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Etta James to Beyoncé:

I'll Whoop Your Ass!

2/4/2009 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Etta Goes Off: Click to listenThis is not a joke: 71-year-old Etta James actually threatened to beat the crap out of Beyoncé Knowles -- and it's caught all on tape!

The war is all over Etta's song, "At Last " -- Beyoncé sang the tune at Obama's 1st Inauguration Ball on Jan. 20th ... but last week at a concert in Seattle, James was still pissed.

While on stage, Etta told the crowd, "Your President, the one with the big ears ... he had that woman singing my song. She gone get her ass whipped."

She continued, "The great Beyoncé ... I can't stand Beyoncé," according to audio from Crown City Media.

Ironically Etta didn't kick up this sorta fuss when Beyoncé portrayed her in "Cadillac Records."

Reps for Beyoncé had no comment.


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First of all if Etta James didn't write the song it isn't her song. Someone else let her sing it. I will never like that song no matter who sings it because i hear nothing special about it.

2083 days ago


And then she launched into her new single, "Bitter Ladies (Put a Lid on It)"
♫ ♫ ♫ "All the bitter ladies, all the bitter ladies, all the bitter ladies, all the bitter ladies..." ♫ ♫ ♫

this isn't ETTA's song! she didn't write it nor did she begin performing it until 20 years down the road after someone else wrote it and performed it!!!!! she's a hypocrite and needs to go on some damn medicine!

"At Last" is a 1941 song written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives, starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford. It was first performed in the film and on record by Glenn Miller and his orchestra, vocal by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday. The song was a major hit for Miller, reaching number 14 on the Billboard pop charts in 1942, and it soon became a standard. Nat King Cole recorded it in 1957 on his number one album Love Is the Thing. In 1960, it was covered by blues singer Etta James in a performance that improvised on Warren's melody.
In the decades since its release it has been covered by a number of artists, including Ella Fitzgerald, Jason Mraz, Phoebe Snow, Miles Davis, Martina McBride, Céline Dion, Lou Rawls, Eva Cassidy, Christina Aguilera, Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks, Norah Jones, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Scott, The Manhattan Rhythm Kings, Cyndi Lauper, Aubrey O'Day, Beyonce Knowles, and Nikki Yanofsky. The Etta James version is perhaps the most famous, and is known to be performed at weddings and wedding receptions because of its romantic lyrics and sweeping orchestration. It was used in the trailer for Wall-E movie.

2083 days ago


There have been several posts from people who have seen Etta James in concert, and ALL described a disappointing, even disturbing, event. She probably wasn't invited because her behavior is notoriously crass and erratic, and would have cheapened the celebration. Etta may be a "legend" but she wouldn't even be mentioned if not for the recent movie starring Beyonce. I don't care for her music (Bey) but I feel she is a classy person (too bad about Solange tho-ugh). Etta should be glad she's getting ANY face time at all!

2083 days ago


Beyonce whipped Etta's
A** thats for sure. Lets face it. . . Etta James does not even come close to Beyonce in talent or in class. Get over it Etta!!!

2082 days ago


When you think about it, Beyonce will be in the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 15 years. If Jan Wenner is still alive, she and all of the other Hip Hop mogels will dominate each annual induction. Kind of sad really. Why don't they open a Hip Hop and Rap hall of fame?

2082 days ago


Etta knows that she is not the original performer of the song, but she made the song famous, so the recognition belongs to her. Obviously, Etta held in the hurt until she no longer could; Beyonce's success is larger than life, - she wasn't wrong to use the song, but perhaps she could've been a little more sensitive to what it meant to Etta's life and career. Beyonce sang beautifully, 'At Last' belongs to both of them now.

2082 days ago


What a shame and what a hater...maybe Etta should have put her name in the hat to sing that night.

