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Gets Bonged by

USA Swimming

2/5/2009 10:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0205_phelps_bnMichael Phelps has been suspended for three months by USA Swimming after the whole bong thing.

The organization has cut off financial support to Phelps for the three months as well.

USA Swimming said, "This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero."

Michael won't fight the punishment.

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first and he's a douch!

2088 days ago



2088 days ago


You people who are getting ready to defend him, go spend a week in Mexico with the drug cartel and don't come back
lowlifes are welcome there

2088 days ago


Much ado about nothing....for christ sake, he's human. One toke and some want to hang him, gut him and put his head on a spit

2088 days ago


NO toofastforyou!, look up at the #1 poster! and you are an idiot who can't spell

2088 days ago


Just read that Kellogg's has cut him loose from endorsements as well. Good. Illegal is illegal, folks. It's NOT a victimless crime. The kid needs to learn a lesson, as does anyone else who is in this kind of position of fame and in the public eye. He's a role model whether he wants to accept it or not, and he has proven himself a very poor one, indeed.

2088 days ago


Are we in the middle ages, Pot is not a major crime. My God a bong hit....If anything pot increases the sale of wheaties, after all they can cure the munchies. Funny thing, Bill Clinton as President can screw around with an 18 year old and nothing happens, a young college guy takes a bong hit and the whole world is shocked, He is a young guy. We do not need to hang him.

2088 days ago


Stupid is as stupid does....

2088 days ago


Who ever took that picture wanted to destroy michael phelps...Sounds like tmz is getting lazy and letting other people do they're dirty work. Still though who cares let the kid smoke weed...If your day was that ruined by him smoking from the peice pipe, jump into a time machien and go live in germany during ww 2. You might like it there better....Hey didn't the chinese misrepresent the age of one of their gymnast. Isn't that worse????

2088 days ago


I have one question why every one else got there medals taken away or ended up in court and this boy is getting the slap on the wrist he gets a free ride why he rides free is it because he is white and only blacks get cought

2088 days ago


Thank goodness they took action as well as a sponsor to have guts, Kellogs to drop his dumb self. Speedo look like enablers now...guess they didnt get the memo, Bling and selfish behaviour is no longer in vogue---now that Obama has put a stop to the Wall Street excesses, so reel it in Sports Stars.

bout time

2088 days ago


Oh Michael.........growing up is so hard.

2088 days ago


ok first he never admitted to smoking weed.
second, people now smoke something called hookah (not sure on the spelling) and it is smoked from bongs like weed.
3 you see no smoke in the picture merely him using it. he very well could have been pretending. who knows.
and to all those who criticize him, i presume you all live perfect lives and do no wrong?
no drug test has ever tested positive on him so who gives a crap. there are worse things he could be doing.

2088 days ago


So, inexcusable, if it's not a victimless crime then who is the victim? Oh wait, it's us, the American taxpayers who are spending billions of dollars a year incarcerating people for pot crimes when alcohol and tobacco are 100% legal and 100 times more deadly than pot!

2088 days ago


Who freaking cares!!! Its just weed...all those muscle brain athletes prob use some sort of illegal substances...SO I SAY HELL YA TO WEED!!!! I hope Mr. Obama realizes the potential in making it legal...would save lot of taxpayer dollars to all those who commited the crime of having "pot" and keeping them in jail for years...make way for real criminals! Im going to go take a BT now....MARIJUANNA IS NOT A DRUG its a beautiful plant...Wheres OBAMAS pic of him taking a bong toke??he is our president!!! Get over yourselves...

2088 days ago
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