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Gets Bonged by

USA Swimming

2/5/2009 10:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0205_phelps_bnMichael Phelps has been suspended for three months by USA Swimming after the whole bong thing.

The organization has cut off financial support to Phelps for the three months as well.

USA Swimming said, "This is not a situation where any anti-doping rule was violated, but we decided to send a strong message to Michael because he disappointed so many people, particularly the hundreds of thousands of USA Swimming member kids who look up to him as a role model and a hero."

Michael won't fight the punishment.

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All you righteous 'tards. Check the site where over 500 economists, including several Nobel Laureates recommended the legalization of marijuana for GDP purposes.

Anyway, the real pig is the person who leaked the photo.

2051 days ago

Boycott Canadian Seafood    

He did it. He got caught. He is accepting responsibility. He has apologized. He is taking his punishment like a man. NOW LET IT GO PEOPLE!!

2051 days ago


So what if he smoked some pot? Yes, it's illegal,, but shouldn't be. Give him a break!

2051 days ago


michael phelps isnt a role model thats the job of those kids parents and who cares if he smokes pot or whatever so do a lot of people ans its not like he is going too the olympicsin 2012 bc one hell be past his prime and two he's allready accomplished everything and has been there and done that the usa team needs him a lot more then he needs the team

2051 days ago


ah yes..the self-righteous rants of the red, white and blue... Oh, to be so GOOD!!

2051 days ago


this guy is a tool and a man whore.Its not the first time he's smoked pot and wont be the last...He screwed around and partied alot at Michigan......I know I was there

2051 days ago


Ok...I know that he smoked weed and I know that it's all about image and 'being an example' and yada, yada, yada...
He has to uphold a certain image but honestly I don't care. As long as he won his medals fair and square and wasn't taking peformance enhancing drugs then I'm not concerned what he does...

2051 days ago


omg!!! its not like he was doing crack or something...i am a firm believer in pot...its the only thing that you can pick and smoke..no chemical processing needed...lets get off his case already and stop acting like its crack!

2051 days ago


He is a 23yr.old dumb ass kid! We all did stupid things at that age, remember? Kellogs doesn't have to worry about me buying their products again,they're a bunch of hypocrites!!!

2051 days ago


whether you thinking smoking weed and right or wrong the bottom line is that it's illegal and he broke the law. so as a result Michael Phelps has to pay for his. and he shouldn't be excused from breaking the law. he should pay the consequences to his actions just like every one else does. he's no golden child.

2051 days ago


I'll buy anything he promotes.

Bong hits should be LEGAL !

2051 days ago


at 23 he has achieved more than any of you will ever do, with or without smokin' a bong

2051 days ago


It's so easy to jump on the band wagon isn't you idiots and tmz is included....its easy to watch somebody "go down" like all of ya'll are...this is a guy who is still growning up and oh yeah, how many of you have taken a "bong hit" .... there's not too many who can say oh I haven't....Becareful what you say about people famous or not cuz it will come around and bite ya in the ass!!!

2051 days ago


#15....he did admit that was him smoking the bong and he has since apologized.

Michael Phelps put himself in the position of being an advocate for children, in fact he has pushed for many youth swimming programs. Did he make a bad choice?Absolutely...but there are consequences to our actions. Smoking pot remains illegal and does not fit the profile of a "role model."

2051 days ago


Phelps chose this as his career and is making tons of off endorsements. When you are not exemplary of a healthy athletic lifestyle (endorsers opinion) which is *what you get paid for*, then you can expect the cash flow to stop. It doesn't matter if it was only even once, once you are in the media spotlight everything you do in public is bound to get printed. No judging of his behaviour here, even he understands the logic.

2051 days ago
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