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Bale vs. Director -- Best Freak Out

2/4/2009 3:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christian Bale's tirade is epic, no doubt. But remember the explosion on the Lily Tomlin set when David O. Russell ripped her a new one?

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TMZ, you are making a big deal over something that's really nothing at all. Bale was in the middle of a scene with Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard's daughter), and the dumb ass in question, literally, walked into the middle of a scene. Bale just called him on it & ripped him a new assh*le. Big whoop! That moron deserved to get a taste of Bale's can of verbal whoop ass.

2025 days ago


Give the man a break!!!!!

29. "24. The DP on TERMINATOR SALVATION, Shane Hurlbut, is a apparently a light tweaker. He's a fairly young DP and likes to fiddle with his lights on set during action, which is a big "NO NO" on most productions unless worked out in advance with performers. But apparently Shane was a pretty unrepentant light tweaker.

The scene in question, was a very emotional and tough scene between Christian Bale and Bryce Howard. A scene that required soul bearing and a deep level of immersive concentration. The sort of scene where everyone on set knows not to get in anyone's eye lines, and definitely not to move lights around while FILMING. You lock that s...t down before the scene starts.

Bale had indeed warned the DP on multiple occasions about messing with lights while the cameras were rolling, and Bale was in the midst of a painful scene with Bryce, what was described to me as being the emotional center of the film and his character for the film.

Now, the reason I know all of this is because the person that was there, felt that it should be made perfectly clear that Christian Bale was the utmost gentleman and cool guy on set. And the DP really was doing something that professional DPs with experience just don't do. Not during a performance.

I just felt that you should know what really went down - and that this particular outburst did indeed modify the DP's behavior - and for future DPs. F with the lights before and after your actors are acting. Not during."

2025 days ago


Who cares?!? If Chris Bale needs to vent, who cares? Everybody gets mad.

2025 days ago

Al Jazeera    

this guy needs to have his a$$ kicked.

2024 days ago

Brent Burk    

You guys talking on here really make no sense whatsoever. It is starting to piss me off. Get of Bale's penis and start recording your life, then go to movie sets and record that.

2024 days ago


I found this funny for the first 45 seconds then it was quite...disturbing though yes he does have the right to get angry he doesnt have the right to stand there and scream at the guy
lets look at christian bales point of veiw here though you work on the set of one of the biggest movies to come millions of dollars at stake you have to constantly and repetatively do the same scene all day long and some dumbass screws up your gonna be a little choked, judging holywood actors is as easy as it gets because they're constantly watched so I dont beleive "he gets off" or "gets high" off his anger though movie stars have very repetative stressfull jobs and though he was out of line here could you not understand why he may be angry? easy to point your finger from the outside in
I dont support christian bales little speech here but you cant blame someone for being stressed or having anger issues so please remove the pointed finger REMEMBER you cannot hold those responsible who have no controll over themselves its like getting mad at a handicaped person for being disruptive and unintelligent

2024 days ago


Seems like the times we live in are making everyone do things they should not , as well as forget how we should speak to people. Both of these clips are outrageous and just goes to show many have sunk to being "less than human"...looks like we have totally evolved. These people make millions of dollars, yet obviously they are unhappy still. The anger they show comes from something other than what is going on on the sets. Get a grip people. And get a life.

2023 days ago


Wow! I will never watch anything with Russell directing anymore. What an ass. There is something called
leadership and managing talent. And clearly, he doesn't have it. BooHoo. So what, you've worked on the movie
for three years. Exercise some leadership in your film and earn your respect from your actors. Calling Lily Tomlin a **** is ridiculous. She's put her tim in the business in. I'm surprised she took it as calmly as she did. Russell should talk to some
people (not as self absorbed) in real stressful situations. He needs to put some service time in for something that really matters.

2023 days ago

Gregory G    

wow what a total ass bag
Here I thought he was somebody worth giving a damn about
What a primadonna.

2023 days ago


Shame job.

2023 days ago


We should all keep in mind that we are not perfect and that none of us knows what another person is feeling. Life is so stressful and things sometimes just escalate. I don't condone Bale's behavior, but I do understand how someone can get to "that point" of solely acting on emotion. Remember we are all human and we all act inappropriately at one point or another.

2022 days ago


i love christian bale and i will continue to love him. the crew guy kept screwing up and if you can't do your job, get off the set. he could have stood up for himself and other people could have intervened. he didn't and got what he deserved.

2021 days ago


I don't know what all the fuss is about. Mr. Bale is a wonderfully gifted, brillant actor. This lighting guy distracted him twice. Getting ready for a scene must take incredible energy and focus. The lighting guy acted unprofessional and is an idiot. I would have fired him. According to statements in Entertainment magazine, the lighting guy can't sit still. He shouldn't be on a set if he has behaviorial problem that is causing the actors and others to be so frustrated they have to lash out at him. I think Bale had had enough with this goofball! All of us under stress, at one time or another, have blown up. His was justified. I will continue to see Mr. Bale's movies. I will even tolerate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's arrogant behavior and disrespect for Jennifer. What I won't tolerate is traitors, Sean Penn and bad acting, George Clooney.

2015 days ago


I figure that from what I've read in your posts ... none of you work in our industry of Film and Television ... it's really a shame that any of you got to see or hear about this ... this is a very very common situation ... the first thing that they teach you is that you DO NOT cross an eyeline while shooting ... it's rule number one ... it's literally right up there with keep your hands to yourself in school ... we all know better from top to bottom .... now for a moment about Shane Hurlbut (the DP that got it) ... HE'S A HACK !!!! .... I've worked with Shane on Mr.3000 and We are Marshall ... and this isn't the first time that he's broken these golden rules ... he's what we call a tweaker ... not a drug addict tweaker ... but always making light tweaks after he called set and handed the set over to the actors ... his total disregard for their craft is what made Bale blow his top ... it's not that rare for an actor to have a fit about their eyeline ... it's just that this guy does it CONSTANTLY .... as far as he's concerned ... it's his stage ... and the rest of the crew is just invited to help ... I think it's a shame that this all hit Bale because he's really a great guy ... it may have been over the top ... but it was warranted ...

2013 days ago
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