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Fake Bale Terrorizes Hollywood Tourists

2/5/2009 1:38 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If the real Christian Bale can be a crank-ass, so can his cheap imitation outside the Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. IT'S HILARIOUS!

Faux Batman: Click to watch
Dude is Skyler Stone, a comedian. He makes temper tantrums funny.

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Bale is an entertainer, and a good one, as is all the cast on the set. What is not needed is a person selling himself as a professional in that industry and acts like an apprentice, such as the guy who walks across a set in mid filming. Shane was his name and he is the Director of Photography. Shouldn't this well paid technical person have known the rules, not to mention just plain etiquette. This guy, Shane, should be given a 6 month lay off. And after living on unemployment for 6 months hopefully he would have a new respect for the value of being a professional. Speaking about being professional, kudos to Bale and the rest of the cast for getting back in the zone and filming some good action entertainment. I wonder how many other Shane-like technical ineptoids they have to put up with. God, I hope this Shane guy is not a Union Brother.

2053 days ago


So disappointed in CB's behavior_the level of anger expressed was unwarranted. This kind of publicity is not going to be good for anyone, let alone any of your upcoming projects at the box office.

2053 days ago


That is Hilarious! Christian Bale YOU are a real a**hole. I wouldn't watch a movie you were in if it were playing in my backyard for free.

2053 days ago

Ellie Mae Clampett    

That is freakin' hilarious! I understand why CB got mad, he was in the zone and some dingdong ruins the scene. But he should have taken this offline, instead of having a meltdown in front of everyone. What the director of photography was unprofessional, but so was CB's reaction.

2053 days ago


No Christian Bale you are unbelievable!!!!! No one deserves to have to put up with that kind of verbal abuse.. He should be the one done professionally.. There is no way I would spend one cent to see this jerk in any movie.. Treating people like that is not FUNNY! It's crap.. Evidently Christian Bale doesn't get it.. With any luck his career won't last too long..

2053 days ago


Wow..I thought my dad was the biggest sh**head in the world. This guy is a close second!

2053 days ago


You know kids have tantrums not adults.... Christian Bale is a jerk!! No one has the right to verbally abuse another person like that... Not only does he verbally abuse this guy, but then threatens him with bodily harm and it actually sounds like he is attempting to go after him.. This behavior isn't FUNNY! How many other people has this guy made a habit of verbally or physically abusing? I can promise this I will never spend one cent to see any movie Christian Bale is in..

2053 days ago


and a reminder, im still way toofastforyou!

2053 days ago

Vince Monroe    

I've worked with the DP (shane hurlbut) that Bale is going off on and let me tell you he had it coming. Shane thinks he is gods gift and has no care or respect for the other departments involved in making a movie including the actors. Unfortunately this will only make Bale look bad when actually the DP who should be at fault.

2052 days ago



2052 days ago


Too flippin' funny!! The guy should next get two women to portray CB's mom and sister and then choke and slap them out in public!!

2052 days ago


Up till now I haven't seen any of Christian Bales movies and now I will make sure I don't.. Like MamaBangy said I also have no respect for this guy. I don't care what excuses you come up with none are good enough for that behavior.. Won't be seeing the Dark Knight or T4 or any other movie he is cast in..

2052 days ago


"Based on the idea by Gregg Alexander"
Gregg Alexander? as in the New Radicals guy? cool.

2052 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

It wasn't half as funny as the original. Therefore...FAIL!

2052 days ago


If this guy talked to me like that he would be acting from the ER while they deal with his broken jaw and/or nose. He just lucky that he go to CO-STARed under Heath Legder's in Batman or he would still be eating roman noodles in some seedy apartment waiting for that "Big Break"

2052 days ago
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