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Pesci -- I Have Friends in High Places!

2/5/2009 3:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joe PesciJoe Pesci has pull -- so he says, after telling L.A. County Sheriff's deputies he was calling their boss on them after getting a ticket.

It happened Tuesday at 9:30 PM in West Hollywood. Pesci stopped his car in a red zone and, with the motor running, allegedly flicked a cigarette out the window. Deputies cited Mr. Yutes for impeding traffic and throwing a cig out of a car.

Joe was none too pleased and law enforcement sources tell us he got on his phone, and then told officers he had just called Sheriff Lee Baca himself and that Baca would take care of it for him. We're guessin' he was bluffing.

P.S. -- He got the ticket.


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Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

It has become obvious that intelligent people think before they talk, or write. That being said, I feel so sad for the few morons who can think of nothing better to do than write "first" or any other foolish first place announcement. How old are you "first"? Go read a book. Find someone who needs help and help them. Please just go, away, now. You are like a fly to bloggers. Purely annoying. You should feel embarrassed, but you probably don't. Get a life.

* TMZ please delete the morons "first" comments. It is really immature. I don't think the 10 year olds who have time to do this stuff should be allowed on a site such as this.

2053 days ago


None of you have jobs and if you do, you are flunkies at it. Your humor is stupid and none of you can spell or use correct grammar. You are illiterates and seemingly proud of it. You are the idiots that voted Obama in and now he is proving Republicans right. You are worthless and have no value in society. Do us all a favor and kill yourselves, you pathetic morons.

2053 days ago


#13 You are probably right, it's about as ridiculous as all those out of control wildfires.

2053 days ago


Do Somethin Productive---you have real mental issues to get so upset about people writing "first" Seek help, you serious idiot.....

2053 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Yes yes bush saved us and the new billion dollar bank owned KICHEN CABINET member will also save us.The internationistes own the world.try protectionism and they will stop you.Qe don`t have any real goverment right or left.Trilates run the world.As far as being dum dums I like gum gum.

2053 days ago


Droopy old Joey Fish needs to get back to the retirement home and change his diapers.
He has James Caan disease, too many movies makes him think he's a real toughguy.

2053 days ago

In The Know    

What the officers did not tell you is that one of them was harrasing Pesci's passenger, asking pickup line questions
and just being personal and pushy. Pesci was defending the honor of his passenger and was requesting the decency that should have been shown.
One sided story's are like a book with missing pages.

2053 days ago


Throwing out a cig butt is littering. The world is not your ashtray!

And, toofastforyou:
You CRACK ME UP!! You are really a thorn in the side of some of these folks! Keep it up!

Anyone who posts on here is retarded...including myself :-) None of y'all are any better than the other!

2053 days ago


Pesci was in New Mexico not too long ago doing a movie shoot----friend of mine had to drive him around----Joe asked "can I smoke in your van", my friend, said, there is no smoking...Joe said "I'll smoke anyway and you wont do a ficking thing about it"...

He's the type of guy you just want to hurt. I do hope in real life De Niro isnt personal friends with this zero. What a miserable little human he must be inside there. And to the lady who shared the teeny weaney story, thanks, that sounds about right.

2053 days ago


wow, thank you # 26. That was nice of you cuz the rest are just haters & jealus cuz they cant keep up with me!

2053 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

He is the reigning KING of all midget d-bagz who needs to get stomped
like the roach that he is!

2053 days ago


NOthing is more lazy and disguting than someone throwing their cigarette on ground. He should have to pick up trash for a month!

2053 days ago

Dr. Adams    

by 123
it's obvious that you dont live in a state that has santa anna winds that blow 70mph or more, causing wildfires with property damage and sometimes loss of lives...."Wake up you 'IDIOT".........think before you make an "azz' out of yourself!!!!!
Pesci...should have gotten his azz thrown in jail....the dumb son of a b-otch!!!!

2053 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Do us all a favor and kill yourselves, you pathetic morons.

Posted at 2:19PM on Feb 5th 2009 by Brad C. Gucci

"You first azz-hole!!!!!!!"

2053 days ago

Tyrone Jefferson    

Kim: Fellate the wiener.

2053 days ago
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