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Phelps Pot Shot -- It Was a "Bad Mistake"

2/5/2009 4:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Phelps fired off a mea culpa for that damning bong photo -- telling paps on his way into a Baltimore training center that he used "bad judgment." But there's more....

Michael Phelps: Click to watch
When Phelps was asked if he had stopped all drugs, he cracked a smile and responded, "I don't take drugs ... and I get drug tested all the time ... you can look at the records and you can see."

Our records only contain one photo...

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Im not racist my best friend is black.lol    

God forbid he was black or hispanic...wow, they would want this guys head on a platter. "ITS NOT ABOUT RAAAAACE!!!!" lol

2065 days ago


He should lose all of his endorsements. This is ridiculous! The "DELL DUDE" (memba him?) lost a multi-million dollar contract with Dell when he got busted. What makes this panzy so much better and so above the LAW! do not pass go. do not collect $200. go directly to JAIL. pothead. he shouldn't be representing america in the olympics.

2065 days ago


he's an idiot he hs nothing too aplogize for alot of people smoke pot and hes not risking anything bc by the time 2012 comes around he will be past his prime and besides theres nothing left for him at the olympic's too accomplish hes already seenit and done it already

2065 days ago


eff u malteselover! why shold he be ashamed? anyone drinking beer should be more ashamed then. beer is worse. marijuana is like medication. it helps people. he didnt hurt anyone. everyone needs to chill out and quit judging.

2065 days ago


All you people saying he should be "busted" fo smoking pot, are ridiculous. He never admitted to smoking pot. Only to using bad judgment. There's no way he will admit that it was pot and there's no way anyone can prove he was smoking it. He could just say it was tobacco. The picture was taken in November. Impossible to prove anything now.
Also, you people saying he is a role model to your kids and you're afraid of what he is showing them, have their heads in the sand. Your kids ae into much worse stuff then you would believe.

2065 days ago


If this just gets let go, why does the USA goverment jail people for it?

Hey Obama, what will you do about this problem?

2065 days ago


It was NOT a mistake. nothing wrong with it. It needs to be legalized.

2065 days ago


Come on, look at him. He's an ugly dweeb who nobody probably ever paid attention to before. So it's gone to his head to have all this attention now. Does anyone realize how long he had to train in order to win the gold? I don't think he had that much time to get into drugs before. So, now he can't handle the fame & fortune. Who's surprised that he's lost it?

2065 days ago

Im not racist my best friend is black.lol    

i.e Josh Howard from the DAllas Mavericks. He wasnt even photographed smoking weed. He just mentioned weed and the flood gates opened N*gg3r this, N*gg3r that.

2065 days ago


My goodness, he is a young man in the prime of his life. Temptations are everywhere, and for a guy his age, it can be difficult to be "perfect" 24 hours a day. So smoked a little pot. Wow. He didn't shoplift, drive drunk or trash a hotel room just for the hell of it. Oh yeah, he hasn't been a charter member of any rehab centers yet either, like so many other "famous" faces have been. He didn't become a champion swimmer to be a role model, that comes with the territory, and those who are no longer want him influencing thier children are wrong to think that. 20 years from now, this will be a small side note somewhere, while his amazing achievements will stand forever. Leave Michale Phelps alone. People need to be role models for their OWN children in the first place and not rely on famous people to do it for them.

2065 days ago

Nuke em & we own em    

Phelps You are gone from my son's wall,>>> Barry Bonds you are gone from my son's wall anyone else want to puck with me??

2065 days ago


Now I must say yes there are alot of people who smoked pot. When it comes to an atheletic I am concerned. All the other people like Michael Vick or the girl who gave up her gold medals because she admitted she was using steroids all of them were black but here we go he messed up not once but twice and still get to keep his gold medals NOT and his endorsements. He has to be punished just like the others who committed foolishness. If michael vick got caught and is in jail he need to fess up to I am sorry he had a DUI which could have caused someones life. I see color does make a damn difference he gets everything and loose nothing while others suffer too. Not right then that girl should get her damn medals and michael vick should be out of jail and still playing football. Wrong is wrong and right is right. You do something wrong and get caught you need to pay the price. He keeps apologizing I am sorry and I learned my lesson boy you didn't learn your lesson from the first time. I am sorry it is not fair.

2065 days ago

The Duchesse    

Pot is currently illegal. When the law changes, he can toke it up as much as he wants. If he wasn't a celebrity, he'd be punished. Double standard again for the privileged.

2065 days ago


This is NOT a big deal. He acknowledged it and apologized. . . everyone needs to move on. Michael should not feel as though he needs to defend himself any further.

2065 days ago

Big Bear    

He got caught driving while drinking and everyone thought he is just young and we should look the other way. He now was caught smoking dope. You think he is just young and we should look the other way again?? How many times are you people willing to look the other way?? Phelps is in a position to influence a lot of younger kids. Ok for them to drink and drive and or smoke a little dope. What about your child is it ok for them to do these things??

2065 days ago
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