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Etta -- "At Last" She's Been Exposed as Hypocrite

2/5/2009 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Etta James thinks she should beat down Beyonce for covering "her song," then by her own logic, Etta has a couple of ass-kickings coming her way too -- 'cause Etta's version of "At Last" was a cover too!

Etta James
Etta went on stage in Seattle last week and told the crowd she's gonna lay the smack down on B for "singin' my song" at Obama's Inauguration Ball. But not only did the 71-year-old not write the song, she wasn't even the first -- or second -- to record it!

Glenn Miller did it first in 1942, followed by Nat King Cole in 1957. Etta got around to recording it in 1961. In fact, Glenn's version ranked higher on the Billboard Pop Singles chart than Etta's ever did.

FYI -- neither Miller nor Cole ever threatened to beat Etta's ass -- although it's about time someone knocks some sense into that lady.

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Etta is crazy and two-faced. She has never been a legend in my book, just because of one good song. I heard at this same concert she was grabbing her crotch and making other vulgar gestures. This woman is 70 years old, and she doesn't know how to behave any better than that.

2095 days ago


I heard both versions, and I liked Beyonce's version better anyway. Beyonce is a great singer, and I think that Etta was mad Beyonce was getting so much attention for singing the song. Etta is weird because at the Cadillac Records premiere she was telling Beyonce how much she loved her.

2095 days ago


actually.....Obama and michelle didnt ask beyonce... she personally volunteered herself. noone even asked her to perform...and i dont see the big deal w etta. it aint "her" song...if she was so mad why she aint say anything about cadillac records?? now she wanna say somethin when beyonce gets to perform for the president.....sounds like jealousy to me....oh but barack aint her

2095 days ago


This is crazy. Why is she barking at Beyonce for singing this. And why are people comparing the two of them? Beyonce sang it upon a request. She didn't claim it to be her song. I think Elta is just plain envious that she wasn't invited to sing "the song" and now she's taking it out on Beyonce and even President Obama. I guess also for those who pity her to give her another break.

2095 days ago


113. Ms James has every rightt to complain. TMZ being the Bittches that they are defended current musicians when they didn't want McCain playing their songs(which btw some of them were not the originators either.) Now that it is someone that has a Problem with their HERO Obama(whom TMZ is always sniffing his jock mind you),TtMZ attacks Ms. JAMES... TMZ is some extremelyy childish little bitttches and veryy bigotted too. PEOPLE do not have tto be SSHEEP like you guys,well until yourr Prresidents decidess to take all our rights away. Already with MS. JAMES, apparenty her freedom of speech has been taken.Tthen again anyone that doesn't bow down getts attacked byy the MEDIA and most of his raving lunattic henchmen -especially in TMZ forrums. BIG EARED PrEZ LOL GOOD ONE ETTA.

Posted at 6:54PM on Feb 5th 2009 by Tmz Hypocrites

sorry Etta copied what people had played upon already which is Obama's ears and Obama himself did that way before Etta, that made her not original oops make that twice XD

2095 days ago

arek you kiddin me?!    

what is she up in arms about? did the president want her to sing the song, uh, no! he wanted beyonce to sing it...besides how can she lay claim to the song when she didn't even pin the lyrics?

2095 days ago



2095 days ago


They should've just had Nina Simone sing "Feeling Good".

"It's a new dawn a new day, it's a new life...for me, and I'm feelin' gooooooood..
And this old world is a new world and a bold world...for me."

2095 days ago


Beyonce lipsynced "At Last" at the Ball as she does at all of her performances. Beyonce does not have singing talent -- she has a trained voice that cracks. Jay-Z paid big cash to have himself and Beyonce performing at the Inauguration events-- these artists don't get this type of "gig" for free, people. High profile gigs are bidded on -- highest bidder wins the right to perform. More power to Etta, Beyonce should have used one of her own prominent songs -- if there are any...

2095 days ago

Bada Bing    

I like how she said Obama has big ears. Finally someone who doesn't see the need to kiss his ass.

2095 days ago


It is Etta's song.

2095 days ago


Ha so it was a white yiddish guy all along...

2095 days ago


Etta is jealous and she has no class! How are you going to be okay with her portraying you in a movie, but not like her singing you song for the president? She is specifically talking about the inaguration. Not the movie or the song being on the radio. Lots of people remake songs. Just be happy shes still singing yours the way it was originally sung and not changed anything. Also, don't hate cause you didn't get to sing for the first black president cause thats what I feel shes mad about. She wasn't invited to sing that song and she needs to get over it. Gee as the president to I want to pick whos in or who hasn't been heard from in 40 years? Get over it. That was not her big break!

2095 days ago


Beyonce is thoughtless and has no class, period. She should have sought her blessing. This woman opened the door for Beyonce to sing the song and to portray her in a movie. Certain singers are known for certain songs regardless who wrote the song; Tina Turner- Proud Mary...Aretha- Respect...Etta James- At Last . If Beyonce had any common sense she would have called Etta and suggested a duet or asked for her to be present or at the very least asked for her blessing. But what can you expect from someone who did not even finish high school. The President is all about education maybe he can start with Beyonce.

2095 days ago

Karen Harrison    

i have loved etta james all of my life. in fact it was one of her songs that my mother sang to me as a child. i have great respect for her as one of the greatest female singers. at the presidents ball, i was surprised that etta james wasnt the one singing the song. i think that beyonce did a fantastic job; but it still wasnt etta! but i do thank beyonce for her rendition. i do admire beyonce because she is very down-to-earth. she is "real". she did no deserve being disrespected by etta. when she sang the song she was paying homage to etta; and that i understand. i also think it was wrong for etta to disrespect OUR president. again, here we are again, black people bashing out own.......its a habit & i wiish we could just get over it!! i am black and proud of my heritage. etta should calm down and take the compliment that beyonce was giving her. many people have forgotten the past- and its up to our younger singers to keep us remembering! i will always love you etta; but keep it going beyonce! i love your both

2095 days ago
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