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Senator's Thing Exposed in Snowstorm

2/4/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Voters won't have to worry about Senator Richard Burr pulling a Tom Daschle. The gentleman from North Carolina pulled away from the Capitol yesterday in a 1974 VW Thing he's owned for 18 years. And here's the thing -- he drove with the top down in the middle of a snowstorm.

Richard Burr: Click to watch

The only time Daschle drove himself was during his 1986 campaign video ...


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Doesn't anyone realize this is staged? Hello, he's even making sure that his face is photographed since he's riding with the top down

1998 days ago


8. Hey, it's not just Chicago Dems, don't forget Charlie Rangel Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee! A September 14, 2008 editorial in The New York Times called for Rangel to resign for cheating on his taxes. But guess what, Charlie's still in charge.
Posted at 11:30AM on Feb 4th 2009 by DaBigApple

We all have our share of cheating politicos but the bottom line is we turned this country over to the 3 major minority groups responsible for electing Obama. Who are they? See if you can figure out who was responsible for electing him with the help of the main stream media. I'll give you one of them: Hollywood. Yes, we are not only rewarding these people by paying to see their crappy movies, tv shows, etc. but now we have made them a strong political force in deciding who runs this country. Good job, people.

1998 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

With the Stimulas package the Democrats NOW have earned the title of the SOCIALIST PARTY . Remember the Democrats are the party of slavery, jim crow , malcom x , making al-queda terrorists Victims of torture , and Now SOCIALISM has come to the USA.

1998 days ago


Is there a Seatbelt Law there?

1998 days ago


Just another crook who gets away with it. The Government has become the new mob. And yes you idiots Obama has inherited these problems and they are his, but he will not get the media , entertainer, liberal bashings Bush got. And yes they will blame it all on Bush as long as they can. And if you morons would do a little research you would find out that the democrats started this snowball from hell back when Clinton was in office. The Republicans did not help matters either. But there are no real conservative republicans left to fix it now. And more Government regulation and taxing will not help.
Tom Daschle is just a small fish in the sea of corruption.

1998 days ago

atlanta gril    

HEY CJ `` not staged, he has been driving the THING forever!! He has my vote!

1998 days ago

Thing 4 things    

have 74 thing ,drive almost daily,has a gas fired factory instaslled heater !!!!

1998 days ago


Thats funny that his name is Burr. Seeing that there is snow and its probably pretty cold out. I'd be saying Brrrr too!

1998 days ago


Richard Burr used to sell appliances in Winston Salem, NC, A great guy, but more importantly, a regular guy.

1998 days ago


I actually saw this guy driving through DC. The construction crew i work with and i both agreed that he must have been some drunk. A week later i see him on TMZ. Very funny!!

1998 days ago


And by the way... it wasn't staged. I was working at the intersection of Pennsylvania Ave. & 4th St. SE on the 26th of Jan. when i saw him pull into the gas station across the street. So he's been driving with the top down like everyday!

1998 days ago

Die Hard    

With our President in such a hurry to get this "stimulus - pork" package through Congress, I am reminded of the
story that Neil Cavuto told about the first car he ever bought - the salesman telling him that this deal would only
last for another 20 minutes and he better get it while he could.

I hope that our elected representatives are listening to the American public, sure we are hurting, but we have no
desire to be hurting more in six to eight months. Lets take a deep breath or maybe two and bring something to
the table that will be truly a stimulus package.

I believe that the majority of Americans have lost faith in our Congress, approval rating 16%? Nancy Palosi thinking that
we have 500 million jobs in this country that will be lost monthly; Nancy, there are not that many people living in the United
States. Barney Franks giving his local bank $12 million. Dodd & Obama getting special rates from Country Wide on purchased
property. Competence is at a premium in Washington, D.C. and I am glad that NC has Senator Burr there, fighting for us.

1997 days ago


Burr is a good man, both as a leader for this country and a boss. He is a regular guy just like everyone else with great family relationships, a fantastic sense of humor and strong work ethic to give NC the very best. As far as his VW Thing, it is just an added bonus to his cool factor :)

1991 days ago
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