuss the guy out and throw a fit. Because it would be all over the news and it will get blown out of proportion. Now, i can see where he was under pressure. One of his good friends (Heath Ledger) just died, and the movie they both starred in was about to come out. Come on, you'd be a little tense and upset too. Just forget about it and know that EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. Get over it and move on. God, the tabloids make everything bigger than it really is. And this happened almost a year ago! And it's just being made public??? And I'm still going to see the movie, so what!? Don't not see the movie just because of what he did. There are other people in the movie besides him.

2054 days ago
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