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Etta James to Beyoncé:

I'll Whoop Your Ass!

2/4/2009 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Etta Goes Off: Click to listenThis is not a joke: 71-year-old Etta James actually threatened to beat the crap out of Beyoncé Knowles -- and it's caught all on tape!

The war is all over Etta's song, "At Last " -- Beyoncé sang the tune at Obama's 1st Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th ... but last week at a concert in Seattle, James was still pissed.

While on stage, Etta told the crowd, "Your President, the one with the big ears ... he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped."

She continued, "The great Beyoncé ... I can't stand Beyoncé," according to audio from Crown City Media.

Ironically Etta didn't kick up this sorta fuss when Beyoncé portrayed her in "Cadillac Records."

Reps for Beyoncé had no comment.


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Whatever you feel about Beyonce and her singing, this is the opposite of classy for Etta James. I'm saddened to have my opinion lowered of her after hearing about this. I always thought of Etta James as a classy, gracious, enormously talented lady, but now all that's left in my eyes is the talent. Why must people talk about others that way? Beyonce has never been anything but completely respectful of EJ. This is poor behavior for a 71-year-old "living legend."

2085 days ago


I can't believe that people actually get involved comparing which version of At Last is superior. The REAL issue is the disgusting comments this obviousy crazy and jealous old woman made, not just about Beyonce, but President Obama. She is simply shameful. What a mean spirited person. Get over yourself Etta - your day has passed!

2085 days ago


I love how all the Beyonce fans are calling Etta a drug addict when Beyonce's husband, Jay Z used to sell drugs. It's about time someone exposed her phony niceness...smiling in Etta's face but not having the decency to seek her blessing before singing the song.

2085 days ago


Etta James LIVED through all of the horrible segregation of her generation and it takes ONE lousy singer like Beyonce to take away Etta's Upcommance! I thought How dare she sing someone elses song, because Beyonce does not have one ounce of talent that is why! I applaud Etta's response! While she may or may not like Obama matters not to me becaus I like him, she should have sung her own song and not steel someone else hard long fought deservance! Why did Aretha sing then? I think the young gereration of black have no idea what their predecessors dealt with! Not even Obama knew! And by the way folks, his father was in no way an immigrant, he was an african states man with 4 wives and a horde of kids.. and had no intention on becomeing american, he simply was a foreign visitor who knocked up a white woman!!! But I still LOVE and voted for him...Hey Etta, go get em girl and to Beyonce go flukk youself!!!

2085 days ago


Etta need to show some appreciation and respect for beyonce, if it was not for her doing the movie and singing her song, no one would be talking about her. this is pure jealousy on Etta behalf. I thought the old wrinkled helfa was dead and by the way she look in this picture with B, she looks like it. get back under your rock and stay there. you are such a disappointment.

2085 days ago


AWESOME. I can't stand Beyonce either, Etta!

2085 days ago


Etta James is a has-been that no one really thinks of anymore. She should be kissing Beyonce's ass for doing that movie and making her relevant again. Besides, as old as she is, her voice probably sounds like crap (hint, hint Rolling Stones)

2085 days ago


Everyone should be ashamed that agree's to the way Etta is acting. She is too damn old to still be acting petty. I RESPECT HER AS A LEGENDARY ARTIST, BUT Why is she upset with Beyonce? President Obama choose her, and did you ever think that his young daughters had an influence on that decision. Many little girls love Beyonce. I have to admit, Beyonce is one of those people you want so much to hate, but she is very talented and you have to give props to that. Everyone is always trying to compare her to someone else and how she is not good enough. Beyonce is Beyonce! When I saw Cadillac Records, I feel that she did a great job, but I still saw Beyonce! Leave her alone! Damn! And Etta she still has a lot of demons and baggage inside of her obviously if she has to make comments like that especially towards the President. She should be ashamed. And I would tell that to her face. -YUMYUMB.

2085 days ago



2085 days ago


Ok...Etta james you had two hits in your lifetime and during that time you were a drug addict and got fat as hell...Why people called you a living legend is funny and all the obama haters came on just to bash him..GET OVER IT..A Legend wouldnt be acting like a BIG baby and that one comment she sold out idaho!?!?!?! At Last she making some money for her drug habit!!!!!! and get your sunday can of love from a buffet you evil bitch

2085 days ago


Some songs are best alone, At Last is one of them. I once read a quote from Rod Stewart who had covered "I'd Rather Go Blind" another song made famous by Etta. He said once it was recorded and on the album all he could think was :What in the hell was I thinking covering that Etta James song."

2085 days ago

Georgia Peach    

Come on...stop hating on Beyonce. She sung the Hell out the song! Everyone i talked to were almost in tears after hearing her sing for President Obama. "At Last" has always been a classic, however Beyonce brought Etta back to life...Etta betta, ha (Etta betta), recognize that the some younger folks didn't know who she was until Beyonce's Cadillac Records. Please, dont let the good girl fool ya, Beyonce will snatch her ole azz!

2085 days ago

D. Frederick    

Despite what you may think of Beyonce's motives, talent or performance, Etta's comments make her look, cheap, jealous, angry, broke down and classless. We really need to do better than this.

2085 days ago


etta james needs to shut the hell up. sure she was a legend but she had basically fallen into obscurity as far as media or press or attention was concerned. it was BEYONCE who put her back in the limelight when she decided to star in a movie about her and her songs. nobody was concerned about what she was doing until BEYONCE came in and put her back on the map. most people thought she had just died. ill give it to her that she was a legendary pioneer as far as rock and roll goes, and sure she had an incredible voice. but nobody even thought about her used up, washed up, heroin addicted ass until B put her back on the map. she needs to just be grateful that she's even getting any attention now. she's just being a spoiled ass diva to the public because someone is actually paying attention to her for the first time in 20 years. she needs to quit acting like some stupid immature middle school girl who is just jealous because the new girl in town is prettier and more popular than she is. she is a legend, but in order to be a legend that means your time has PASSED and people remember for what you were. Beyonce will be a legend in her own right. 10 grammys, 50 million records sold worldwide, head of the biggest selling female group of all time, and she's just getting started. B is only 25 years old and she's performing sold out concerts all over the world and her cd's are number one on the charts. B is a superstar and a beautiful person, and all these haters on these websites need to shut the hell up just cause B got more money and fame and success than you do. but she gon be getting the last laugh while she collecting that 80 million dollar paycheck this year...hahaha

2085 days ago


You know what is worse, is that everybody is getting on here being critical to Beyonce'. Nobody ask Etta James' old cracked out a$$ to perform anything. To "Edjumacated", stop hatin' and actually get EDUCATED. It is sad that still after everything people act like they can do a better job than the people that are actually running stuff now. GET WITH IT IDIOTS!!!! And another thing, most of you would pay God to look like B. It was excellently and tastfully done. Nobody wants to hear Etta James singing high and talking about her drawers. That's what too much crack and blonde dye will do to you at an old age. Remember this ladies, cause the way it sounds is most of you that are talking are just like this. HATER!!!

2085 days ago
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