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Black Oscar Nom -- "We Don't All Look Alike"

2/4/2009 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Things got pretty racial pretty quick last night when some guy asked "Benjamin Button" star Taraji P. Henson for an autograph ... on a picture of the other African-American Best Supporting Actress nominee, Viola Davis, from "Doubt."

Taraji P. Henson: Click to watch


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They dont look alike and Im tired of this racism ....and to the person that said white people come in either white or racist , guess what you just made yourself sound like a total idiot because that statment right there was completly racist ...(and im guessing you must be black whatever shade you consider yourself... nothing like proving a point right white people are so rasist they just have to colors wtf )Don`t you just hate people like that
There are just as many rasist people in any culture or race !!! and you my friend are one of them. But that one lady that had to say so much about how black people are this and that and about Obama Comme on You`re a rasist *** and your type of people be it whatever color they may be suck and should not be able to voice your opinions because all you do is make the world worse by talking or writting stuff down ... You mom never told ya you have nothing good to say dont speak you should really learn to take advice and grow as a person be above it not below as you are so clearly below

I dont hate any race or any colors where all the same humans some of us are just better people

1963 days ago


Well to Madden and every other idiot who does not understand. I dont care if I am black or white, signing someone else's picture with my name would be stupid. Next time to the idiot who embarassed himself by taking a photo of someone else to another person to sign it, Look up, look at your picture (they dont look alike at all) and check because we are not all the same and we all don't look alike.....Only people that look alike are white teenagers with autism...sorry but if you have ever watched the special olympics or their commercials they all look like they can be twins...

1961 days ago


Tell him Taraji, That's right, she so should've won and everyone knows it. I guess one black man winning (Obama) was enough. They met their quota. 1 black person a year wins something but no more. Lol they did her so wrong oh well she's here to stay!

2020 days ago


We dont all look alike....yeah and you all dont commit crimes alike either...freaking make up 70% of prison population and want to blame it on every other Race. When will this Culture and Race get with it? Even Obama is turning out to be a complete zero so far....thoroughly unimpressed with him thus far----terrible leader, decision maker, we got a bill of goods with this one.

And he's the best of that Race?---good grief, imagine the rest of the lot of them......Its true, black men can jump higher and beat down better than white men---but white men can think better and act better then black seen that #92 from the Steelers during the Super Bowl, Harrison? Not for his run back, but for the beat down he gave that other guy while he was down? Thats the definition of thuggery in the nfl and life. And you people want to make him out a hero...

2049 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Damn, it's a hard choice.. Taraji or Viola. Both did an excellent job in their roles. I have to give it to Taraji cause she had to play a lady from 20's to 70's. That's why it's to decide - they both look alike! hehehe.

2049 days ago

Bias Much?    

So, when a white actress is mistaken for another white actress, it is funny or a case of mistaken identity. When it happens to a black person, it RACIAL! Give me a damn break and get a life!

2049 days ago

Melissa B    

Wow! Quite a lot of racist comments! Is the KKK on board today or what?! They dont all look alike, and us white people commit crime too idiots!

2049 days ago


Damn, you people commenting are ignorant.

2049 days ago

Geeez, I have spell it our for you...    

Uhhhh, Social BUTTerfly...yeah, you are right, and you know people come in RACIST or MORE RACIST. It cuts both ways...

2049 days ago


The first "person" who was slamming Obama has some issues to work out . I agree with the post by "whatever" it is a double standard with mistaken Identity. I am a mixed race and all you purebreds look alike to me :p

2049 days ago


I'm offended by the near mention of this "story."

I hope sponsors (are there any??) boycott this site.

2049 days ago


Can some say CHIP ON SHOULDER?! Unless she was making a joke. I really hope she was.
As if caucasian actresses dont EVER get mistaken for another celeb! Didnt Uma Thurman just say she gets mistaken for Gwenyth and Cameron and others all the time & signs autograph as them she doesnt respond "We dont all look alike." Its called be grateful anyone even wants your autograph.

2049 days ago


She's pretty.

2049 days ago

Ms. X    

She's such a cute lesbun. Hope she wins!

2049 days ago


Yeah, they do all look alike. Actresses, I mean. There is a very narrow standard in Hollywood by which women are judged as beautiful. And of course in L.A., beautiful means employable and bankable. Many Black actresses look very similar. And the number of White actresses who resemble one another is too high to count. There are a few actresses who own their own look, and are successful in the business, but by far and large, they all adhere to "that look" which is expected and rewarded. Hell, half the time, I can't tell one White 20's to 30's aged actress from another. And this is the same for me with several Black actresses in the same age range.

2049 days ago
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