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Kellogg to Phelps

Bong Hits Aren't Grrrrreat!

2/5/2009 9:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael PhelpsApparently the taste of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes are not supposed to bring out the pothead in you -- because the company is officially kicking Michael Phelps to the curb.

After the bong shots surfaced, Kellogg was none too happy with their spokes-dolphin, and have just released the following statement: "We originally built the relationship with Michael, as well as the other Olympic athletes, to support our association with the U.S. Olympic team. Michael's most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg. His contract expires at the end of February and we have made a decision not to extend his contract."

Interesting move ... considering Frosted Flakes are great for the munchies.

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i guess i won't be buying kelloggs anymore! get off the gusy back. he apologized and i doubt he'll be hitting anymore bongs....atleast around poeple with camera phones (that jerk! the guys who to the pic)....now when i get the munchies, i will be reaching for post, not kelloggs!

2086 days ago

lost in lalaland    

Hilarious! Where was Kellogg's indignation when he was slamming vodka and whores the past year?

2086 days ago


dr. kellog himself was a sexual deviant. he probably smoked the reefer too. its not like phelps is shooting smack or drinking and driving.i am canadian, so i really dont care about american gold medals or the olympics in general. BUT because i think kellogs is being harsh, i will no longer buy their products either. because to me, weed is no big deal. besides when i have the munchies i prefer cap'n crunch anyways.

2086 days ago


Kelloggs sucks. I'm boycotting them and their delicious Frosted Flakes. From now on, it's strictly General Mills cereals for me--Lucky Charms, maybe Honey Nut Cheerios. I don't understand what the big deal is anyway. Pot slows you down; how much faster would Phelps swim if he WASN'T on the chronic??

2086 days ago


Kudos to Kelloggs. IF THEY WANTED A POT HEAD TO SPONSER THEM THEY WOULD HAVE CALLED CHECH AND CHONG, not paid a 8 time winning medalist named Michael Phelps.

2086 days ago


Maybe everyone is done with this one but just in case................service potheads...............

2086 days ago


opps, SERVICE, means your turn, (tennis talk) but of course you do not know that because your a POT HEAD.

2086 days ago


Well he'd be the best rep for "Weedies" ever!!!!!!

2085 days ago


Susan, , you can be as bitter as you like. Kellog's are astute enough to gauge the risks. They don't want Phelps to represent them. People will still buy Kellogs products. Not all people think like you. It is a democracy, we all have choice. He is not a hero. He is a competitor. He won medals, & is paid handsomely for this feat. Heroes save lives, fight for us in wars, spend their lives helping others............financial recompence is neither a factor or reality. Phelps is a player , "to whit" : a DUI, drinking gambling & spending time with women of ???? character & profession..., enjoying a bong. His perogative. But not under sponsorship........tantamount to a salary. He is under contract., & is responsible to those from whom he contractually receives money. That means that he is not his own man. He is bought. He owes. Phelps.............Hero.....No. Stupid & decadent ...........Yes.

2084 days ago


It is a sad & pathetic reflection, the importance placed upon marijuana_-------by those that advocate it. Considering present Global issues, it does not rank, but yet, in their small selfish lives..........it is paramount. I am familiar with their rationale. Spare me. Physiologically, marijuana affects them....positively, or they wouldn't use it. Inherent maleffects it does have. You advocate it's legalization..........................? Alcohol, some say, is worse. Why add another psychotropic. Let us advocate for illegality of alcohol. That is your usual standard of comparison. That is not what you will do, because you need your marijuana & the feeling that it gives you. Marijuana is harmless you say...........not true...............but physiologically, it affects you in away that you like. That is why you use it. I would not want to be the driver in front of you, or beside you, you are impaired, & therfore a hazard. You are in the same denial as a drunk.

2084 days ago


What kind of friend puts his business on blast. As for the Frosted Flakes it is one of the best cereals when stoned. Only thing I can think that can top that is Lucky Charms with no milk.

2084 days ago


Frankly. I am just more than tired of atheletes who use illegal drugs. I am even more tired of the the token apology. And I am even more tired of the excuses made for them., & their "mistakes". Young & stupid, feeling their oats, having some downtime, just relaxin, it is nobody's business but their own, what they do in privacy, they are just kids,. Well they weren't too young & immature to sign up for the big bucks ...take the big bucks.......and spend the big bucks. "Kids " younger than them "sign up" for the army.....some die. I shed not one tear, not one ounce of sympathy for these overpaid, overglorified, self-serving athletes. Not glory for the country, not love or respect for the fans.................their rant: "Show me the money ".

2083 days ago


It is totally amazing to me that America couldn't care less that our own President "Messiah" Obama smoked pot & even snorted cocaine. As a society, however, we just cannot wait to hang Phelps by his Speedo and hope he loses his endorsements.

The guy is a national hero for crying out loud! Looking forward to seeing you in 2012 in London Mr. Phelps!!!

Americans certainly have double-standards ...

2083 days ago


Michael "pothead" Phelps doesn't deserve a break. He had everything and he chose pot! So let him smoke himself into lung cancer hell but don't allow him to be a spokesperson for a legitimate company willing to pay him millions of dollars just to live a decent law abiding life. Obviously, Mr. Phelps is just another self indulgent, self centered moron who has no appreciation for how lucky he was. THANK YOU KELLOGG for taking the higher road! Speedo and Subway - go to hell.

2082 days ago


juct because a substance is illegal does not mean it a bad. And whoever took and published the picture, should be ashamed, they were in the same room and cant be an angel themselves, they were jealous and wanted to bring a great athlete down, and besides it was just pot!!! not like he took perfomance enhancing drugs. Micheal is g-r-r-r-r-eat, but KELLOGS IS NOT!!! oh, and he his smokin hot!

2082 days ago
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