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Etta -- "At Last" She's Been Exposed as Hypocrite

2/5/2009 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Etta James thinks she should beat down Beyonce for covering "her song," then by her own logic, Etta has a couple of ass-kickings coming her way too -- 'cause Etta's version of "At Last" was a cover too!

Etta James
Etta went on stage in Seattle last week and told the crowd she's gonna lay the smack down on B for "singin' my song" at Obama's Inauguration Ball. But not only did the 71-year-old not write the song, she wasn't even the first -- or second -- to record it!

Glenn Miller did it first in 1942, followed by Nat King Cole in 1957. Etta got around to recording it in 1961. In fact, Glenn's version ranked higher on the Billboard Pop Singles chart than Etta's ever did.

FYI -- neither Miller nor Cole ever threatened to beat Etta's ass -- although it's about time someone knocks some sense into that lady.

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#3 Buckshot: Etta has claimed to be biracial. Beyonce's parents are black. Regarding Etta's fury, unfortunately some legends are at an impasse - frozen at the height of their carerr. Similarily when Arethat became anger when Beyonce referred to Tina Turner as The Queen. Etta is being unfair, given that she approved of Beyonce's protrayal of her in Cadillac Records, which put her in the spot light again. However, there were several presidential balls and the one Beyonce sang at was for 40ish and below, which excludes Etta. Before the ball Beyonce announced her selection for the Obamas first dance; therefore, Etta didn't have to disrespect the president.

2063 days ago


Etta James may be a "Legend", and I may be no fan of Beyonce (personally, can't stand her)...but Beyonce WAS asked to perform that song, she didn't pick the song. Etta James doesn't OWN the song, she only sang it (and as already mentioned she wasn't the first, nor the greatest do do it either Nat Cole did it MUCH better). Etta James is just jealous and bitter that she wasn't asked to perform at the inauguration...and all she's doing now is making herself look like a crazy, batty, bitter old "Legend".

2063 days ago

Rebie Johnson    

Buckshot, you got it twisted, Etta is 1/2 white, not B

2063 days ago


gee i thought Tom Brady was rehabbing. some rehab

2063 days ago


Really? You were just sitting around waiting for some old singer to be "revealed" as a hypocrite? This is so a non-story.

2063 days ago

richard withears    

Amazing isn't it how african americans conduct their echelon backstabbing and credit-grabbing, not even the president can escape the vortex of their peurile stupidity .They are truly expert in pooping in their beds and laying in it...HILARIOUS!

2063 days ago


Team Etta

2063 days ago


It's like the "Pot calling the kettle black"

2063 days ago


You know, I am 60 years old and remember Etta when I was young. Why can't we old school MF's move over and make way for the new generation. Etta should be glad that Beyounce brought the song back to light. For one, none of the younger generation even knew who Etta James was and me being in Etta's age range thought she was dead (no disrepect). Beyounce is a young gifted and talented young women. Stop hating....I love me some Beyounce....Old School

2063 days ago


#20 Perhaps it's the white half of Etta that is backstabbing...Oops there it is. Remember her white daddy back stabbed her mother by not providing for Etta.

2063 days ago


2063 days ago


whats up with these old Bitches first faye dunaway noy crack face Etta she better sit her ass down before sasha sit her down herself

2063 days ago


Excuse my previous comments was for ignorant #19richard withears

2063 days ago


Etta gained recognition because of this song and she made the song famous with her voice. Chronologically she was third in singing it. For her to say "my song", I hope she meant sentimental value when she sang it and not her song as if she was first to record.. I was with her when didn't like Beyonce's version, but when it came to the pres that was tacky and no class on her part. She sounded like a strong bitter Republican supporter. She also came off sounding as if she was going to get royalties for her cover of the song or something. She put hers on a different recording medium than the first two, but that still doesn't make the song is actually hers.

2063 days ago


she was just mad that the new prez did not ask her to sing it at his ball. not only did ms james slam B she slammed the president as well. having B sing a classic song goes along with his entire adjenda for the country. taking a classic and making it new and modern (even though she sang it the old standard way.) making the old new and relavent.

2063 days ago
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