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Etta -- "At Last" She's Been Exposed as Hypocrite

2/5/2009 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Etta James thinks she should beat down Beyonce for covering "her song," then by her own logic, Etta has a couple of ass-kickings coming her way too -- 'cause Etta's version of "At Last" was a cover too!

Etta James
Etta went on stage in Seattle last week and told the crowd she's gonna lay the smack down on B for "singin' my song" at Obama's Inauguration Ball. But not only did the 71-year-old not write the song, she wasn't even the first -- or second -- to record it!

Glenn Miller did it first in 1942, followed by Nat King Cole in 1957. Etta got around to recording it in 1961. In fact, Glenn's version ranked higher on the Billboard Pop Singles chart than Etta's ever did.

FYI -- neither Miller nor Cole ever threatened to beat Etta's ass -- although it's about time someone knocks some sense into that lady.

Etta James Audio


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Atta girl Etta. Tell those two TOTALLY OVERRATED LOSERS (ObaMESSIAH and Beyonce) to go to HELL!

I HOPE they both FAIL!

Don't agree with me??? YO' MOMMA!

2057 days ago


These brilliant words should be repeated, verbatim, on every page of this thread:

"8. tmz, this is why children should keep their mouths closed and pencils down. You are a child as proven here by your attempt to make a point about something YOU know NOTHING about. The song became "the song" after Ms. James laid it down on vinyl. Yes the song was recorded by other greats but the song did not become "the song" until she did it. The Christmas Song done by anyone other than Nat Cole is just a song. It's bad enough you don't have the ability to recognize talent yet you attempt to write about it. tmz, you need to either get some of these "kids" off the staff or employ some who do know what the he$$ they are talking about. I visit this site less and less, it's too young, too stupid and inaccurate.

Posted at 12:35PM on Feb 5th 2009 by asylum"

BRILLIANT!!! But, sadly, I doubt anyone on Harvey's neophyte staff has the ability to comprehend. Even more reprehensible is that these empty-headed cherubs have the temerity to promote physical violence against a 70-year-old black woman simply because she spoke the truth, that it is HER song, the song historically associated with HER and with no other artist:

"FYI -- neither Miller nor Cole ever threatened to beat Etta's ass -- although it's about time someone knocks some sense into that lady. "

You should be ashamed of yourselves. If anyone wrote about "knocking" an elderly JEWISH woman out, Harvey, you wouldn't allow the thread. Sadly, that silly, overweight black girl on your "staff" is probably responsible -- idiotic, pubescent, pseudo-writers.

NEWSFLASH: In her 70 years Etta James LIVED through blatant, in-your-face racism the likes of which most of you cannot even imagine. Therefore, having the opportunity to sing HER SONG at the historic event that she never dreamed she would live to see would have meant something entirely different to her than to transient-star Beyonce (or to the clueless black writers on your staff). THAT is the likely source of Ms. James' anger (that and the fact that Beyonce can't sing).

2057 days ago


"34. Atta girl Etta. Tell those two TOTALLY OVERRATED LOSERS (ObaMESSIAH and Beyonce) to go to HELL!

I HOPE they both FAIL!

Don't agree with me??? YO' MOMMA!

Posted at 1:20PM on Feb 5th 2009 by HOLLYWOOD IS DEAD !!!!!"

Bitter republican supporter I see lol

2057 days ago


Although Etta was not the writer or the first to sang At Last, it became her signature song. Although Jennifer Hudson is a great singer, many would say that And I am telling you is Jennifer Holliday's signature song (I think so). Regarding whose version was on the chart the longest depends on the audience or culture of that time.

2057 days ago


Opinions are like A**holes....everybody has one. For me the definitive "AT LAST" was done by Marlena Shaw back in the eighties

2057 days ago


While it may be true that Glenn Miller had a hit with the song, the fact is that, mainstream radio did not play black artists recordings in the 60's, or before then. Nat "King" Cole's "The Christmas Song" was a rare exception.
The fact is that Etta James recording of "At Last" is the definitive version. Whoever it was that produced that recording, they did a really superior job with Etta singing the song!

2057 days ago


Perfect example why living legends should fade away. Ms James in her day was the definition of talent, grace, and charm. Today she is a senior citizen angry about her failing abilities (as many of us are). It is true that Beyonce cannot hold a candle to what Etta was but there is a reason she was asked to sing the song and not Ms. James. I will get out my old vinyl, listen to a beautiful singer and try to forget the petulance of a fading star.

2057 days ago


I'm with Etta. Etta's version of the song is an original arrangement, because she's an original -- and a unique talent. On the other hand, Beyonce? An original, great talent? I don't think so. At best, Beyonce is simply an imitator.

2057 days ago


Sounds like Etta is just pissy that SHE wasn't the one getting to sing. Too bad. And she ought to be pleased that the song she made famous was honored in such a way. Beyonce sang it wonderfully. Beyonce is a bigger star than she ever was. And if "he aint my president" then who is, Etta?? Get over it or move out of the country, you old hag!!

2057 days ago


Hey, #2, stop being anti-white, man. Etta is 1/2 too, just look at her. And Etta's much better looking and much more talented. Keep going Etta, at least she doesn't lip sinc everything like Beyonce. I was amazed Beyonce wore so much covering, she's usually 1/2 naked too.

2057 days ago


5. Since Glenn Miller died 20-years before Ms. James recorded her version, it would have been difficult for him to have complained about anything. Everyone recognizes Ms. James' version of "At Last" to be the definitive one. However, you missed the best part: when addressing the crowd in Seattle, Ms. James referred to Obama as "...your big-eared president"! Not only does she have talent, she has taste.

Posted at 12:32PM on Feb 5th 2009 by jonnot

She's tastless and classless as you. Besides she only has a covered song she had done as her only claim to fame. Had it not been for that cover she wouldn't have been on the map as much or at all.

2057 days ago


It may be her "signature" song, but it's not HER song. She does not own any part of the song other than what she gets from her recordings of it, she like other artists had to pay to record it (or her management paid for it). I've heard Natalie Cole sing the very same song (as her father did) and there was no uproar about her singing it. It's a SONG, that does not have the rights owned by any one person at this time. If she was that attached to the song, she should have protected it by purchasing the rights to it in order to be able to control it.

2057 days ago


People are so naive, This is just a publicity thing. The movie comes out on DVD in a month. If Etta hated Beyonce so much she would never have approved of her portraying her in Cadillac Records. Or she wouldn't have done all the publicity WITH Beyonce for the movie. Its all a stunt. And the fact that Etta is mad that she wasn't asked to perform it. She made the song famous but Beyonce is the one who is relevant for this time. Granted I think that they should have asked the person who made the song famous to perform, personally I think it was bad taste since Etta made it famous and she is still alive. And who cares if Etta's voice is an octave lower, Aretha's voice doesn't sound the same either and she still performed.

2057 days ago



2057 days ago


There again, there were 10 Presidential Ball and the one Beyonce performed at was for the 40 and below. Think of all the performers.

2057 days ago
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