2082 days ago

Young Etta James fan    

I'm siding with Etta on this. Beyonce has a history of disrespecting people first Aretha, then the Jacksons, and now this. Beyonce should learn a lesson this and not disrespect people again. Plus I know Etta didn't do it first,but she made the song famous and it's her signature song and no one can it.or Etta she still rocks and is the coolest. Plus Beyonce does't look anything like Etta and Beyonce voice does't match so who's idea was it to cast Beyonce? If an Etta James biopic is made the casting people better do a better casting job. I even have some good suggustions Carnie Wilson, Oprah Winfrey, they both look more like Etta James than Beyonce does, plus the only thing Beyonce and Etta have in common as Barbara Boxer would say they are both women.

2082 days ago


FYI: That is not Ellas song. She has no rights to it. Glenn Miller recorded it in 1941.

I think she should STFU. Her comments and statements were very inappropriate, and as a business owner, she would not be allowed to perform on my stage ever again.

2082 days ago

William Arsenyio Pennant,Jr.    

There was a time that I really respected Mrs.Etta James,but after hearing the truly assinign comments that she not only made towards Beyonce,but towards President Obama,now I really do not like her at all!!!!

2082 days ago


well, well, well. Miss James has just reminded the world of her NO CLASS, CUT THROAT ASS mentaility that she's always been. She was trash back in the day....and still is ...evidentaly...trash. Talented...trash ... That old dish rag oughta be GLAD a young popular artist of today would embrace her respectfully in song and musical history. Beyonce has been nothing but sweet and respectful to Aretha, Etta and all the divas of yesterday she encounters....but they all wanna HONEY HATE . Too bad.....keep your head up Beyonce. You're a star today...let your light shine and continue to humble and respectful to those who paved the way for you...even if they don't recognize it...because their eyes and hearts are so full of hate and jealousy. If I was an OLD diva....I'd hug any artist that revived or reminded the world of my greatness. I would embrace her with love.. Look at Etta....on tour right now. If Beyonce hadn't reminded the public of Etta....she probably wouldn't be able to get a booking.

shut cha face Etta ain't whooping nobody !!! but yourself.

2081 days ago


Face it Etta when you are over the hill you are over the hill. I dont think you can kick anyone's &&&. So go on and play BC and out of town places. Be happy your songs are still sung.

2080 days ago

E. Mills    

All you should stop hating , because the only reason Etta is batching Beyonce is because she reminds her of herself, only
without the Drugs and booze !!!!! I think she should be PROUD that in the business that some thought to remember her.
So stop being a BITCH and reconize talent for what it is worth.Etta you have had your props, now if you want to live on
and your credits too , then step back and relax and give Beyonce and your SONG a chance to live on forever. Oh ! and by the way I love you both..................

posted at 9:45 am Feb. 9th , 2009 EM

2080 days ago


I don't like Beyonce. She wears way to much weave. I'd like to see what she would look like without it. I feel she is overated and I think she only thinks about herself. What about the girls who helped build your career; Keli and Michelle we barely see them. I thought her mother and father was managing there careers. So why has Beyonce's career been great, have they even tried to work with the other group members to build there careers?I heard Kelli dropped the parents as her manager because they were'nt helping her launch her career.Michelle and Kelli are talented young women who deserve some of the spotlight also. I think the parents used them to get what they wanted and that was for Beyonce to become the STAR. I don't think Beyonce is as nice and sweet as she pretends to be. I also feel that it is one thing to play as Etta James in a movie but I feel Beyonce should have asked Ms. James out of respect(she is not deceased) if she would mind if she performed her song at the inauguration. After all Ms. James is still alive and paved the way for our generation. Beyonce needs to learn common respect and courtesy not everything is about BEYONCE.

2080 days ago

blues fan    

"Who the hell is Etta James? " you ask? Only one of the absolute QUEENS of the blues!!!! The woman is a total icon and it would have been awesome if she had had the opportunity to sing her own signature Lady Soul Aretha Franklin, there will never ever ever be another Etta James!!

2080 days ago
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