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Britney's Former BFF Could Be Out on His Ass

2/4/2009 2:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sam LutfiIt's not hard to see why Sam Lutfi is suing the Spears clan -- he's got a debt collection agency on his back.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, a lien was slapped on Lutfi's condo back in April. Lutfi never paid the debt, which grew to $18,507.58 by November.

The lien was filed by a debt collection agency on behalf of the homeowner's association where Lutfi has a condo.

According to docs, Lutfi has until February 10 to pay up or the condo could be forced into foreclosure.

And Lutfi has other financial issues. A bank that issued Sammy boy a Discover Card filed a lawsuit against him last month, claiming he owes $7,966.98.

Lutfi filed a lawsuit against Britney and her parents yesterday, claiming, among other things, libel, defamation and battery.


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Me, myself and I    

Seems that Sam has lost his golden goose. He wasn't any benefit to Britney, except in his own mind. Britney is such a drug-addled, uneducated, moron that she is unable to change her underwear without supervision. Her Circus tour is a very appropriate name - because that's exactly what it will be. Someone needs to clue Britney in that when you're close to 30, you're no longer considered to be Lolita material. Britney, your very old and tired persona is passe.

1996 days ago

Tiger Tale    

This case is going to be a good one. Lutfi actually does have a case as Britney did sort of, have him acting as her personal assistant/manager. If he is entitled to 15% of her gross at that time, it could amount to millions of dollars.

But Sam must be playing hurry-up offence since he will be on the street in a couple of months if he doesn't catch up that lien on his condo.

1996 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

"Someone needs to clue Britney in that when you're close to 30, you're no longer considered to be Lolita material. Britney, your very old and tired persona is passe."


Wow - almost 30 - quick, put your application in the retirement home!!! That statement should be directed at Madonna. Oh, wait, I just saw Madonna in concert and at 50 something, she was fantastic - even Lolita-like. Don't worry Britney, you have a few good years left. Looking forward to 3/26!!!

1996 days ago


britiney, was,nt in the right mind when she met this creep, so what she told him did,nt matter, this loser is just trying to extort money from the family,this is just free publicity for this wannabe manager, agent ,jackass

1996 days ago


This guy is such a huge loser, to say nothing of all the damage I personally believe he caused this young woman. I hope he eventually gets his because he definitely deserves it. I'm just saying.

1996 days ago


I seem to remember that she bought Adnan Gahlib a car, mercedes?? That had crocodile enterior, my friend? Isn't he in on the scandal too with this Osama Lufti? Why is one of them loosing everything and the other isn't? Is Adnan the one making the decisions between the two? Must be the one giving the orders, since he isnt' broke and the other one is.

1996 days ago


When you think about it.. Britney should sue all of them, dad, mom.. Sam.. Adnan, K-Loser... that ugly cousin of hers - whats her face? And the list goes on...

1996 days ago


No Judge in his/her right mind will give this bottom feeder a dime. Did he think he was going to get money in time to save his condo - NOT.

1996 days ago

Carrys F.    

Oh well. If the lawsuit fails he can always get his own reality show. Most stations who produce them will take just about anybody nowadays!! It's the new American way!

1996 days ago


Bottom feeder, get a real job and man up!

1996 days ago

agent smith    

Haha, u r going to be a homeless douche!

1996 days ago


she cant be held accountable she was crazy at the time....remember. that will be her defense and Osama Lufti should drop dead, he is evil.

1995 days ago

How does a douche loser like this get close to her? Don't celebs have lawyers and agents who are supposed to protect them against bottom feeders and parasites like this guy?

1995 days ago

Connor Banks    

This piece of crap is desperate beyond imagination and is clearly a bottom feeder. Thank god he will not receive another cent from the Spears family as he (feebly) attempts to exploit them all once again. The eyes are upon you, Osama Lutfi!

1995 days ago


Let me clue you people in on something. I am bipolar and if britney really is mentally ill with papers, anything happening during that time with lutfi is non existent. Anything she said, anything she did, any money promised, any manager time, etc, it doesn't matter, she was ill! So he doesn't have a chance in hell. Don't forget he supposedly drugged her and that's on record!

1995 days ago
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