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Chinese Don't Agree with Bacall

2/4/2009 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Is someone pissed they missed the early bird special at Mr. Chow? Because last night, Lauren Bacall acted like she just wanted to put her lips together and say "Blow off!"

Lauren Bacall: Click to watch


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Ms. Bacall has never been a happy woman. Two marriages, three children, a huge career.
That would make any woman happy. But something has always been bothering her.
She thinks the world revolves around her and it doesn't. When she dies, Hollywood will survive.
We will, Betty, we will.

2085 days ago



2085 days ago


wow,she'z got a lot of bogie in her......mean & fiezty............

2085 days ago

northern gypsy    

(((earth to all the young actress's)))
take a good look that's a woman not to be trifled with...
luv it...luv it...luv it...she's still got it !!!

2085 days ago


I love her ... She's the Shiz Nizz

2085 days ago


3. wow,she'z got a lot of bogie in her......mean & fiezty............
Posted at 1:07PM on Feb 4th 2009 by 99centz

Yes, he was a piece of crap & so is she. A truly hateful woman & true media whore. Sinatra dropped her when she tried to capitalize on their relationship for publicity. Kate Hepburn sent her packing for trying to get media attention by "inviting" herself to Kate's home several times. The very private Kate, even at her advanced age, was no fool & saw right through her motives.

2085 days ago

mickey lou    

She has always been Nasty!

2085 days ago


You know TMZ, this woman has absolutely no use for you so your cameras and stupid questions are probably a REAL annoyance for her. Also, she is getting up there in age so one would think that some respect for your elders is in order here. Maybe some days she doesn't feel well. Maybe some days she's got aches and pains. And maybe TMZ should just leave her alone because doing so probably wouldn't put a dent in your bottom line and it would give her some peace and quiet when she just wants to get out and get something good to eat.

2085 days ago


Number 2:
Wow, I'm excited for you!!! What prize do you get for being number TWO?????????

2085 days ago


I cant stand this BROAD with a mans voice and an EGO the size of Hunmf Bogart her X..She believes she is a legend in her own mind..Will sombody slap her mouth 4 me

2085 days ago


SHES HORRIBLE person with a foul mouth..Shes OLD so what she could be nice and kind but she never has been and never will be..PRIDE EGO 4 what?? Her husband was 5 feet 4 and a chain smoker..H Bogart BIG F DEAL

2085 days ago


Who are all you weird people talking trash against Ms. Bacall? She's a lovely lady. It seems everyone who is old is fair game on TMZ to be insulted and ridiculed....those who are young think they will never be old and will certainly will be, even the blonde Valley Boy on the TMZ t.v. program who just a couple of nights ago said old people smell bad....hopefully someday he'll have a change of heart, maybe when his withered old ass is in some "smelly" nursing home.

2085 days ago


Lay off her. She was a star when the word star actually meant something. To have rude aggressive paps shouting fake niceties at her simply to get a rise out of her shows the lack of class today when confronted w/ the real thing.
Tell em to f**k off!, Ms Bacall.

2085 days ago

Allred Tree    

This is as bad as when the TMZ photographers almost made Nancy Reagan fall as she was leaving a nail salon. They said/asked Nancy something and she replied, cordially. They got a couple of pictures but would not stop and kept following her all the way to the car (with no offer to help her walk) and almost made her fall when they yelled out something distracting!

Ms. Bacall greeted these guys and then said she couldn't see as she was walking in the dark to the car. It's bad enough in the daytime on a younger person to have flashbulbs going off in your face but for an older person, it could be blinding. Again, this could cause a serious if not fatal injury.

These guys need to stop or at least be more careful and courteous, especially when they're going after older people.

2085 days ago

Ms. X    

Funny how when she got comfortable at her car, she didn't want the attention to end and started telling jokes. She loved it.

2085 days ago
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