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Etta -- "At Last" She's Been Exposed as Hypocrite

2/5/2009 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Etta James thinks she should beat down Beyonce for covering "her song," then by her own logic, Etta has a couple of ass-kickings coming her way too -- 'cause Etta's version of "At Last" was a cover too!

Etta James
Etta went on stage in Seattle last week and told the crowd she's gonna lay the smack down on B for "singin' my song" at Obama's Inauguration Ball. But not only did the 71-year-old not write the song, she wasn't even the first -- or second -- to record it!

Glenn Miller did it first in 1942, followed by Nat King Cole in 1957. Etta got around to recording it in 1961. In fact, Glenn's version ranked higher on the Billboard Pop Singles chart than Etta's ever did.

FYI -- neither Miller nor Cole ever threatened to beat Etta's ass -- although it's about time someone knocks some sense into that lady.

Etta James Audio


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I think a previous poster has it
Etta James= old, has been hag, daughter of a whore and a trick hypocritical B****
Beyoncé = Beauty , Talent, grace, class and is the BEST THERE IS AND WILL EVER BE!!!
Get right people...
Besides that stupid at last song SUCKS is way over rated and isn't even that Bitch's song to begin with..

2049 days ago


It is hilarious that no one over the age of 30 can have a valid critique or they are accused of being bitter and decrepit

Beyond is annoying and boring and oddly full of herself. She is symbolic of the creative bankruptcy of these times.

You cannot compare the talent of Etta James to Beyonce. Etta James comes from a time of true talent and artistry.

2049 days ago


Renee = Dumb B****

2049 days ago


Renee + Buckshot aka Multiple Personalities

2049 days ago

donna e    

Your old washed up slunk-meat who cares?

2049 days ago


Whatever = White Supremacist, N!gg@ hater, go back to Arkansas

2049 days ago

keep it real    

This is for BettyD, Are you writting something you really beleive or you just running at the mouth. To say Beyonce can't sing or dance please be real about it. I don't care if you don't like her if she just a'int your cup of tea. But the girl is talented she not winning awards making all that money and living the life she worked for. And not have talent you need a reality check for real.say you don't like her style or her song but don't say she can't sing or dance. What can you do?????? Sorry I usually don't comment off of other people feeling but I had to on this one.

2049 days ago


Here's the Glenn Miller's "AT LAST":

2049 days ago


Whatever = African American. Funny you have not buried the N-word. What are you?

2049 days ago


She needs to shut her old ragedy self up. She don't want to mass with Beyonce. She must did not see when Beyonce fell down all of those stairs at her concert unphased and got right back up and began to dance and sing. Beyonce is tuff. Etta is going to get a real good beat down.

2049 days ago


She needs to get that stick out her old ass. Beyonce sang it better than her anyways. *pffft*

2049 days ago


Buckshot + Renee + richard withears = same (One brain, 3 dumb personalities).

2049 days ago


Comment #14 by 'CanSeeBothSides': Living with 4 hands must make all your daily decision making very difficult. Join a circus.

2049 days ago


Never will bury it as long as people like you still live it. Still works good for any race.

2049 days ago


So you are white and throwing it around. Well since you are so familiar w/ it and have displayed it characterics, it must be in your genes. You are right N word does not depict a race but ones character. What a wonderful display you have made.

2049 days ago
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